Proof That Americans Have Short Attention Spans

A whole month ago, I wrote much about Abraham Cherrix. You remember, right? He was that kid who refused chemo to pursue alternative therapy. Reader’s Digest version is that the state stepped in and demanded that he submit to chemo. The state even divided custody between Social Services and Abraham’s parents. The matter was reversed by a judge and set for hearing August 16, 2006.

Well, today is August 16th. I had marked it in my calendar, but the funny thing is that I find hardly anything about it online. I saw a short blurb on the evening news, but the report may as well have been a Boy Scout recognition for the amount of time it was given. One exception is Homeland Stupidity. Dana over at Homeland Stupidity did a great job covering the story, so go look there for details. For the lazy version, here goes:

Abraham has a half-win. He gets to pick his own doc who specializes in both Oncology and alternative meds. Great for him- sort of. The bad news is that he must provide his treatment results to the court until he is 18. Big friggin whoop! He is still not free. He settled for the watered down scotch version of freedom. Worse news is that nobody cares anymore. Like all things in MSM, it is shock, awe and move on. And, the worst part is that America accepts that as journalism.

  1. There was a report about this case on NBC Nightly News tonight, and I also thought the outcome could’ve been better for Abraham and his family. Will we all have to start reporting our medical activities to a government employee in the near future?

  2. I agree that it is a half-win and would have liked to have seen him press for a complete reversal. However, I also understand the desire to be done with it so long as he gets the main part of what he wanted…the choice to undergo the treatment of his choice. And other courts have removed children and forced them into custody to ensure chemo so, despite all the favorable signs in the case, one can never be sure.

  3. my last round of chemo SUCKED. I did, however, lose 11 pounds and I’m proud to announce that I have signed a new contract as the spokesperson for the newest diet: The South Beach Cancer Diet!

    All the food you want to eat, but cant hold down! You WILL lose weight! I did!

  4. If you smoke some grass, you might keep something down. I would not recommend the stuff on your lawn, though that is all you can legally have.

    kidding, but your last comment was so cute that I had to do it.

  5. Actually there was an AP story on it and quite a vigorous debate on it in the Yahoo message boards. You can also search with and come up with quite a few. There seem to be more articles originating *outside* the US though which shows the bias of the mainstream US press against alternative therapies and standing up to the government qualifying as newsworthy.

    This case was *very* important for two reasons. It casts doubt on the standard treatments for cancer and shines the light of truth on how awful it really is for the body. And it sounds a warning sign for us all that the government is getting WAY too interested in what we do in our personal lives.

    I too feel Abraham’s so-called victory is a compromise but he succeeded in avoiding chemotherapy altogehter which was his main goal. Once he starts treatment with this place in Mississippi, perhaps the immunotherapy treatment alone will cure his cancer and then the government will leave him alone.

  6. When I searched yesterday I found only old news. Perhaps I queried the wrong search words. Thanks for your updates-I am actually relieved to know that some people paid attention.

  7. I was glad that he had the level of sucess he did, and wish he had been more sucessful.. He decided to choose his battle, because you cannot win them all.. His case is a stepping stone, and has set a precedence for future cases to build on. As time progresses, hopefully he has made it easer for future cases to be less intruding. I have met the young man the last time I was home, as well as his family. They are good people, educated, and sincere, not just raving lunitics… lol… Last and not least, how many people realized that the last judge he had, Dempsey I believe was making $1,000 per trip to Accomack… might that be a reason why the last judge was dragging the case out??? Something that bears watching.

  8. Also search Google news for Abraham… There are roughly 6 stories there… And the media had at least 3 satalite trucks at the court yesterday.

  9. Yeah, how dare he settle and focus on his illness, rather than on the legal issues at hand. Selfish, just selfish!

    And another thing, as for short-attention spans…

    Umm, a donut. Drool……..

    Oh now what were we talking about?….

  10. I wonder if the judge was influenced by this week’s news of the study showing that chemo is unneccessary and harmful in many breast cancer cases.

    You’d think it wouldn’t be too difficult to convince politicians and bureaucrats they don’t know anything about medicine. In fact, aren’t they practicing without a license?

  11. My default homepage ( just my Cable internet provider’s homepage)had this story in the headlines, so I just assumed it had a lot of media coverage. However after I went to a few more sites (that I expect to have news stories like this) and looked around, it did appear to be under reported. There was a lot more coverage of the original story and little follow-up. Since the orginal story was a headline on just about every search or news related website I went to, the more recent news should not require so much digging or searching.

  12. I think they (media) were just disappointed that an actual agreement was reached. No dramatic removal from the home to report. And no clear victory against the state who still gets to monitor Cherrix’ medical progress.