Pro-Liberty Talk Show Makes the “TALKERS 250”!

Talkers 250
The Talkers 250 is a list of the 250 most important talk shows of 2006. This year, the world’s most pro-Liberty show, Free Talk Live, was included!

This is a major honor in the business, and FTL is receiving it after only a year and a half in syndication! This is because of listeners calling their local talk stations and creating a demand for principled, pro-Liberty talk content by asking for Free Talk Live!

Oh, and if you vote for us in March, it helps drive new people to Liberty!


  1. They wound up under “Hot Talk”, ie lumped in with cheap sleaze like Howard Stern. Wonderful.

  2. Interesting list. I’ve either met the host, been a guest, or placed a guest on almost one third (perhaps more, counting programs subordinates placed guests on) of the top 100.

    For those of you who are not aware, in additional to being a walking encyclopedia of music trivia, Rollye James considers herself libertarian, too.

    Aside from Garafalo, Gibson, Gross, Levin, Darla Jaye (she used to be local), Reagan, Ian and Drudge, I hardly even recognize the names on part two of the list.

  3. Having worked in talk radio for some time, I was a bit stunned to see the list bumped to 250. I can understand the increase, but maybe 150 or 200. Nonetheless, I am glad to see Free Talk Live on the list. This is a great show. And I agree, being listed under the ‘hot talk’ category is a bit unfair.