Pro Liberty Media Revolution

Every old school Libertarian activist that has done any outreach to the public knows there’s at least 1/3 of the population that scores in the Libertarian quadrant of the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. We know people are receptive to pro-Liberty ideas. The biggest problem the Liberty movement has had until now has been spreading our ideas to the masses. We’ve relied on word of mouth, books, and sporadic old media coverage to get us as far as we’ve gotten.

What we should do as a movement is create demand for pro-Liberty media!

We are in the midst of an information age. Information is being decentralized and made more easily accessible by anyone who wants it. Old Media is scrambling to stay alive. They’re losing listeners and viewers to the information age’s new media competition.

Is all Old Media bad? Of course not! In fact, we can use the tools of the information age to leverage Old Media to be more pro-Liberty.

In fact, this is the easiest, most effective activism you can engage in.

We’ve always patted ourselves on the back whenever the movement gets a new “Libertarian” media personality. Most of these on-air “Libertarians” are at best somewhat Libertarian, but not truly for real Liberty.

Recently, that has begun to shift. Now people that really understand Liberty are making their way to Old Media:

Former consumer reporter John Stossel is now the anchor for 20/20, and is still producing fantastic 1 hour specials, virtually all with pro-Liberty themes and ideas at the forefront.

Magicians/Comedians/Jugglers Penn Jillette and Teller have found tremendous success on Showtime with their show Bullshit!, which has just been renewed for a fourth season. Penn has also recently been given a one hour a day weekday show on the new Free FM talk radio format on major CBS Radio transmitters in major markets around the country. I listened to his first two shows, and he’s doing great!

Finally, there’s my talk show, Free Talk Live. We’re the number one Podcast in the world, and are on over a dozen stations nationwide after only our first year of syndication! For the moment Penn is locked into Free FM stations. Free Talk Live, however can be on Free FM and any other AM or FM talk station, not to mention XM or Sirius. We can literally take on Rush, and we can be the number one show in America.

Why shouldn’t we be? Why shouldn’t John Stossel be the number one news personality? Why shouldn’t Bullshit! be the most popular show on cable?

It can happen if you help create demand for Libertarian media. Books are still good for some people, but this is a popular media culture. We need to stop screwing around and grow our dominance in wide distribution media content — NOW. Here’s what you can do, it takes very little time, and is so simple and powerful! If you’ve done these things, you’re a true Liberty Media Activist!

  • Email and tell them thank you for the great John Stossel specials that they air, and tell them you’d like to see more of Stossel’s work.
  • Contact Showtime and tell them thank you for renewing Bullshit for a fourth season, and let them know you want more seasons to follow. You may contact them at Showtime Networks Inc., 1633 Broadway, NY 10019, or email
  • Contact your local talk stations, ask for the Program Director, and tell them you want to listen to Free Talk Live on their station. For more detail on this, please visit and we’ll help you find your local stations.
  • If you have a local radio talk show you know of that is run by true pro-Liberty personality, like New Hampshire’s Gardner Goldsmith, call the station’s Program Director and thank them for airing the show!

The final thing you should do is tell your friends and family to watch and listen to these pro-Liberty programs. Encourage other lovers of Liberty to follow these steps, and we’ll demand our way to a Pro-Liberty Media Revolution!

  1. Ian, welcome aboard!

    I could not agree with you more, the old media is dead, long live old media. More realistically, I wrote the other day that the paleomedia is experiencing death rattles right now.

    Keep up the good work at FTL, and (I understand from an IM a few minutes ago) Stephen2 are to be your guests tomorrow night. See you then.

  2. >John Stossel is now the anchor for 20/20

    On this Friday’s 20/20 Stossel will talk about how much choice improve education and that the American education needs more choices.

    >Contact Showtime and tell them thank you for renewing “Bullshit” for a fourth season, and let them know you want more seasons to follow.

    Season #4 is already set in motion. P&T have confirmed it.

  3. Stossel was on the Daily Show last night as a guest, I’ll put up a torrent of that whenever I can get my hands on it.

  4. Stossel accepted the new label “Freetarian” after Colbert called him that…

    I can’t wait to see Stossel’s piece on education in America.

  5. Good ideas, Ian keep up the good work. On the other hand, perhaps you’re going a bit too hard on the less-than-totally-hardcore libertarians out there. After all, the LP and the libertarian movement as a whole isn’t the dominant voice in America and the world (unfortunately), and can’t always afford to bite the hand that feeds it, as it were. Perhaps we should all be more welcoming of these ‘transitional libertarians’, and at least use them for our own nefarious purposes as long as they don’t give us a bad name (evil laughter). Seriously though…

  6. Sorry, but I don’t appreciate people calling themselves Libertarians, then going and supporting the state. I can appreciate that they are on the right path, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be quiet about their lack of principle.

  7. I understand your point here, but as I said on a thread on the FTL forum, libertarianism and anarchism are NOT the same thing. Libertarians support minarchy, or minimal/limited government, not no goverment at all. Personally, I consider myself a strong minarchist, but not an anarcocapitalist/’free marketier’ per se (at least as you would probably define it based on your show).

    Remember, the last thing we want to do is piss off and drive away the ‘newbies/transitionals’. As I’m sure we’re all very much aware, libertarianism as it is today is a relitavely new concept, at least for the mass of people still alive today). That said, there’s a very finite and small pool of people who are ‘natural libertarians’, and the rest must be enlightened/converted/whatever you want to call it. As a result, the most effective way to draw people into the pro-liberty cause is to let them take baby steps and feel welcome and supported at every step along the way.

  8. Huge News!

    Tuesday, January 24, 2006
    Showtime Picks Up Seasons Four and Five of Their Award-Winning Original Series PENN & TELLER: BULLSHIT!
    Released by Showtime

    Showtime Picks Up Seasons Four and Five of Their Award-Winning Original Series PENN & TELLER: BULLSHIT!

    Season Four Series Premiere Monday, April 3rd 10:00 PM ET/PT

    LOS ANGELES, Jan. 24 — Showtime has picked up seasons four and five of their award-winning original series, PENN & TELLER: BULLSHIT!, it was announced today by Robert Greenblatt, President of Entertainment, Showtime Networks Inc. The pick-up order will consist of 10, one-hour episodes for each season with season four premiering on Monday, April 3rd at 10:00 PM ET/PT.