Pride and Joy and Greed and Sex; That’s What Makes Brad Miller Best

H&R calls it “Just About the Greatest Attack Ad of All Time.” It might be and it certainly tops the famous Willie Horton ad. I may link to the YouTube in my campaign management course and call it “How to Unseat an Incumbent in 60 Seconds”

While I’ve not tracked this campaign (I don’t even know who is/was leading in the polls), I can’t imagine that anything will trump this ad as the most impactful thing the Vernon Robinson campaign does this election cycle.

I know a lot of people complain about negative campaigning, but voters clearly need to know about information such as what’s presented in the video. Good op research combined with clever presentation can unseat even an entrenched incumbent.

Ah, American politics at its best…

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Living here in NC, I’d say Vernon is darn near unelectable, precisely because of this garbage. He is a copycat 10 Commandments erector, which lost him reelection in his previously safe city council ward in Winston-Salem. He touts himself as the “black Jesse Helms” (with double the racism), which has managed to offend both opponents and supporters of our icon Jesse. Plus the district was gerrymandered special for Miller, who is the worst sort of free spending liberal and makes even less sense in his public speaking than Ed Markey, but at least he’s not a racist asshole.

    It pains me to say all this because I know Vernon quite well and like him very much. He is utterly delightful in person and about as Libertarian as a social conservative Republican can be. He has helped us build the LP in NC and even spoken at our conventions. I have to tell myself his vitriol is an act to get votes. But I could not possibly put enough distance between myself and his current public persona.

  2. All miller needs to do is bring up Vernons City Council record, and his financials.
    (In ’05, he lost his city council race, and was replaced by a democrap)

    Here is the Voting record:

    Here is a clip from the Raliegh News:

    He loves to hear his name, but unfortunately for Republicans, I am afraid he may be considered the face of the state party for 2006

  3. Sean is right on. I LOVE Vernon as a person. I helped, to an extent, when he ran for NCGOP chair in 2005. I still keep in touch with him and my heart tells me that he’d vote ‘l’ibertarian if elected. The real poll numbers I have seen have him down 3-6% to Miller. This is a district however that Brad Miller himself drew while in the NC General Assembly several years ago…so the reality is that Miller should easily dispatch of any opponent. People say Vernon loses time and again. In 2004, Vernon was in I believe a six-way race for US House. He was said by most to probably finish near the back of the pack. He finished first in the primary, only to lose in a run-off because in part all of his opponents endorsed the second place finisher (which speaks volumes for how his campaign-style can work against him!). All said, I go to where I started. Vernon is a respectable person if out of the limelight. He has done a lot for charter schools and liberty in NC. I wish the good was more reflected

  4. Chuck – pretty much affirms some truth in the ad, so I wouldn’t say it’s “all wrong.” A lot of people are saying that most will find it distasteful. Sure, it is “out there”, but…lets look at polls in the next couple of weeks as more pollsters start hitting that district. I think everyone will be surprised.

    On a side note, Vernon was endorsed in 2004 by several Congressmen, including Ron Paul. This ad aside, Vernon is not what people (himself included!) paint him to be.

  5. Chuck,

    Thanks for the link verifying the absurd BS of the bills supported. How you can read the fact checking and come away with the idea that the ad is “all wrong” is a mystery.

    While Vernon’s ad didn’t quote the bills in their entirety, the sex portion seems to have been pretty spot-on. People should be disgusted that their hard earned money is stolen for pointless research well outside the scope of government. If it takes “attack ads” to illustrate that, so be it.

  6. Artus –

    I think the point factcheck was trying to make, albeit one almost as outlandish as people are painting the ad, is that Vernon is saying that Brad Miller is paying for sex. Ridiculous, of course! As you stated and I suggested earlier, affirms much of what Vernon is saying in his ads.


  7. The sex studies are, indeed, not something that government should be spending taxpayers’ money on. They may be worthwhile or not, but it shouldn’t be up to politicians to make that decision for all of us. Saying he paid for sex is stretching the term as it is commonly understood, but it at least has a tenuous connection to reality.

    On the other hand, the claim that the Democrat opposes body armor for troops is based on him not being present to vote either way on the latest omnibus appropriation bill for the war. In fact, voting against that bill would have been a vote to take the troops out of harm’s way, but he didn’t even do that – as it happened he was visiting Iraq that day.

    The ad is a great example of attack politics – take a small grain of truth and stretch it so monstrously that the results are somewhat comic to compare to their basis.

  8. I think the “paying for sex” was intended to be a catchy hook. To me it was just a little word play, never intending to be an accusation of Johnism.
    The body armor bit was dishonest and stupid. Even it were true, it would be better ad if it stuck to the sex points, where there was certainly more than a small grain of truth.

  9. I am beggining to wonder why Vernon Robinson is so obsessed with homosexuals and perversion?

    Why doesn’t he at least clean up his language in the ads so that innocent or decent people don’t have their senses assaulted by this filth.

    He doth protest to much, I think.

  10. >I think the “paying for sex” was intended to be a catchy

    Hey, what’s wrong with paying for sex? Geez, that’s what separates us from the animals.