Polling Numbers and Impeachment

impeachbush.jpgA new AP-Ipsos poll shows that Bush’s job approval numbers continue to decrease. From the AP:

Just 33 percent of the public approves of Bush’s job performance, the lowest of his presidency. That compares with 36 percent approval in early April. Forty-five percent of self-described conservatives now disapprove of the president.

They also blame the downward spiral on a loss of conservative support:

Angry conservatives are driving the approval ratings of President Bush and the GOP-led Congress to dismal new lows, according to an AP-Ipsos poll that underscores why Republicans fear an Election Day massacre.

I’m sort of curious about the tie between approval numbers and impeachability. As Nixon and Clinton faced similar problems to what Bush now faces, a comparison seems to be in order. According to this article’s slide show, here is how Nixon and Clinton fared.

President: Richard Nixon
Lowest Rating: 24 percent
Dates: July and August 1974

President: Bill Clinton
Lowest Rating: 37 percent
Date: June 1993

If 37 percent can get one re-elected and 24 percent is enough to force a resignation, it looks like we’ve still got up to another 9 percent to go. His conservative support is waning and we need to continue to attack Bush in the areas where he is most vulnerable with those who still support him.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. His conservative support is waning and we need to continue to attack Bush in the areas where he is most vulnerable with those who still support him.

    I can’t imagine that even his most hardcore supporters STILL believe his many lies; despite the administration spin/propaganda, and the media refusal to effectively cover the facts, there is just too much documentation and evidence for them to keep their heads in the sand any longer.

    The only thing I can guess is that they’re supporting him out of spite: they hate to have been proven wrong, and they want to stick it to all the people who’ve been right these past few years.

    So, the more cries for impeachment surface, the more they’ll stick to their guns. Therefore, the only way to convince them that impeachment is a good idea is to make them think THEY thought of it.

  2. Colbert said it best: “The glass isn’t half empty, Mr. President. It’s two-thirds empty. My point is there’s still liquid in that glass. I wouldn’t drink it though, it’s mostly backwash.”

  3. Democrats are going to take both House and Senate this year. Bush will go down as one of the worst Preidents in history.

    The GOP will be out of power for years. They’ve cooked it.

  4. When is the Libertarian Party going to pass an impeach Bush resolution? They did one for Bill Clinton so why not for George W. Bush? George W. Bush is at least as bad as Bill Clinton, maybe even worse. It’s time for the Libertarian Party to pull their collective head out of their ass on this issue.

  5. I agree Andy. Bush is much worse on both civil liberties and economic responsibility than Clinton, and that’s saying a lot. Clinton actually balanced the budget. The LP should defintely pass an impeach Bush resolution.

    In my opinion, there’s about 25% of the population that will support Bush no matter what. If he comes out on TV and says that the blacks and Jews should be sent to concentration camps, I’ll bet his approval rating wouldn’t go below 25%. It tells you how fascist and ignorant a large percentage of the population is.

  6. Impeachment’s the answer, at this point. I think a good chunk of Congress is probably going to get shown the door, too. When there’s a car wreck, they go through and check out the car, check the brakes, tires, suspension etc. to find out if there was a mechanical problem. If there wasn’t, that leaves the driver. BIG TREE!!!!

  7. The best approach to impeachment is to wait til after the dust of the elections settle. If the dems do take control of the senate, then those who want impeachment should begin to beat their drums. Slowly and softly, at first, but constantly . And then build to a deafening crescendo that can’t be ignored. I doubt a newly elected democratic party senate would be to difficult to persduade.