Poll Data Clearly Indicate that Americans Want Out of Iraq

The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll provides some interesting data on how Americans feel about the war in Iraq. With 1,011 people surveyed, the margin of error is +/- 3.1%.

When it comes to the war in Iraq, do you think that removing Saddam Hussein from power was or was not worth the number of U.S. military casualties and the financial cost of the war?

42% Worth it
48% Not worth it
5% Depends
5% Not sure

Do you think that the United States should maintains its current troop level in Iraq to help secure peace and stability, or should the United States reduce its number of troops now that Iraq has adopted a constitution?

28% Maintain curent troop level
66% Reduce number of troops

21% WITHOUT timeline for withdrawal
43% WITH timeline for withdrawal

2% Depends/not sure when to reduce

3% Depends/some of both
3% Not sure

Are you more confident or less confident that the war in Iraq will lead to a successful conclusion?

36% More confident
53% Less confident
5% Depends/some of both
6% Not sure

Do you think President Bush has has or has not given good reasons for why the United States must keep troops in Iraq?

43% Has given good reasons
52% Has not given good reasons
5% Not sure

It doesn’t seem that America is cheering quite as loudly as the nitwits at the State of the Union Address did last night.

Stephen Gordon

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