Politics, News, Opinion and . . . Sex?

I never thought of Hammer of Truth as a sex blog. As a political blog, we cover a wide variety of issues as they relate to politics and we aren’t afraid to tackle things others find politically incorrect or offensive. We also have fun with it, sometimes mixing in a few pinches of humor along with the politics. To me, unseasoned politics tastes like french fries sans salt.

This said, HoT has now been categorized as a sex blog in the link section of a blogger named Alice who resolves “to have great sex every day.” We’re with you 100%, and it doesn’t sound like you need any common sense shoved up your [elipsis]. Good luck in your pursuits, Alice.

  1. Nigel,

    Out of all the people who link to this site, I’ve not seen anyone link to a specific tag. With the new backend VanDyke just gave us, we have a lot more tag flexability, too. It could prove interesting. I’ll really be surprised if someone hits the “religion” tag.

  2. Some of the people on here are so damn cranky it sounds like they’ve never been laid.

  3. Oje: I beg to differ. I’d say the reason libertarians are so liberal about sex is that we enjoy it so much.