Police Officer Receives Medal of Valor for Murdering Citizen

First of all, there are going to be a bunch of Police-murder apologists arguing that Police do not actually “murder” people because their twisted minds have managed to conjure up some sort of demented definition of murder. So let’s just go with the FBI’s definition for the sake of this post:

The willful (nonnegligent) killing of one human being by another.

Now that we have that out of the way, the Minneapolis Police Department have awarded one of it’s criminals police officers, Dan May, a Medal of Valor for murdering Tycel Nelson in 1990. The official police fabrication of the event goes something like this:

May was the first officer on the scene. He pulled out a shotgun and chased a man whom he believed was an armed suspect, who he later identified as Nelson. May has said he lost sight of the suspect momentarily, then spotted Nelson raising a gun at him. He said he fired only after Nelson ignored his order to drop the weapon.

I can already see the apologists blowing their wad by dismissing this as self defense. But there is more to the story (Skinner is Tycel’s mother):

No one else saw the shooting. Skinner later sued, alleging that May shot an unarmed youth who was harmlessly running away from him. Her attorneys were poised to make the most of three undisputed facts: Nelson was shot in the back; the .22-caliber revolver found at the scene bore no traceable fingerprints linking it to him; and May initially described the suspect he was chasing as wearing a brown leather coat, although Nelson was wearing a black-and-white-striped shirt.

And if that doesn’t raise your eyebrows:

A grand jury cleared May of any wrongdoing, but the city paid $250,000 to Nelson’s family to drop the lawsuit.

This should come as no surprise to anyone that pays a dime’s worth of attention to police crimes.

In related news, police attempt to murder an unarmed, respected businessman and doctor for alleged gambling. I wonder how many medals those officers will receive?

Finally, there may be a little justice in the world. Police seem to be so trigger-happy these days that they attmepted to murder one of their own by mistake:

In a case of mistaken identity, police shot and critically wounded an off-duty officer outside a fast-food restaurant early Saturday, authorities said.

Eric Hernandez, 24, was hit three times and was in extremely critical condition, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

Too funny.

  1. Mistake? You think that was a mistake? You aren’t at all familiar with the NYPD. That was no mistake.

  2. This Hernandez story gets more and more interesting the more I find out about it. It seems that while he was indeed shot by another police officer, that was after he took a severe beating from six assailants, probably members of a gang, who attempted to rob him. The preliminary reports I’ve seen are that he died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head, not the gunshot wounds.

    The worst part of all this is that the people who beat this guy to death are looking at 15 years at most.

  3. RE: “Too funny.”

    Err. Not really. I’m not a huge fan of police brutality, and what is often an apparent disregard of (or lack of awareness for) the Bill of Rights, but these guys are, by and large, still hard working joes trying to do what’s right.

    I think libertarians lose a lot of credibility when they demonize a class of people dedicated to the purpose of administering justice. Sometimes they fail, sometimes they are confused, and sometimes they are nothing more than than the worst charicature of jack booted thugs.

    Most of the time, though, they’re just a local boy trying to keep the bad guys at bay.

  4. Greg,

    So it is okay for the police to “demonize” people, but when they commit crimes we should not demonize them?

    I don’t think so.

  5. question for greg. should the shooters in both of these cases get the same punishments as you or I would face: that is, life in prison or death? Now will they? Until the answer to both of those questions is the same and affirmative on both counts, you cannot demonize police enough, for apparently they are above the law

  6. how about we don’t “demonize” anyone, just deal with the facts in cases like this and hold people accountable for their actions? as much as i hate most cops, i do think they should be given ample room to explain any shooting they are involved with. it sucks but given the job they are tasked with, some benefit of the doubt should be given.

    the case in this post seems to be the more typical response by police departments that police themselves; circle the wagons and deny all responsibility.

    no demonization required.

    just a thought.

  7. funny? you think it’s funny that kid died. my friend was his cousin. and i don’t think it was funny at all especially since his part of the story was never told.

  8. if you guys are what the libertarian party is made of. I think i’ll change my mind about moving to NH and joining the party.
    Wow, you guys are so far left. Instead of demonizing all officers try to live in their shoes for a while. The job sucks. 99% of us join to help people and provide a safe enviroment for ALL to enjoy. Mistakes are made, and if an officer has to use “deadly force” , he pays for it, not only legaly, but emotionaly. Some of you folks sound like the 60’s hippies trying to start your cliques up again. If some of you jerks remember, when jerry rubins was in power, he demonized cops, soldiers, and any one who didn’t look like him. Even one of his own left his movement stating ”
    You call a man a pig enough times, you’ll bring the pig out
    in that man” You guys keep that in mind before you run your cake holes. I’ve had to deal with some of you angry at the world types. Sometimes you get arrested for being loud, abusive and obnoxius.

  9. Just a bunch of pieces of shit, who live under the protection of the people who they criticize. You losers sit, pass judgement on a job you could not possibly do. The men and women of police departments all over this great country put their lives on the line every day so pieces of shit like you can have freedom of speech. God bless America!

  10. Toms said:

    Just a bunch of pieces of shit, who live under the protection of the people who they criticize.

    I can say that a police officer has never protected me. On the one time I ever needed them, they were too late to help. More often than not police just clean up after crimes, rather than actually preventing them.

    You losers sit, pass judgement on a job you could not possibly do.

    Could not possibly do? I bet I could shoot someone in the back pretty easily, as May did, or murder an unarmed man, as they did with Sal Culosi, or legions of others.

    Doesn’t seem that difficult at all.