Plugging Paperbacks: Oprah vs Osama

Osama\'s Book Club - Rogue StateA literary weblog examined (via TMN) the correlation between Oprah plugging her latest book club title (Night, peak rank of 22 on Amazon) to Osama Bin Laden’s recent mention during his taped message (Rogue State, peak rank of 19). The verdict is that Oprah has officially lost the title of the paperback pimp. From a referenced piece:

Yet “Rogue State” was languishing somewhere in the rear of the pack and seemed destined for obscurity. Then, as if in a publicist’s fever dream, lightning struck and an Arabic translation of Blum’s tome somehow made its way to an obscure corner of Waziristan and into the hands of the world’s most wanted bibliophile. The story would have ended there had Bin Laden not mentioned it in his recent audiotape, which was heard by a significantly higher audience than watches the Super Bowl. Talk about product placement.

Stay tuned when scandal unfolds as Osama recommends the false non-fiction book — A Million Jihad Pakis.

Update: Sploid has much more, including the author’s acceptance of the endorsement — “I am not repulsed and I am not going to pretend I am.”

  1. Just because Bin Laden endorses a book does not mean the book is evil, or that his endorsement should be considered something to be ashamed of.

    Regardless of what the Preznit says, Muslims and Al Qaeda don’t have us for our Freedom, they hate us because we continue to perpetuate a policy of global imperialism. The book is a critque on that.

    I mean hell, if Osama said he thought stealing was wrong, would that mean we should take the opposite opinion (that stealing is right) and then also believe that people who Bin Laden happens to agree with should feel ashamed?

  2. Rush was talking about what a terrible person the author is for getting Osama’s recommendation.

    As if he printed on the inside flap “Hey Osama! Recommend this book in your next tape if you like it!”

  3. I should note that my comments above weren’t really addressed to anyone here. It was addressed to the people who are “shocked” by the author’s acceptance or outraged at the fact that the book sales shot up.

    I’ll probably end up reading the book myself.

  4. Matt, does anyone still listen to Rush? What a bore. I still find it astonishing that anyone could possibly take that guy seriously! I mean, does he have ANY credibility? Does anything that he says stand up to logic? If the answers to these questions are “yes”, then we need a libertarian that is so utterly radically propagandist (is this possible) that he/she can counter these claims. In other words we need some liars and shills. On reflection of that however, I realize we have no money. Maybe we could make our own market? I’m not sure too many downright NASTY and distasteful people are coincidentaly libertarian – it seems like those characteristics are distinctly suited for conservatives. Oh wait – I’M TYPING THIS – someone get me a mic!