1. A very good message by Mr. Phillies – especially after the recent massacre at Haditha.

    It’s just time to bring the troops home. It’s just time.

  2. This commercial (good job, by the way) gave me a great idea. I wish I had the capability to make it myself. The same music plays… “He supports the Civil Rights Act” (a picture of George W. Bush). “So did he” (a picture of JFK). “And them” (pictures of MLK, LBJ, and Nixon). “He does not support the Civil Rights Act” (a picture of David Duke). “Neither did he” (a picture of George Wallace). “Or them” (a picture of a group of whites lynching a black man). “AND NEITHER DO WE!” (The Libertarian Party logo).

  3. I was very hard on some of Mr. Phillies’ earlier attempts, so I should be equally profuse in my praise. The videos continue to improve by leaps and bounds. It takes practice and work to get good at these things, and his team is definitely putting in the time.

    good work.

    only critique is the length. I think it should be shortened slightly to end with the typical ending of taps.

    by the way, here are the lyrics to Taps


  4. These concept videos make me darn proud to be associated with the campaign. People should think of them as rough drafts for commercials. I love the fact that George’s first campaign activity shows his commitment to taking a mainstream Libertarian message to the masses.

  5. Suggestions? I just don’t see too much relevance to the videos. We all agree on the message. Let’s see more specifics on the candidate, etc. I’m just not impressed or enthused… convince me.

    Ruwart/Kwiatkowski ’08.

  6. I don’t have one opinion or another on the commercials… but I wonder two things…

    1) Is George using this 2008 campaign to attempt to give his Chair campaign in 2006 a boost?

    2) Why is George focusing on 2008 when his talents and those working for him could be used on much more immediate campaigns in 2006?

  7. Trevor,

    Fair questions.

    2008 is more interference than support for 2006, but I decided I should disclose early so people would know my 2008 plans before voting in 2006. If you don’t see a conflict–that’s purely a matter of taste–than I don’t blame you for asking ‘why bother’?

    2) Having seen a series of Presidential campaigns and nominating drives put together too late, I don’t believe I started too soon. Too late is more likely. I served as volunteer coordinator for Russo pre-nomination and Badnarik post-nomination, and speak from practical experience. Time is already short. I expect that 2008 will be much more difficult than 2004, because many state parties have imploded.

    3) Actually, I have been doing things for other people this year, but you likely never heard. For example, I do 3-4 outreach booths a year. I supported all the L candidates in MA that I knew about, with money and advice. This month my 527 raised >1K$ for Loretta Nall’s ballot access drive.

  8. DD that is something I agree with you on. That is a pair I would definetly like to see as our candidates (Ruwart/Kwiatkowski.)