Phillies Launches New Website

George Phillies has launched a new website for his Libertarian presidential campaign. Seth Cohn set up the site (full disclosure: I helped set up that deal) and it looks a whole lot better than the flat .html version Phillies started with. The site’s easy to navigate and looks clean. I’m sure there will be a lot more on the site before November 2008. Good job, Seth and George!

Stephen Gordon

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  1. One of these days, Seth will actually get to do his own site, hehe.

    Seriously though… between the people I’ve forwarded to him and Steve Gordon has, he must have racked up a pretty impressive libertarian client list by now. Even HoT used to be hosted there before we eventually outgrew his bandwidth allotment (we’re hovering around 60GB/month).

  2. Nigel: I’m not a fan of variable-width sites myself (unless of course there’s a bunch of javascript that does resizing stuff like this site). But for a Libertarian campaign that’s two years early, it’s hard to fault them right now.

    Now if this is the same look in 2008… Phillies is gonna have some ‘splainin’ to do.

  3. Yeah, one of these days, I’ll do the site I dream of doing for myself. :) Nothing like sending people to a ‘nothing here for now’ link, Steve. Talk about pressure to put something there.

    I’m not a fan of forced width sites myself, as too many users fall on both ends. I always end up with complaints from the 800×600 and ultrawide users if I do something styled for 1024×768.

    Lots more to come for Phillies’ site, let alone the new site we’re working on next. (nudge nudge say no more)

  4. I think Mr. Phillies seems like a good man. I respect his efforts. I only hope he has a sudden epiphany that his positions on immigration and trade are totally wrong in the next 18 months or so. Hey, it could happen. I used to have similar views myself.

  5. I love this line from the “issues” section:
    “Federal employees who made warrantless searches, performed warrantless wiretaps, and detained citizens without trial should be replaced with patriotic Americans. ”

    Makes you feel all warm and tingly inside.

    Also reminds me at least that, as much as the current government has co-opted “patriotism” to mean “fascist nationalism” … it should be just as possible for *US* to co-opt “patriotic” to mean “libertarian.”

    Can’t hurt to try, right?


    I find his immigration stance most interesting. It is completely at odds with the LP Platform. I prefer George’s stance given the choice. And so do the American people.

    More open borders may well be a good idea after other libertarian things get done, and more countries take our lead. George has shown some awareness of this principle. Would that more libertarians take such things into account.

  7. Carl: A majority of Americans supported slavery and segregation. Majorites around the country are voting same-sex marriage bans into law. A majority want “universal health care.” Pepole are nearly unanimous in their support of the idea of public schools. A majority think that gun control is too lenient. I could go on and on.

    You do not have the right to tell me who I can and cannot hire to perform work at a mutually aggreeable wage. Americans do not have the “right” to jobs as Mr. Phillies implies. We do not live in France, thank God. As I have said numerous times, I respect Mr. Phillies and his candidacy, but I find it completely unpallatable that he essentially supports artificial price supports for “American” wages, against the free market and against the natural human right of human beings to own themselves, contract their own labor without regard to artificial nationalities. Free immigration is far more important even than free trade.

  8. Holy crap UA, I coughed up about a pound of phlegm after seeing that website. (Being asthmatic rocks.) I couldn’t even see any text until I looked at the source.

  9. Immigration: When we reach the libertarian world we will have open borders. When we had single-nation quotas for Europe, we de facto _had_ open borders with many nations, because the number of people from them who wanted to move here was under the quota.

    However, as Milton Friedman remarked, you cannot have open borders and a full social welfare system at the same time, because if you do you will go broke. Some of you may remember the late Chow En-Lai’s retort to Senator Jackson: ‘I am pleased to announce that China has taken your sound advice that we should open our borders. We have done so. We are even helping people move. PAUSE. The first hundred million Chinese arrive here next week. Do you want them in Seattle or Portland?’

    Libertarians who want more immigration now can lobby for larger quotas, until they are infinite in practice.

    The statist pyramid must be dismantled in a sane manner, or it falls on our heads.

  10. I am impressed with the layout and the content of the George Phillies website. Furthermore, I emailed him a question last night, and George Phillies responded promptly. Not only do I agree with his response, his reponse is to the point and shows alot of motivation.

  11. Mr. Phillies: Then why not advocate larger quotas, inifinite in practice, by which all seeking to work and reside in the U.S. must register and renounce eligibility for social welfare benefits for X years? This is a freer, more humane approach than to wall off our borders and regulate our labor markets.

  12. And I would be happy to have 100 million Chinese move to the U.S. Each individual would produce more than he or she consumed, thereby growing the economy and making all of us better off.