1. It seems like the video was made to match the song, not the other way around – there’s a lot of empty, contentless stuff at the end.

    Regardless, I like it – a deserving recipient of my first presidential vote.

  2. Okay, let’s say that the first video was a 1 on a scale of 1-10.

    This new one, by comparison, would be 1 * the national debt.

    Much, much, MUCH better.

  3. I just saw the new video too, the anti-Stalin one. That one was great as well.

    Too bad Mr. Phillies insists on having Pat Buchanan’s positions on trade and immigration.

  4. My God that website is bad. It actually causes me physical pain in my eyes to look at it. Please please change the look (to a template if you have to).

  5. Video link fixed. Not sure how the cut and paste error happened, but sorry none-the-less.

  6. Wow, I hope we have some competition for this nomination. I’d even go with Badnarik again over this guy…

  7. The Iraq video is the best.

    This Soviet Union/Wiretapping video is all right, but it uses the same stock photo of Bush as is used in the Iraq video, and the music doesn’t come to a logical end at the end of the video, it just stops abruptly.

  8. I do want to credit Mr. Phillies for waging this campaign; especially for the videos. It is a good concept that I think will be repeated by future candidates.

    However… I really feel he does the party a disservice with his positions on immigration and trade. They are so incongruous with what I think it means to be a libertarian–and most would agree, I think. Clearly, Mr. Phillies is a more “liberal” libertarian, as am I, but these positions are more akin to the far-right (i.e. the CP) than the libertarian left.