PETA: Unlikely Ally Against the Drug War?

southpark petaRadley Balko notes that there’s a growing trend for cops to shoot dogs in their botched drug raids, even when it’s a neighbor’s dog in a yard they’re cutting through:

When the target of the raid and the dog’s owner proves to be innocent, a low-level pissant offender, or a medical marijuana patient (and there are multiple examples of all three), there’s generally no apology or compensation from the police department for needlessly pumping the famiily dog full of lead. What’s worse, most courts the monetary value on the loss of a pet at zero. So should the neighborhood SWAT team erroneously break into your house and kill your dog, you can forget about a lawsuit.

On a slightly lighter note, I relayed my “they always shoot the dog” observation to a colleague here at Cato. He told me he’s discoverd something as he’s given interviews and speeches over the years about the Waco massacre.

Apparently, people who think that perhaps the government acted properly in invading and burning down a house of largely innocent (but admidetly weird) people get really pissed off when they learn that the federal government also slaughtered the Brand Davidian dogs. Women and children? Meh. Weirdo cultists probably deserved it. But…

“They killed the dogs? Aw, man. That’s bullshit.”

Which begs the question: Where’s PETA in all of this?

Well, apparently they only get outraged if the cops put the dog on a grill or the owner has underfed the poor canine.

  1. All animal lovers cringe to think of law enforcement officials shooting dogs during raids, but if you look at what most of those animals are living through, there are worse ways to go (freezing to death on the end of a chain, dog fight, beat to death or stabbed by strung out “owner”)
    I love dogs, and I think people should need a license.
    Oh, whoops, I assumed you wrote this because you cared about dogs, when really you want to point out some supposed short-coming of PETA. So, if we’re harping on hypocrisy; What is the difference between eating animals and the cops shooting them? Watch to find out.

  2. So you’re gonna apply moral relativism, argue that cops shooting someone’s pet isn’t as bad so why should PETA care?

    Weak dude.

  3. Self-righteous PETA would be happier if the dogs were put down with a needle instead of lead.

    If everyone is so afraid of what PETA might say…next time have the cops take along a PETA drone to do the killing. Heck, PETA’s been killing healthy puppies and kittens for years, a few more won’t matter to them.
    Just make sure PETA removes the ‘skull and crossbones’ logo from their van…it’s a “dead” give away and might tip off the bad guys.