Penn Jillette Responds to Hammer of Truth

Penn Jillette ShowPenn Jillette mentioned Hammer of Truth on air at Free FM after one of our readers (and his listeners) sent him a link to Ian’s suggestion that Penn and Teller run for president. Penn responded on air that sadly, he has no presidential aspirations at this time (start at 6:15, streaming link, mp3 link):

Penn Jillette: There’s also this letter from someone saying we should run for president.

Michael Goudeau: Yeah they just sent the link in, apparently. Yeah this is ah… Penn and Teller should run for president. [chuckle]

Jillette: It’s the Hammer of Truth, which is a website… Common sense, shoved up your ellipsis [laughter] I dunno what that means. It’s common sense, shoved up your ellipsis. Good. So, there’s the ads by Google put up there and of course the first one is Penn and Teller because they have “Penn and Teller for President.” And a very presidential looking picture.

Goudeau: That’s a very lovely looking photo, you guys are both in tuxedos. Looks very presidential.

Jillette: Looks very very presidential.

Goudeau: And someone… you know they have comments. You can make comments and somebody said “A vice president who was silent seems like a very good idea.”

Jillette: [laughter] But you know, I’m gonna… obviously you know that’s a joke, you know… us running for president. But I’m gonna address it seriously, because I do get asked…

Goudeau: …Because you’re insane, and you think someone really cares that you should run for president. Okay, please go ahead.

Jillette: [laughter]

Goudeau: [laughing] I’m sorry, for interrupting… sir. Can I get a job? Ambassador to Costa Rica… [laughs]

Jillette: Although… I don’t think we would consider running for president…

Goudeau: I don’t think it pays as well as… anything really.

Jillette: I don’t think so. What they do ask occassionally… the New Jersey Libertarian Party asked me to run, ah… Nevada. I don’t know how much I can talk about this because… equal time or something, but Nate Santucci… Nathan Santucci who ah… you’re tempted to call him the prop guy but we call him Director of Covert Activities… He’s in charge of all the magic in the show. And quite seriously and literally, my life is in his preparation. He sets up the bullet trick we do every night, and if Nate decides to, he can just set it up wrong and Teller and I both die. [laughter] Or the one that fires first dies… no the one that fires second dies. Nate is fabulous, and Nate is a hard-core libertarian. And Nate Santucci is running for his district.

Goudeau: City council isn’t it?

Jillette: City council! I think so. He’s gonna be running…

Goudeau: We’re allowed to talk about this as long as it hasn’t actually started…

Jillette: Is that true?

Goudeau: Yes. That’s true. According to Bob’s [garbled], as long as it hasn’t begun we can talk about it.

Jillette: So the election hasn’t started, once it’s started we can’t talk… SANTUCCI is the name! [laughter] Santucci, S-A-N-T-U-C-C-I, right? Is that how he spells it? Nathan Santucci, and you’ll be seeing signs… this goes to Vegas, we know that. Now I know New York doesn’t care, but Nathan Santucci is running for city council, and he would be so good.

I’d transcribe the rest of the interview, but there’s a lot of back and forth conversation and jokes that gives me wrist hurt pain to type. However, you should totally listen to the whole thing, be sure to check out Nathan Santucci (link to Nevada’s Clark County LP officer’s page) and thank Penn Jillette for promoting liberty and libertarianism even though he isn’t planning on running for president (boo, hiss… kidding).

And thanks to Penn for the shoutout, now we don’t need to come shove anything up his ellipsis.

Update: Woops, I guess the sidekick’s name is Michael Goudeau, I suppose I should have checked the Penn Radio website a little closer before transcribing

  1. Too late to throw it up today, but I managed to find a stream that will work with VLC on my Mac. Even though I gladly use Windows Media Player (actually the cool new flip4mac thing that MS is pushing on Mac users), CBS Radio uses some suck 3rd party stream provider that blows (they made me register, and then the browser player just sits there and does nothing, woo).

    Anywho, I’ll be adding the Penn Jillette show to the radio rotation from 2-3PM ET. It would be awesome to eventually have a 24hour rotation of live libertarian radio shows, but I don’t think even republican radio can claim that one.