Penn Jillette Podcasting

Penn Jillette has a radio program at FreeFM, which is syndicated in NY, DC, SF, Detroit, San Diego, Chicago and Baltimore. If you don’t live in range of one of these stations, it is also podcast and they place some sound clips on the site. From Thursday’s conversation about Intelligent Design:

So the Catholic Church is saying that sure we’re down with evolution. Now this is the same Church that bought the Adam and Eve thing, right?

Penn and Teller have always entertained me, and I’ve followed them more closely since Jillette endorsed Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Badnarik.

Yo, Ian, I love Free Talk Live, but its a good thing you and Jillette don’t share the same time slot. I expect as the word gets out on this one that libertarians will not just have the number one, but the top two podcasts in the world. Here’s to some healthy competition.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. My wife is Catholic but believes anyone who doesn’t believe in evolution is a nut. I think the Catholic Church is realizing they can no longer control the minds of their parishoners so they need to become a bit more liberal as to retain the parishoners that haven’t left for other denominations.

    Of course “liberal” is completely relative.

  2. Penn’s show is great, but I don’t see CBS syndicating him out beyond Free FM stations for a long time. FTL can syndicate to potentially every market.

    Also, I’ve been trying to get Penn on the show for a long while, but I can’t seem to get Glenn Alai to respond. Anyone know how to get in touch with him?

  3. FreeFM is syndicated in Phoenix on 101.5 FM too, although I don’t know if it’s got the exact same lineup as the other stations.

  4. Even while being force-fed Catholicism as a child in the 60’s, our church at least had the brains to tell us that the Adam and Eve story (as well as many others in the Bible) was not to be taken literally. As much as I would never support the Church again, I do give them credit for being honest in some ways.

  5. Sweet, thanks for the podcast link… Now I have something to listen to at work. Hopefully all the Christians get a piece of the show as they walk by my office, can always use a good argument as an excuse to take a break. :)