Penn Jillette on 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Penn and Teller (well, actually just Penn) have a message for 9/11 conspiracy theorists: Bullshit! This video is likely to stir the coals in the continued debate over the cause of the World Trade Center collapse.
UPDATE: In order to cover both sides of this issue, Charlie Sheen just came out on the other side of this topic. The title of the top related story on Google News was “Take Off the 9/11 Tinfoil Hats.”

In America, the conspiracy ball has been rolling quite nicely, thank you. Pushed along by Hollywood celebrities like Michael Moore and Charlie Sheen, as well as a very large, very vocal segment of left wing internet blogs, the theories all seem to have a couple of things in common; that the government knew about the attacks prior to 9/11 and did nothing about them and that the “whole story” of what really happened that day is being withheld from the American people.