Peirce Campaign Ruffles Debate Feathers

Peirce chicken publicity stuntAnyone who’s been following Ohio’s gubernatorial race knows that we’ve had to become extremely creative in getting Bill Peirce any media coverage. So when we bought two chicken suits and went to the debates in Cleveland, we were surprised at the results:

Amid a throng of Strickland and Blackwell supporters outside WEWS Channel 5 News, two Peirce supporters wearing bright yellow chicken costumes “” Howard Kornhauser and the candidate’s son Arjen Peirce “” clucked and crowed at the double standard on display at the morning debate that excluded economist Bill Peirce.

Supporter of Peirce mockingly chanted “Bok Bok” and “Chicken” in unison of the chants of “Strickland” and “Blackwell” as the chickens danced in and out of the crowd to the delight of passing motorists. The two feathered fowl also carried a sign with them reading “Blackwell, Strickland chicken to debate Peirce.”

Outrageously, both chickens, outfitted in tags that read “Ted” and “Ken” were arrested by police, who claimed they walked into the street and disrupted traffic. Many in the crowd booed as news cameras swarmed around the two chickens.

The police singling out the Peirce supporters showed a double standard at the debates, once by exclusion, then by arrest. “It was unfair. The sidewalk was too crowded and although they were on the street, they were near the side of the street and they were not blocking any traffic,” Bill Peirce said. “There were other people also out on the street.”

As a comparison, camera crews across the street at several times captured the crowds of Blackwell and Strickland supporters bursting into the 2-way street at several points, even crossing into the center turn lane, halting traffic.

No Strickland or Blackwell supporters were arrested.

Don’t take my word on it, check the multitude of photos that have been posted to the Peirce flickr pool and you’ll see how our supporters were unfairly targeted. It seems not only are Strickland and Blackwell too chicken to debate the veteran economist who would wipe the floor with them, the powers that be in Ohio are resorting to throwing our people in jail when we protest it.

Don’t fret though, as our blitzkrieg underdog campaign is nearly in full swing and we have quite a few tricks up our sleeves to earn media coverage in Ohio’s partisan news organizations in the coming weeks, as well as a couple commercials that are slated for production in the coming days.

[disclaimer: Stephen VanDyke is an avid supporter and ally of the Peirce for Ohio Governor campaign and has received payment in association with his work for them. His opinion here is not paid for or endorsed by the candidate]

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Pierce is one of the few truly legit candidates the LP has going in ’06. Much props to him.

  2. That chicken suit stunt was awesome!

    Peirce is doing commercials? It is amazing that he can do commercials with only $30k raised, and Hacker can’t even do yard signs with nearly $400k raised… Kuddos to Peirce for running an HONEST and legitimate campaign!!

  3. Peirce is possibly the most qualified and well-spoken LP candidate I’ve seen in my life, and his campaign is gunning hard. If he could get some traction in the media, he could very well end up Governor of Ohio. But, getting that traction has proven difficult.

    Stephen, web banner ads might be a more realistic advertising platform than TV. There are plenty of banner networks which allow you to target a specific geographic area, i.e. Ohio.

  4. Awesome tactic. I’m a long time fan of this one, the LP should do stuff like this more often. Too bad about Peirce’s stand on the war though.

    Are they out of prison yet?

    LOL, getting selectively arrested like that is bad enough but…prison?! Thankfully we haven’t come to that yet in Amerika, not even in Blackguard’s Ohio…

  5. yeah nothing wrong with that. This ‘reformer’ loves such in yer face tactics. Fuck em if they cant take a joke.

  6. A favorite candidate of mine once said “Television. Television. Television.”

    It’s true. It doesn’t matter how many yard signs you have, how many times you go to the gun shows, etc. Nobody will beleive you really have a shot unless they see your ass on TV. Period. End of story.

  7. Regarding television:

    The only television in Badnarik’s campaign will probably be the new 50” plasma TV Allen Hacker buys for himself from the huge salary he’s pulling down as campaign manager. According to FEC Reports, Hacker, or more precisely his firm “Articulate Management,” has already been paid $93,750 since signing on as Badnarik’s campaign manager in August 2005. This includes twenty-four checks totaling $74,250 that Hacker, who also conveniently serves as Badnarik’s campaign treasurer, has written to himself during the first six months of 2006. It’s all there in the FEC Reports.

    Hacker’s so-called “secret plan” to win the Texas CD-10 race has always had a Nixonian ring to it. But that’ll become clearer to Badnarik’s contributors about a half-hour after the polls close on November 7 when the LP’s one-time presidential candidate barely breaks double-digit percentage, if that.

  8. Which is why we need a dedicated LP Media Fund to make ad buys with, as well as people who know how to make them. Also talented ad producers willing to work for free/cheap.

  9. Nigel, 3 of the Cleveland news channels had video of us two chickens on the afternoon and evening news. WKYC had the best coverage and almost seemed ot be on Bill’s side. On the web sites, WEWS had a decent still photo slideshow, and a few other places had decent write ups, while a couple of others just had the lame AP coverage of it. I haven’t come across any video’s yet on the net.

  10. Did anyone check that horse’s pulse? Can we be sure it is really dead? Maybe it’s just sleeping. Hell, maybe it’s just pretending to be asleep. You can never be too sure!

  11. You can’t get anyone to debate for the drug war and the drug war adversely affects so many relevant issues [taxpayers, education, public safety, crime victims, social services, productivity among others] that anyone supporting serious reform effectively OWNS all the issues of importance. Oh those wacky Libertarians; don’t they know its all about image and allocation of taxpayer dollars to special interests?

  12. Guys we bought ads in Atlanta on Fox news. The ads cost $18.00 for 30 sec.Cable ads are cheap. In atlanta to run on The Weather Channel it cost $4.00 per 30 sec ad.We produced Kevin Cherry’s ad for about $1000.00 to $1200.00
    Go watch and tell me what you think.
    We are about to start running this ad.The ad was made so it could be use again and again.

  13. Craig’s got the idea. At 18 bucks a pop, it’s really not as expensive as one might think. If you can raise about 3K, you can get on TV enough to make a big difference.

    If I can get my ass into gear, I got a new ad (self made) coming out at some point. I’m having creative blockage issues. I know what I want to say, but unsure how to best get it across the screen with power.

  14. I have to (choking) *agree* with paulie. *s*

    Fox News is NOT the place for your target audience. Anybody watching that these days is an avid fascist, insofar as I am concerned.

    They may not *realize* it. BET, Comedy Central (especially certain faux news shows that have better REAL coverage than Fox!), would be the way to go.

    Of course, if you’re just blanketing the channels and gave Fox News as an example, that’s all good.

    Hoo-Rah for Prime-Time TV though. HOO-RAH!. *s*

  15. “Which is why we need a dedicated LP Media Fund to make ad buys with, as well as people who know how to make them. Also talented ad producers willing to work for free/cheap.”

    Well, here’s one Timothy West and I agree on.

    And not just for candidates. In my home county we have learned to turn out angry mobs for city council and county commission meetings with radio spots.

    And KUDOS to the Peirce campaign – I LOVE street theater. Some claim that it distracts from credibility, but I don’t see it, especially when the media doesn’t regard you as credible anyway.

  16. The NY LP has a similar opportunity for some effective street theater during the next 48 hours – show up at the UN with a bunch of cardboard boxes, packing tape, and marking pens… “We heard that the UN has been invited to move to Venezuela and we’re here to help them pack.” You wouldn’t need more than a dozen people – in fact, the more “pathetic” the group, the more cheering throughout the US.

  17. Yes, many kudos to the Peirce campaign. Imagine what they could do with more money in a less corrupt state.

    BET, as I recall, is very very inexpensive to advertise on. I’d hit that one up as well as Comedy Central as IanC points out.

    I love the Kevin Cherry commercial. Fox news is a lost cause though. I don’t know why Libertarians keep banging their heads against that non-existent “disgruntled conservatives” demographic. Conservatives are NEVER going to reliably or substantively vote Libertarian, even if the Dem and the Rep were campaigning on a platform of nuking their homes – BY NAME! That’s not hyperbole either, it really is true.

    Comedy Central and BET are two prime places to put those ads. I wonder how much local American Idol and Survivor adverts are?

  18. BET, as I recall, is very very inexpensive to advertise on. I’d hit that one up as well as Comedy Central as IanC points out.

    Actually, IanC was just seconding my suggestions :-)

    Also: Telemundo y Univision es muy importante, tambien…

    and, you know, like, MTV2, duuuude, you know?

    The reich wing market is a) played out b)historically pre-disposed toward its big-government side right now c)composed disproportionately of the people least likely to change their affiliation and d)composed disproportionately of the people most likely to die soon, thus making advertising to them less cost-effective.

    Besides, on those rare occasions when they do still join, they only serve as a hindrance to larger numbers of people coming from the other side who are turned off by their presence and the tone they lend to LP rhetoric.

  19. Devious David To run ads on the BIG three is very expensive
    I was quoted in Atlanta about $400.00 for 30 sec ad. Also BET tv is about the same as FOX.There are alot of choices,
    there are about 40 channels we can run ads on.FOX was just an example.

  20. $400.00 for American Idol or Survivor? If that’s the case, I’m willing to split a Kevin Cherry ad with somebody else.

  21. paulie cannoli: I haven’t spoken to Bill extensively about Iraq, but he is adamantly against the war. That said, it’s his view that the Bush administration needs to clean up their mess (simply pulling out would jeopardize the safety of moderates who have allied themselves with us).

    I’m not the best to explain his position on the war since he’s not made a campaign issue of it (he’s running for governor, not a federal position). If you like, I can ask him to expand on his statement, but in all honesty it shouldn’t be a litmus test for your support of his state campaign.

  22. THIS Vietnam Veteran Against the War is glad to hear he’s anti-war. But I still think the war will continue as long as we’re there. If you want to kill Americans, go where the Americans are. They are in Iraq and Iraq is easy to get to for those wo want to kill Americans. We should leave now.

    However, I will just choke it up since he’s a gubernatorial candidate and states don’t wage wars. Likewise with a Congressional candidate who, for example, is pro-zoning – something I wouldn’t accept in a city council or county commission candidate. And I would be less vocal about an otherwise-libertarian candidate for say, magistrate judge, who favored the “fair” tax than a congressional candidate who could actually make it happen.

    Although such folks can confuse people about libertarianism, a bigger concern is the damage they could do if elected.