Peirce Campaign Advertising in Full Swing

The campaign to elect Bill Peirce governor of Ohio has announced media buys in multiple outlets. A recent press release indicates that the campaign has purchased ten billboards (see below) as well as strategically placed print advertising in newspapers and magazines:

Peirce advertised in a bar and restaurant magazine because of the upcoming ballot issues proposing smoking bans, saying, “I think the owner of the establishment ought to be able to call the shots in his or her business, leaving people to decide what type of establishment to patronize.” Peirce also has committed to ads in the Gay People’s Chronicle, which he believes reaches another group seeking reduced government interference in their personal lives.

Additionally, Peirce’s campaign plans to purchase radio ads during the final days before the election. All of this is in addition to the Taxi ads spotted months ago.

Update by Stephen VanDyke: There are actually 21 billboards currently running until election day, not to mention several 4 x 8 signs that people have put up on their property in high traffic areas (next to freeways and people living on busy streets). Charles has told me that if you want to contribute to put more of just these up, you can make a note with your donation and that money will be tagged for just that purpose.