Ohio’s GOP Gubernatorial Primary Gets Dirty

GOP poop flagLeave it to the Republicans to mud-sling right out of the gates in Ohio’s governor race primaries. The best part is that all the scandals and hypocrisy being unearthed are not being disputed by either Ken Blackwell or Jim Petro, both GOP contenders:

Blackwell’s ads have also hit on the state’s biggest scandals, seeking to taint Petro with connections to a state investment in rare coins that went awry and to tie him to Gov. Bob Taft, who pleaded no contest to four ethics violations last year involving a failure to report free golf outings and gifts.

[…] Petro, who lagged in polls published Sunday, has hammered Blackwell as a hypocrite who opposes abortion and gambling while some of his multimillion dollar stock portfolio is invested in those interests.

What many news outlets are failing to mention is Dr. Bill Peirce’s stealth campaign, which on Monday turned in 13,394 signatures of the 5,000 needed to get on the ballot in Ohio. Peirce, an economist and professor emeritus from Case University has consistently stuck to his simple message of less taxes and government bloat (including the abolition of eminent domain abuse) while proposing deregulating casino gambling in contrast to the monopolistic approach being sought.

There’s something to be said for a candidate who stays away from the petty mudslinging, but one message may resound clear to voters as the election looms: The other candidates do suck, perhaps a third option is in order.

For any Ohio libertarians out there, it’s good to know that the first $50 of any contributions is tax deductable.

[disclaimer: Stephen VanDyke is an avid supporter and ally of the Peirce for Ohio Governor campaign and has received payment in association with his work for them. This post is not paid for or endorsed by the candidate]

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. SG: I like to be upfront and transparent about things, hope that accomplished the job.

  2. I had the pleasure of befriending Peirce’s son and meeting Bill Peirce himself at a Cato University seminar last year. I can’t say enough great things about either of them.

  3. My most favorable impression was seeing Bill’s library… the man has more economics and history books than you can shake a stick at. His son is also doing a great job and has already put ad money on the street via cabs plastered with the campaign graphics.

    There’s also quite a few electronic billboards on the freeways around the metros in Ohio and I’m sure there is something in the works to start spreading the buzz there as well.

  4. I don’t recall if it’s been posted elsewhere — is there any contact info to donate to Pierce or Badnarik on this site?

  5. Libertarians should never forget that Ken Blackwell has actively worked to boot Libertarian Party candidates from the Ohio ballot.

    While Secretary of State, Blackwell removed Libertarian candidate for city council John Hartman from the ballot, even though he and the party had done everything required to be there.

    Naturally, I will want Peirce to win, but I will be every bit as delighted if Blackwell loses.