Oh No, Did I Hurt Your Feelings?

Greg Dirasian is acting just as asinine as before, and in his latest rant, he considers suing me for defamation, and asks if there’s conflict of interest with Stephen Gordon and HoT… and generally makes great strides in strengthening the Libertarian Party against um… something.

Last weekend, when I was considering suing HammerOfTruth.com for defamation, I thought I had better look up exactly who I should be suing. So, I did a “whois” to find out to whom the domain is registered. The answer I got was:
S2 Media, Inc.
7202 Ottawa Rd
Cleveland, OH 44105

It was clear to me that “S2” referred to Stephen VanDyke and Stephen Gordon since they often refer to themselves as “Stephen-squared” or “S2.”

[…] I don’t really care if they make money displaying ads. I believe in the free-market. However, if S2 Media, Inc. is equally owned by Stephen VanDyke and Stephen Gordon, that means that Gordon has a significant conflict of interest.

Every day the question will arise: Should he post some bit of news to the LP web site or should he post it to HammerOfTruth.com where he has a potential to boost readership and his own income?

This is not a situation that can be easily resolved. Perhaps Gordon, in an effort to boost his S2 Media, Inc. income will start posting to HammerOfTruth.com under a different name. Perhaps he has already started doing that. (emphasis added)

For someone who wants to sue for defamation, you’d think he wouldn’t turn around and make wild speculations in the same post. Genius. I responded in his comments, but I’ll re-post it here for posterity:

Having it named S2 Media, Inc. was indeed jumping the gun on my part, as we never got around to forming a corporation.. so yeah, my bad on that. I recently updated the whois info this past week to make sure everything was accurate after getting an email from my ISP (god knows I don’t want my domain deleted over something so trivial), I put !! in there as a cryptic homage to our beginnings. It doesn’t mean anything.

Let me state that Stephen Gordon has zero financial stake in Hammer of Truth and cannot legally anyways (he also transferred his old business interests to me to ensure there could be no conflict of interest). Stop looking for scandal here, there is none. I am the sole owner of the site and if you would like to sue me for defamation because I voiced a negative opinion of you and your little crusade in douchebaggery: bring it.

As for trying to determine the site’s financial worth, I can tell you it’s a far cry from 10k a month, and I consider my ad revenue to be for beer money if that tells you anything.

I didn’t defame you since I told the truth if you can’t handle that, then stop whining like a little libertarian bitch and start doing something to actual promote liberty.

Cordially up yours,
Stephen VanDyke

So instead of a real blog entry on real politics, perhaps involving real libertarians who need the coverage, let’s once again give a big hand to Dirasian’s constructive criticism. In fact, on election day, I think I’ll just stay home and jerk off to these wonderful posts instead of voting for libertarians, because it’s about the same productivity.

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

  1. To clarify VanDyke’s posting, I actually cleared some amount (it may have been $2.70) from HoT advertising last month. Whatever it was, it was less than $10 and not worth looking up the exact amount at this time, though.

  2. Dirasian never ceases to amaze me with his idiocy. I hope he doesn’t spawn… or spore or cell divide or whatever the hell it is that creatures like him do to reproduce.

  3. I like how the cookie-cutter graphic on the top of his blog is a tunnel that was obviously built with government funds. Yay for idiocy.

  4. I found and read this thread, which attacks HOT and uses the tem “Gordon’s Goons”:


    Rather than trying to promote liberty and the LP, he seems to feel like he’s in competition with HOT, and “trying” make himself sound like the “better blog”. I hate to say it but it only kills his credibility.

    To Stephen and his “goons”- keep up the great work!

  5. It is interesting that a libertarian would ponder using the force of law to stop supposed defemation.

  6. Dirasian is not the non-productive nincompoop y’all seem to think he is. He’s played significant roles in winning a number of elections. He created and freely distributed software to bring the national LP’s database output with the state parties’ input needs. Whatever else you may think about him, he doesn’t just bitch, he does productive things.

    The unfortunate fact is that all this goes further back than its putative point of origin (the transfer of control of Badnarik 2004’s web operations from Dirasian to SVD et al).

    Older conflicts — the 1996 and 2000 Browne campaigns, the Willis Affair,” etc. — are being dug up and waged all over again. And, strangely, they’re being waged against people who had no part in them that I know of, apparently because Gordon worked for Russo and with me when we were (probably unwisely) digging them up in 2004.

    Politics can be such a revolving bitch.

  7. this little tidbit is likely to boost readership at both sites, interesting. Sort of like a flame war.

    …but I, personally won’t go back to that site. Whether he’s right or not is irrelevant to me since the negativity and venom with which his message is sent makes me want to vomit. It’s worse than a Karl Rove attack and dwells on the most obscure points he can find.

    Dirasian, it’s your own writings that are defaming your character.

  8. Thomas L. Knapp: I could care less about old LP wars, because we need to move away from this kind of petty infighting as a party.

    Dirasian spends quite a bit of time trying to dig shit up on potential allies (myself and Gordon) and speculates all over creation about how we’re in cahoots to do some dastardly illegal stuff, when we’re obviously not.

    Greg, you got questions… fucking call either of us on the phone like a real journalist, our numbers are no secret. This bullshit mudslinging needs to come to an end.

  9. I read that post and halfway down the comments before I actually felt my brain start to melt.

    Go do something productive, dumbass… and let Gordon do something productive too.

  10. Well, I agree with Dirasian! The two Stephens are obviously two ends of a maleficent sock puppet from Hell. Thier evil mind control rays have changed me from a God fearing, rapture ready, Neocon slag into a shivering, whinging, onanist fixated on Battman! Me, Ann Coulter and a strap-on feature heavily in my nightmares.

  11. Greg, what’s the strap-on for? Ann Coulter doesn’t need one of those.

  12. Wait -was this the guy who did a website and now he can’t translate ∫!! ?????? This is hilarious – It’s still S2 except it is a different character followed by two exclamation points. So we have a funny looking ‘s’ followed by two exclamation points… ‘s’ + ‘!’ + ‘!’ = s2. It’s not quite as cryptic as one would think…just that the whois returned the html decoded version of the first character…

  13. This site has a bunch of phony libertarians on it. S2 still believe a man who lives in a cave with severe kidney problems is “the source” of terrorism. What a fu***** joke!

  14. Realistically, as a small perty with a good amount of national coverage, it makes the Libertarians subject to “fakers” who claim libertarian views, but when pressed prove not to posess these views. I feel that anyone who would involve the authorities in a “defamation” suit fits this description.
    As to your assertation that masturbating is as satisfying as voting, I have to disagree, I masturbate daily, but only get to vote every few years, and always enjoy both.

  15. I don’t know why anybody pays any attention to Greg any more.

    I do understand however taunting people who threaten to sue for defamation. That is sport.

  16. Bin Laden’s alleged illness is a rumor that seems to be discounted by most serious observers.

  17. Disclaimer: I am Steve Gordon’s mother. I became a Libertarian in 2004 and am, therefore a fledging in the party. I had never heard of Greg before he started his mud slinging campaign. I have written him off as not being worthy of serious consideration even for dog-poop-scooper. I suggest you do the same. Let him dig his own grave. I would feel the same if a stranger,not my son were his target.

    All of you, including my son, would be taken more seriously if you would refrain from using adolescent language, i.e. sexual references (when sex is not the topic), the “F” word and other crude language. I know Steve is more articulate and hope the rest of your are. The language you use is just plain lazy and does not prove you are libertarian.

    I consider myself prudant, but not a prude. I am not above the use of crude language myself, but choose my private audience.

    In the public domain, “defacate” can get more attention than “shit”. (Some will have to use a dictionary.)

  18. crude language continued…

    Since so many of you appear to be in a state of arrested adolescence, I’ll double dare you to make the effort to express “shit” (and other crude words) in a more resourceful manner.

  19. Part of HoT’s modus operandi appears to be being a little bit smarmy when the opportunity arises to make a political point via that route. I don’t think that’s inappropriate. It’s something I personally avoid on my blog simply because I actually am an adolescent and a cursing 17-year-old is likely to be dismissed by everyone, no matter how valid his points are. Reactions to a cursing thirty-year-old or however old SVD is seem to be more positive.

  20. I use cuss words when I think they are called for. Sometimes they are. Thats why God gav us the ability to speak them nd write them. I worry not bout words – thats all they are.

  21. I prefer, “Ship High In Transit”

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  22. Several ships were destroyed in this manner before it was determined just what was happening. After that, the bundles of manure were always stamped with the term “Ship High In Transit” on them which meant for the sailors to stow it high enough off the lower decks so that any water that came into the hold would not touch this volatile cargo and start the production of methane. Thus evolved the term “S.H.I.T,” (“Ship High In Transit) which has come down through the centuries and is in use to this very day.

    You probably did not know the true history of this word.

    Neither did I.