Oh No, Did I Hurt Your Feelings?

Greg Dirasian is acting just as asinine as before, and in his latest rant, he considers suing me for defamation, and asks if there’s conflict of interest with Stephen Gordon and HoT… and generally makes great strides in strengthening the Libertarian Party against um… something.

Last weekend, when I was considering suing HammerOfTruth.com for defamation, I thought I had better look up exactly who I should be suing. So, I did a “whois” to find out to whom the domain is registered. The answer I got was:
S2 Media, Inc.
7202 Ottawa Rd
Cleveland, OH 44105
It was clear to me that “S2” referred to Stephen VanDyke and Stephen Gordon since they often refer to themselves as “Stephen-squared” or “S2.”
[…] I don’t really care if they make money displaying ads. I believe in the free-market. However, if S2 Media, Inc. is equally owned by Stephen VanDyke and Stephen Gordon, that means that Gordon has a significant conflict of interest.
Every day the question will arise: Should he post some bit of news to the LP web site or should he post it to HammerOfTruth.com where he has a potential to boost readership and his own income?
This is not a situation that can be easily resolved. Perhaps Gordon, in an effort to boost his S2 Media, Inc. income will start posting to HammerOfTruth.com under a different name. Perhaps he has already started doing that. (emphasis added)

For someone who wants to sue for defamation, you’d think he wouldn’t turn around and make wild speculations in the same post. Genius. I responded in his comments, but I’ll re-post it here for posterity:

Having it named S2 Media, Inc. was indeed jumping the gun on my part, as we never got around to forming a corporation.. so yeah, my bad on that. I recently updated the whois info this past week to make sure everything was accurate after getting an email from my ISP (god knows I don’t want my domain deleted over something so trivial), I put !! in there as a cryptic homage to our beginnings. It doesn’t mean anything.
Let me state that Stephen Gordon has zero financial stake in Hammer of Truth and cannot legally anyways (he also transferred his old business interests to me to ensure there could be no conflict of interest). Stop looking for scandal here, there is none. I am the sole owner of the site and if you would like to sue me for defamation because I voiced a negative opinion of you and your little crusade in douchebaggery: bring it.
As for trying to determine the site’s financial worth, I can tell you it’s a far cry from 10k a month, and I consider my ad revenue to be for beer money if that tells you anything.
I didn’t defame you since I told the truth if you can’t handle that, then stop whining like a little libertarian bitch and start doing something to actual promote liberty.
Cordially up yours,
Stephen VanDyke

So instead of a real blog entry on real politics, perhaps involving real libertarians who need the coverage, let’s once again give a big hand to Dirasian’s constructive criticism. In fact, on election day, I think I’ll just stay home and jerk off to these wonderful posts instead of voting for libertarians, because it’s about the same productivity.