Oakland Muslims in Need of Therapy

Religious extremism is religious extremism, whether it comes from Pat Robertson or theocratic thugs and punks commiting extortion in California. From Breitbart:

They weren’t your ordinary thugs. Dressed in bow ties and dark suits, nearly a dozen men carrying metal pipes entered a corner store, shattered refrigerator cases and smashed bottles of liquor, wine and beer, terrifying the clerk but stealing nothing.

The just wanted to leave a message: Stop selling alcohol to fellow Muslims. In urban America, friction between poor residents and immigrant store owners is nothing new. Nor are complaints that inner-city neighborhoods are glutted with markets that sell alcohol and contribute to violent crime, vagrancy and other social ills.

But the recent attack at San Pablo Liquor — and an identical vandalism spree at another West Oakland store later that evening, along with an arson fire there and the kidnapping of the owner a few days later — have injected religion into the debate.

Apparently theocratic punks aren’t the only ones commiting extortion, as the city council seems bent on determining which private enterprises stay in business, and under what terms:

The City Council president and the city attorney vowed to crack down on nuisance liquor stores, and recently forced a store to agree to a plan to curb drug activity on the property. Also, at a recent community meeting, Christians and Muslims pledged to work together to bring better businesses to their neighborhoods.

Of course, officials would deny that they commit extortion. Instead, they use the same mechanism used in many eminent domain cases, the subjective term called blight:

“If there is a location that is a blight on the community, we want to work with the police and the community to address the situation,” Ernst said. That can include revoking a store’s liquor license.

Now back to the other set of alleged criminals. Arrested was the 19 year old son of Yusuf Bey, the now deceased Muslim leader who was accused (the charges were later dropped) of raping young women between 1976 and 1995.

Apparently six people have been arrested, so far. If the problem persists, they obviously haven’t caught all the bad guys. In order to prevent any future occurances, my thought is that the business owners should provide therapy for those busting up their stores — 9mm therapy, that is.

  1. How long before the legislature in California (also in need of therapy) passes some sort of Muslim Amnesty for Religiously Motivated Force bill decriminalizing actions such as these, fearful that prosecution may appear insensitive to the Islamic faith?

  2. Now you’re cooking. A .45 ACP, 12 gauge 31/2″ mag. shotgun and a backup .308 M1A1 scout should do the job.

    We can agree on something. Let them come on my property and bust something up.

  3. I have only one gun at present, but it’s a nice defense combo. The best shotgun for home defense believe it or not is a .410 pump or auto loaded with #2 shot and slugs alternating with no choke. You will blow out your ears with a 20 or a 12 inside a house and the recoil is trouble for women. The .410 slug has more power than a .45ACP round, much more. It’s like getting hit with a civil war mini-ball. Hit in the arm, take it clean off.

    If a shot load doesnt stop em, the slug will. Handguns are vastly overrated. I would rather go against a punk with a automatic than a grandma with a multiple round shotgun.

    If I ever have to point my gun at anyone, they are dead. All you get when you wound someone is a trial with a gun hating jury specifically selected for conviction, and I’ll take my chances with a good lawyer and a judge. I’d rather do time than be dead or a parapelegic.

  4. I like a 12 gauge auto or pump with OO buckshot. I am not trying to wound anyone, I want them dead if I ever have to shoot in self-defense. I am big enough to hang on to a shotgun with ease even firing rapidly. I do like a 12 gauge Mossberg with a pistol grip even when firing OO buck. The smoothest shotgun I have is a Remington 1100 12 gauge 23/4, year 1964 that I got on my 18th birthday.

    Each firearm I own has its place. I have a .38 special with 180 grain hollow points on the bed stand for a night emergency and several shotguns stashed stragetically for routine protection as well as several Colt .45 Model 1911 ACP’s.

    When all else fails, the M1A1 Scout, several SKS’s and AK47’s work as backups.

    I believe Stephen’s favorite is the Mossberg pistol grip shotgun. One has to be pretty strong and steady to fire that puppy.

  5. If you ever light off that shotgun inside a normal sized bedroom, you WILL blow out your eardrums unless they are made of kevlar. Thats why lighter guages are better inside a house, they dont rob you of your hearing in the middle of a gun battle. There’s a sizable difference beyween the .410 and a 12. I would not want to take the chance myself. It’s bad enough to kill a punk AND lose your hearing for weeks. :D

  6. I have a Colt .45 ACP loaded with Glaser ammo. Glaser because “It offers reduced penetration in solid (inanimate) objects while delivering maximum stopping power with minimum danger of ricochet or over penetration.”

  7. If it weren’t for religious extremists, I might be agnostic or a really crapy Taoist, but extremists piss me off so much I’m just atheist.

    God’s nature isn’t determined by those who profess to believe in him… if he exists or doesn’t, if he’s benevolent or not, it has nothing to do with the stupidity of humans who claim him.

    But yeah… hopefully that small business owner learns to pack next time. Unless, of course, defense of property is illegal in that state. Some places actually make it the individual’s legal obligation to flee from danger instead of defending one’s self from danger. The clowns that pass that kind of garbage usually are terrified of citizens legally owning weaponry, too.

  8. I actually prefer my Colt .357 PT at inside the store range. While not quite the performer of the Sig 9mm, it just feels better in my hand. Of course, if I owned a store there, I’d also have a short barreled 12 gauge under the counter. As always, I have a concealed Taurus .25 as my backup. While not the best performer, it is very concealable. Should some of them run and make it to the parking lot, I can always pick them off as long as they are in my line of sight with my Remington 7400 30.06.

  9. Anonymous (aka Julian),

    Just to prove I’m not a bed wetting liberal, I ran an slash piece on the IRS and one on socialized healthcare tonight, too.

    Hope this brightens your day.

  10. Timothy West

    My hearing is already bad from shooting firearms and working around loud machinery without earplugs(stupid me). I would rather deal with additional hearing loss than being dead. I do not want to miss! I am not concerned about property damage either. I will be alive to fix the problems.