NYC: Stupid Government Tricks

bodiesNYC.jpgJust when you thought it was safe to get back in the water…
Officials in New York are considering dumping a bunch of sand over the top of years of pollution and industrial waste to create a beach on Manhattan’s West Side. From the AP:

“Haven’t they found bodies out here?” asked Sephora Rosario, 32, staring out at the choppy water not too far from where she grew up. “Who would jump in there?”

Of course, some people actually do swim in the Hudson River:

Often, those quickest to dive in are the environmental advocates who say the Hudson River is far cleaner than it has been for most of the last few hundred years.
“I’ll swim in the Hudson now,” said Carter Craft, director of the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, which works to increase funding for city water access and ecological protection. “It’s safe if you know what you’re doing.”

One merely has to be careful of when they swim, according to the experts:

Advocates warn that swimmers must stay out of the river for several days after rainfall “” when the city’s drainage system dumps raw sewage directly into the Hudson. Within a three-minute walk from the proposed Hudson River Park beach site, muddy discharge is visible around one of the pipes.
Craft and other advocates say the sewage isn’t usually a problem and any future beach could simply be closed after storms. But city regulations are more stringent, requiring that beaches be at least 500 feet from overflow pipes.

I’m simply wondering how many tax dollars will be wasted on what is certain to be the world’s most popular beach location.
The photo isn’t really from NYC, but you get the point.