NSA on MySpace: THANKS 4 D ADD!

The NSA is apparently watching social networks, since we’ve obviously overlooked the imminent danger posed by teenage girls plotting terrorism attacks:

Meanwhile, the NSA is pursuing its plans to tap the web, since phone logs have limited scope. They can only be used to build a very basic picture of someone’s contact network, a process sometimes called “connecting the dots”. Clusters of people in highly connected groups become apparent, as do people with few connections who appear to be the intermediaries between such groups. The idea is to see by how many links or “degrees” separate people from, say, a member of a blacklisted organisation.

By adding online social networking data to its phone analyses, the NSA could connect people at deeper levels, through shared activities, such as taking flying lessons. Typically, online social networking sites ask members to enter details of their immediate and extended circles of friends, whose blogs they might follow. People often list other facets of their personality including political, sexual, entertainment, media and sporting preferences too.

Funny enough, Tom is their only friend. Does anyone really think that the NSA is going to be thwarting terrorism attacks using this new approach (HI HI, PLZ ADD ME 2 UR WATCHLIST, KTHX!)? Maybe they just need more friends, like Usama Bin Laden.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. So the “Total Information Awareness” program by a different name continues to gather whatever data it can about American citizens. Maybe I’m just being paranoid but does this seem like the government surveillance techniques described in “1984” are slowly coming true? What’s next… cameras in private residences?

    For people who want to surf anonymously, I recommend going to anonymizer.com.

  2. Leroy — that’s not “next” as a concept. Remember that Houston, TX Sheriff? Wanted to put police cameras in people’s homes.

  3. That Tom, he’s a funny guy. Maybe he’s like the rest of the Sheeple who think his government masters love him so that’s why they’re “getting to know him” a little better. And rememeber folks, everything our government masters do is “fer da childern.”

  4. And rememeber folks, everything our government masters do is “fer da childern.”

    Bush’s admin couldnt care less about the kids. In fact, they couldnt care less about family values. For if they did, then the government would leave family values with the FAMILY, and not try to interfere, or worse, legislate their own version of morality. Heck with the way things are going right now, the government will soon raise the “legal” age of everything to 30!!

    Besides, there are some whacked out sites at MySpace. There are people who pose as cats, dogs, lions, tigers, bears, and penguins, oh my. Im curious what the NSA would think if Chilly Willy is linked to someone’s network…