Non-Partisan Anti-War Voting Group to Form

A new non-partisan group of voters who are opposed to the war in Iraq is scheduled to form tomorrow in DC. From their press release:

— Anti-War Movement to Offer Voters a Pledge

— New group to launch Friday for 3rd anniversary of Iraq War, seeking five million voters to sign pledge not to support pro-war candidates

— Well-funded effort aims to make Iraq War “an issue candidates can’t ignore”

WHAT: Voters for Peace, a new non-partisan group, will be launched this Friday, March 17 — the eve of the third anniversary of the start of the Iraq War — to highlight growing public opposition to the war in Iraq and other wars of aggression among disaffected Republicans, Democrats, and independents alike.

Speakers representing the ideological spectrum will appear at the National Press Club at 10 a.m. this Friday, March 17, to formally launch the new organization. They will unveil results of a new public opinion poll showing large numbers of voters would sign a pledge not to vote for any candidate who does not make a “speedy end” to the war in Iraq, and opposition to future wars of aggression, a campaign position.

Voters for Peace will unveil such a voter pledge on Friday, and announce it aims to gather two million signatures on it this year, and five million by the 2008 presidential election.

If someone from the DC area attends the event, please let us know if it is (yet another) lefty group espousing liberal/progressive sentimentalities or if there is a real opportunity for libertarian participation.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. It’s going to be another lefty group. Liberalism and implicit fealty to the DNC are prerequisites for dissent. And of course, had this been Bill Clinton’s war, the show would be on the other foot.

  2. “It’s going to be” is a supposition. Anyone have any actual evidence on the matter? (Sorry, Devious. Needed saying.)

  3. Among those speaking on behalf of the group are:
    Kara Hopkins, editor, American Conservative magazine
    Michael Berg, father of Nick Berg, who was killed in Iraq

  4. Well, it sounds good then… we should throw all our weight behind this and abandon those United for Peace and Justice socialists as the deadweight they are. They’ll get behind this when they see how much more successful true unity is.

  5. Good morning! We DEFINITELY want Libertarians involved in this. I’m no Democrat but the point is to bring together *everyone* who thinks the US occupation of Iraq is a big bad stupid venture.

    My personal mission is ‘Declare Your Independence!’

    The only way we can make progress on the war or anything else is beyond-partisan dialogue.

    We need you guys!

  6. I’m involved in the formation of Voters for Peace, and I’m the cofounder and former chair of the Baltimore Libertarian Party, and former treasurer of the Maryland LP. This group is DEFINITELY open to Libertarian participation, and wants to avoid lefty antiwar arguments, and is trying to invent new antiwar symbols not associated with the left. (We’re especially trying to appeal to antiwar moderates, and even conservatives.) The organizers believe that Lib participation is the key to making this group work, because we understand how those voters think, while antiwar lefties don’t. We could use your help. I hope that you’ll join us. — Doug McNeil

  7. A big frustration for conservatives and libertarians who oppose the occupation of Iraq is that many liberals who are criticizing Bush’s Iraq War are also internationalists and interventionists, who supported “Democrat Wars” like Clinton’s disasterous intervention in the Balkans in defense of the “New World Order” of international finance capitalism. It is true that many organizers of this group are leftists, but they are not the sort of hypocrites you see in the Democrat Party. This organization was formed with the express purpose of taking the anti-war movement out of the politics of the Democrat Party. They really are against unilateralism and ALL wars that do not defend America security like the Iraq War. This organization will welcome all opponents of Democrat Party style interventionism and internationalism. It is important that right-thinking conservatives, paleo-conservatives, populists, libertarians participate in this effort.

  8. I’ll vouch for Doug. Great guy, great Libertarian, enough for the group to earn my trust.

  9. The left is already antiwar — we don’t need to go after them, because we already have them. That’s why I mostly ignore left-wing antiwar groups — they’re carrying coals to Newcastle.

    Antiwar voters voted for Kerry, who was NOT antiwar, when there were perfectly good antiwar candidates on every state ballot — Badnarik, Nader, Cobb. Kerry killed the peace movement, until the big antiwar demo in DC on Sept. 24, 2005.

    I worked that demo as a Security Marshal, assigned to the speaker’s platform, and every peace activist I know seemed to stop by to say hello to me. Populists, Greens, Independents, even Democrats. But I didn’t see even one Libertarian that I knew. Where were we?

    So now’s our chance. We can’t abandon the antiwar movement to the left, because they can’t make it work. VfP needs, and — trust me on this — welcomes Libs. We have funding of a million bucks the first year, and more to come. The time and place for us to get involved is here and now, or not at all.

  10. But I didn’t see even one Libertarian that I knew. Where were we?

    Sad but true. I went to a peace demo back in 2000 in DC when I was getting the LP on the ballot there.

    I was the only libertarian of all the people I spoke to. One lady who travelled there from Arizona was surprised to hear the LP was antiwar because the LP activist(s) she knew at home were warmongers so she just assumed we all were, particularly since she identified us as “far right” and we all know right (reich) wingers are generally pro-war, for the most part.

    This new group sounds promising.

  11. Libertarians should be leading the anti-war movement. I’ve been saying for the past few years that the Libertarian Party should focus on the correlation between taxes and war. Without taxes – or at least with a lot less taxes – government would not be able to fund wars.

    There are a lot of good, well meaning people on the left who are really anti-war (of course some are hypocritical Democrats who are only anti-war when there’s a Republican President). These people don’t like war but they are in favor of social programs that they percieve help poor people. These social programs require a big tax apparatus in order to function. I like to point out to these people that money that they pay in taxes which they want to be spent on social welfare programs often gets dirverted into wars that they do not support. These people need to be woken up to the fact that sending money to government is dangerous and that they’d be better off sending the money to charities.

  12. Every year Libertarians protest the IRS and taxation, especially federal, at the post office on tax filing day (Apr. 15).

    The problem is that the usual handout (million $ bill) addresses mainly tax waste and personal self-interest; but so long as people believe taxes go to good causes, they don’t have a problem with paying taxes and voting for pro-tax politicians.

    This year, put this or something similar on your placards….your ideas and graphics welcome!
    (ideas along these lines would also be good at anti-war rallies, to introduce people there to libertarianism or help change their opinions about it.


    -Genocide and Torture in Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, and around the world
    -Homeland Gestapo Police State (Spying on You)
    -US Occupation Overseas and Aid to Dictators
    -Prison-Industrial Slave Labor Gulag / Drug War / Police Corruption and Brutality


  13. -Prison Rape of Victimless “Criminals”
    -Billions for Crony Corporations – Corporate Welfare and Eminent Domain Abuse
    -Prosecution of Medical Marijuana Patients with Cancer-Glaucoma, AIDS


    (contact info/your organization website/etc)

    paulie cannoli’s blog:

    We need help designing this is a flyer/handout if anyone wants to help w/ images, layout, etc…