No Flag for You!

Being an intense soccer fan I am shaking with anticipation as the 2006 World Cup approaches and the U.S. National team prepares for their first game against the Czech Republic on June 12th. Security is always a concern for the host country because of the rivalries and the number of spectators involved. But, it seems the U.S. team is a concern because they are… Well… American.

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) – The official team bus to be used by the United States during the World Cup will not bear a flag for security reasons.

The 32 official buses were presented Thursday in Frankfurt and the other 31 buses have large national flags of the their teams painted on rear sides.


At the 2002 World Cup, the United States was among the most heavily guarded teams. When the Americans arrived at Incheon International Airport, about 500 police formed a corridor the players walked through as they came out of customs, with SWAT team commandos mixed in. (FoxSports)

When all of the other team buses proudly display their country’s flag while you have to travel anonymously because the American flag is a bulls-eye for terrorists, that can’t be good for morale. I’m curious as to how the U.S. players will be treated by the fans in the stadium. I have a feeling that the whistles (They don’t “boo” overseas, they whistle) will be loud and long.

Hopefully a majority of the spectators will not apply guilt through association and have the mindset that a country’s government does not always reflect the will of the people. Meh… Who am I kidding…

  1. I’m not concerned about security, but I am concerned about getting out of our group of four. It’s going to be tough tournament despite having the most talented team ever to wear the red, white & blue.

  2. I wouldn’t wear an American flag anywhere in Europe — or anywhere in America, for that matter. I’m ashamed of this country and its people.

  3. England!? You don’t think Rooney being out will keep England from going all the way? I seriously doubt he can make it back for the first set of games.

  4. “(They don’t “boo” overseas, they whistle) will be loud and long.” Ah yes, the sophisticated Europeans with their whistling and don’t forget the “monkey chants” and nazi signs.

  5. Nothing can stop England! (Of course, England fans have been saying that for a while and been proven wrong time and time again.)

    I was in England during the 98 World Cup… the nation cried, the nation mourned… I thought the people were going to start jumping (some probably did).

  6. Soccer.. No other sport in the world attracts as much sheer stupidity..

  7. I will gladly display my american flag at the world cup and make no attempts to hide my pride in my country. Oh yeah, I live and work in Germany, but still love my country even though i dont agree with all of its policies. Lets just play soccer and enjoy the competition. Leave all the stupid politics out of this and play some good soccer. Good luck to all the teams. I can’t wait for it to start.