No Drug War for Congress

Tim West has a new video showing the hypocrisy of Patrick Kennedy after his recent blunders.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. I’ll be able to work with HD and standard full motion video soon as source material, so following vids should be better.

    I’m only getting started. I cant blog, but I can make these.

    Next one will be on the domestic spying.

  2. I think LP candidates could benefit tremendously from well-designed videos such as these. Keep up the great work (and leave the blogging to the HoT gang!)

  3. NH? I doubt it. My doctors are here and I cant uproot everything. As of right now, nobody really knows how much time I have left in any case. Stability is important.

  4. Nice work, as always. If only the party had money to put this on the air in Kennedy’s district…

  5. Excellent work, Mr. West. I think the Phillies campaign should definitely put you on the payroll!

  6. Very concise, hard hitting and timely. I doubt anyone could have done better.

  7. Tim, as both a Libertarian and occassional filmmaker, I am very impressed. Simple, professional and to the point. It’s a winner.

  8. Tim,

    I especially like the “That’s Libertarian” message at the end. The LP and our candidates constantly fail to get across what Libertarianism is… and while I know your health isn’t great, I’d like to see you and some others work on a string of generic commercials with the “That’s Libertarian” theme.

    I know here in Georgia we’ve talked about running some commercials… and I know some of them are fairly cheap, even in Atlanta… it’d be cool to have 10 generic commercials with the “That’s Libertarian” theme that state and local LP’s could run on television and on web sites to help promote the message and stop the questions of “What the heck is a dang Libertarian, anyhow?”

  9. Trevor,

    consider it done. I’ll make sure all my efforts from now have thatin them.

    Th LP has suffered greatly from the lack of media due to cost. I cnt donat a lot, but I can provide free media to the party and it’s candidates. I”m still learning – a few more videos from now and I should be pretty good and quick.

  10. Eric,

    I got 2 more in the works already. I got to get them done and out, and then I can pick up there. I an only do them when I’m no f ed up on my rad and drugs. Limited work day. :)

    absolutly you can link to my stuff. I’m trying to figure out when I want to get L4S back up as a 100% video /ad blog wih som podcasting thrown in there. I need to build up some goods firt. SHould only be a metter off weeks.

  11. Great job! The style, tone and music choice closely ties to other ads and trailers out there, which adds to the “That’s Libertarian” theme.

    Tiny quibble from a grammar nerd – “… if he WERE one of us…”

    Keep up the great work!