Ninjas: The Ultimate Ballot Access Law

I told you that ninjas were a sneaky bunch, didn’t I?

They’re also crafty, and inscrutable. I can’t scrute them worth a damn, or else I would’ve seen this coming.

For even after we defended the way of the ninja against the BATF, they’re still willing to flip out and kill Libertarians. Observe:

A shame, really. *shakes head*

At least the pirates haven’t abandoned us… yarrrr mateys?

  1. This is where you’re wrong, DaveT. That box with an antenna was actually just a rudimentary remote control device for a homing beacon inside the second bouquet of roses. It called in his ninja buddy hiding behind the politician.

    In response to the signal, the second ninja jumped up and delivered a roundhouse kick to the politician’s face so fast that his head exploded.

    If you slow it down you can catch a glimpse of him. Remember that ninjas move at a speed best captured at roughly 85,000 frames per second.