NIMBY Congresscritters Blocking Wind Farms

Cape WindOnce again the bipartisan rhetoric of public officials flies in the face of reality and shows just how hypocritical our government officials really are:

The bureaucratic entanglements come as President Bush is encouraging the use of more wind power as a solution to the skyrocketing prices of oil and natural gas, and for environmental problems such as global warming. During a speech in Milwaukee three months ago, Bush said wind turbines eventually could provide 20 percent of the nation’s energy needs.

[…] Critics of Cape Wind include members of the Kennedy family, whose summer compound is on Cape Cod. Both U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) and his nephew, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., have said the turbines would spoil the ocean views, threaten the local tourist economy and endanger migratory birds.

[…] Another opponent is U.S. Sen. John Warner (R-Va.), who has tried several times to block the Cape Wind project. In a 2002 letter to the Army Corps of Engineers, Warner included a handwritten note saying he often visits Cape Cod, which he called a “national treasure.”

But the project continued to move forward until late last year, when Warner, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, slipped an amendment into a military spending bill. The one-sentence congressional order directs the Defense Department to study whether wind towers could mask the radar signals of small aircraft.

Since then, at the Defense Department’s behest, the FAA has been blocking any new wind turbines within the scope of radar systems used by the military.

This NIMBY (not in my back yard) attitude is more than perverse coming from elected officials paying lip-service to green energy, but you can bet they’ll gladly approve any plans for coal-powered plants in your back yard.

  1. We need more wind power, period. It’s actually cheaper than gas at this point.

  2. I don’t understand this at all. I mean where’s the progressive spirit on this, esp with the Kennedy’s? Personally, I think it adds to the landscape. Further integration of man-made and nature…

  3. There is a sort of functional beauty to windmills… but then again I’m Nebraskan, we’ve had them for a century and a half.

  4. the windmill is virtually a symbol of the Netherlands. why couldn’t it be the same for Mass.

  5. So what else is new? There is no mystery here… how is this difficult to understand? As for the progressive spirit, there isn’t one. There is one single objective in Washington and it isn’t driven by philosophy, unless greed is now accepted as such.

  6. I also think the windmills are visually appealing! They’re in a few areas here in Iowa, and I hope more will come. I’m still unsure if the savings from harnessing the wind for energy will be passed on to consumers, or if energy companies will keep rates the same.

  7. Last I read about this particular project, the windmills are soooo far ofshore they can hardly be seen from the beach. But then again people don’t want oil drilling platforms off shore either regardless of the fact that they too are so far out of sight one can hardly see them. Better to import it all.

  8. BTW I should have mentioned this in the above comment, but there is a design that is more of a cone shape than of the windmill type and it apparently just as effective and doesn’t interfer with the migratory birds.

  9. The migratory birds bit is hyperbole. In 92% of all cases, the birds just fly around them… and in 99% of cases when they don’t, they manage to fly through safely.

    The bird excuse is just that-an excuse.

  10. I don’t mean to be callous about the fate of the poor birds. (Oh, wait, yes I do.) Give ’em a couple of generations and an aversion to windmills will evolve.

  11. Senator Ted Kennedy is not only being hypocritical but down right dishonest about the wind farm.

    The wind turbines that would be erected on Nantucket Sound are slated to be built in Rhode Island, in the very district his son, Congressman Patrick Kennedy, represents.

    He is willing to forsake several thousand good paying union jobs and a stand in the way of new industry, just to protect his view. No wonder Patrick is in rehab.

    Working Families Support Cape Wind.

  12. I, personally would like to see wind farms, which after all aren’t that bad to look at, than have to look at a powerplant and smokestacks. Powerplants usually result in asthma, or cancer. I’ll take the wind farm, thank you very much!

  13. I was going to say something in support of the offshore wind farms but then I read someone saying it would result in union jobs. So…nevermind, I hope hypocrites like Kennedy stop it dead in its tracks.

  14. Oh by the way, saying that an offshore windfarm off of Cape Cod is like putting one in the Grand Canyon is almost too ludicrous for words.

    I’m willing to bet that virtually everyone who vacations on Cape Cod and the Islands would be proud knowing they are there, and would happily talk about such progress when they got back home and talked about their vacations.