News From Texas

Texas Flag The good news is:

Over 180 Libertarians have filed for state and district offices for the 2006 election.

The bad news is:

Although Ballot Access News reported that no Democrat filed for the Texas Railroad Commission, setting the stage for a 2-way race between Republican and Libertarian – thus a much greater chance the TXLP will retain ballot access in 2008, it appears that a Democrat filed at the last minute.

Update: I just received news indicating that there could be as many as six 2-way statewide judicial races involving Libertarians. That is, if independents and other parties are unable to successfully petition for ballot access. TXLP ballot access for 2008 is now looking a little easier…

  1. Gentlefolk,

    I have been a member of the Libertarian party almost the whole of its existence. As the Kubby’s face expulsion from Canada on January 12th, I have never been more ashamed of my party.

    This man is being relentlessly persucuted for being politically active in decriminalizing marijuana, a key position in the Lib platform and ran a very good race for governor in California in 1988. He came close to winning the VP position for the 2000 election. In my opinion our party has turned its back on this man and his family. Why?

    Why is the party not activally supporting him? Does national HQ feel it is better that he die like Peter McWilliams?

    This family needs party support, moral support, financial support. For God’s sake, don’t sit on your butts and let this man fight the war on drugs alone. Do something like give a press releae in his defence, open a fund for member contributions to assist them in their time of need.

    He was there for us, where are we for him?

  2. Sorrells,

    I actively promote Kubby, and have done so for years. I’m also frequently critical of the LP. However, at the last LP convention, they ran a major video on Kubby in exile — which was also covered by C-SPAN nationwide.

    What sort of support do you think the LP should be providing to Kubby which they generally aren’t?

  3. Chris,

    Ron Paul has picked up a Republican challenger in the primary. The LP needs a candidate in the race in case he happens to loss in the primary.