New Radio Ad About Marijuana

Taken from MPP:

WASHINGTON D.C. — A potentially controversial new ad campaign from the Marijuana Policy Project names prominent public officials, including President George W. Bush, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Vice President Al Gore, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as having admitted to using marijuana. The ad then asks, “Is it fair to arrest three quarters of a million people a year for doing what presidents and a Supreme Court justice have done?”

A fair point.

The spot will hit the airwaves on July 3 on 141 radio stations nationwide, and will air through the summer during Jim Hightower’s syndicated “Common Sense Commentary,” carried by Air America and other stations, as well as the “Downsize DC” radio show. To listen to the advertisement, click here, or contact MPP Assistant Director of Communications Rebecca Greenberg at 202-462-5747 ex. 115.

This is the kind of outreach we’ve gotta be funding and doing. This is the stuff that changes minds. Granted, they’re kinda preaching to the choir on this… but still, it’s a good start and it’ll help mobilize the pro-pot “base” against the Drug Warriors in Congress.

Stuart Richards

Stuart Richards is a 26-year-old land surveyor based out of Portland, OR. He is a left-leaning geolibertarian and (theologically) liberal Christian, and has been blogging on and other libertarian sites since 2004.

  1. Preaching to the choir is at least a start. It has been said here that a majority is not neeeded to affect change on this though a majority still doesn’t seem to do any good every single poll in the last 11 years has come back pro on medical marijuana yet they still voted to arrest medical marijuana patients. On this issue the science, facts and common sense clearly support legalization. The best chance we have on this issue is to force them talk about it. Once they do they will be the ones that start sounding crazy. 40% of Americans have admitted trying marijuana. They all know the drug war propaganda is not true, they just have to admit it.

  2. Educating the media is our greatest weapon. Radio, television and print ads certainly do this.

    And we can each create our own “personal ads” by writing usable Letters to the Editor and OPEDs for print in our local newspapers. Good LTEs can be sent to newspapers outside your immediate area and have great effect.

    Please consider joining us for one of our weekly roundtables in our Online Conference Room at MAP, where we discuss ways to increase media coverage of drug policy topics and ways to make the media more aware of reform ideas and more sensible public drug policies.

  3. Alright here is the thing I aint that great of a writer as you can see. I have been working on a letter to send to my congressional rep, about his vote on the medical marijuana amendment. I am also planing on sending it to papers and posting it in my blog as an open letter. The thing is I want an answer back from him. I want to try to call out my representitive into an open debate on the subject. First on medical marijuana then on to legalizing marijuana then onto the drug war. The letter I am planning is just going to be on med. mj. I already have the arguement i wanna use for the letter. I am still somewhat new to politics and well I wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions, am I crazy for even trying or what. more just curious on how to get a response

  4. I say that the campaign should be demanding that since they all support the War on Drugs, they should turn themselves in for having done what they could get arrested for then and now and serve out what would be a typical sentence. They just didn’t get caught, but don’t mind burning people who do and using more aggressive and draconian measure to catch and prosecute now. The drug warriors who have violated in the past should consider serving terms ex post facto for the crimes they committed as an act of good faith.

  5. Great! And lest we forget, whilst mentioning the Supes, that *Chief* justice Rehnquist was a Placidyl (a nasty potent barbiturate strong enough to kill elephants) addict for years. Then he started the systematic stripping of our rights which has made the US a nasty place to live, allowing the drug, and now terror, wars to be used as Robespierre’s guillotine to rip from American culture everything that was free, artistic, and philosophical. And good.

  6. Here’s another point that you won’t find on the Partnership for a Drug Free America website. Every drug arrest that ends in a felony conviction represents one more liberal thinking person who will not vote again soon. So don’t expect our efforts to put reform on the ballots to do much good since so many of our supporters have been disenfranchised by the very law that we are trying to change. Our efforts to educate people should be spent pointing out that the government isn’t waging war on drugs – they are waging war on us. With this change in our thinking we have an avenue of redress. It’s not the job of any elected official to wage war on the American people and to do so is nothing short of treason. The real issue is not about people being high…. it’s about people being free. No nation is free so long as its government wages war on it’s citizens. Now that’s a hammer of truth.

  7. Instead of “Three quarters of a million”, can we also say “Seven hundred and fifty thousand” (750,000). Some people can not understand how sad 3/4 is.

  8. “The real issue is not about people being high”¦. it’s about people being free. No nation is free so long as its government wages war on it’s citizens. Now that’s a hammer of truth.”

    Awesome. Let me just add that it is about being free to be high on whatever you want. Most prohibs won’t admit it, but they just don’t want people to feel good, pure and simple. Their lives are so miserable, they feel the need to spread their misery to every person they can by controlling their behavior. The reformed addict prohibs are the worst, they had a problem and now they are on a crusade to save us all from ourselves.

  9. I called my congressman out in an open letter on his vote on med. mj and a modified version should be a lte this coming weekend (been in contact with editor already he said should be in sunday’s)

    as far as the ad goes there is a video that talks about all the public figures that have used marijuana

  10. I’m sorry, but I think this ad is rather lame. Marijuana was made illegal on grounds of racial comments and trumped up junk science with no public opinion or debate.

    I think Marijuana should be legal because that idiot president of ours used it is far less punchy. I mean, I wouldn’t do 90% of what Bush does.

    I am trying to put together a full length video (and audio) commercial of some famous Harry J. Anslinger quotes linking marijuana to the “degenerate races”.

    If every mexican and black in this country knew what comments this radical said to congress (before passing the 1937 act mind you) they woulnd’t stand for the shit any more.

    I love this blog, check out mine