New LP Website redesign final

It’s up! What do you think?

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Looks awesome to me.

    It’ll take a little while for the new version of the Statue of Liberty to catch on in my mind… but none the less, it would appear as if Shane Cory and everyone else who worked on this deserves a big pat on the back.

  2. Well, err… (Say something nice. Say something nice…) Umm, the Daily Poll is kinda fun, and it doesn’t look like the home page.

  3. The logo is interesting… it looks more like were a sports team than a political party, though.

  4. Yeah, I notice the Daily Poll page is the old site. Also see that a majority of Libertarians think the US needs an official language. interesting.

  5. Lokks decent to me. I still say the Action Items section is actually a Static Items section, though. ;) Real dynamic content there allowing us to email our legislators and such about legislation of interest to Libertarians.

  6. I guess that last sentenc shoould say something more like “Real dynamic content there allowing us to email our legislators and such about legislation of interest to Libertarians would be a lot better use for Action ITEMS, IMHO.”

    Too early. :)

  7. At first glance, I would say there needs to be more contrast between the background and content area. It draws too much attention a way from the content. One way of handling it would be to have dark borders around the content area. Another way would be to darken the background and make the symbols more of a watermark.

    The layout of the content seems good. Logo is fine except for the all caps, but that is just a personal annoyance.

  8. Steve,

    No matter what a site looks like, there are people who will tell you it is terrible and would look better some other way.

    For example, someplace I have people who told me that one of my site’s designs was a failure because it did not use blink tags. Preferably anchored inside other blink tags.


  9. The peope responding to the poll aren’t necessarily Libertarians. Which brings up an interestng dilemma when the poll results don’t come out in a Libertarian direction. Perhaps the poll results could be accompanied by an explanation of the Libertarian position on the issue. That could backfire, though, because it would convey the message, “Here’s our stance on the issue, and most people disagree with us.” I’m not sure what the answer is.

  10. In the days to come, Im sure the webmaster(s) will continue working on the site to fill in the holes and kill the bugs. Other than that, the site looks good! The layout more exciting than the previous. The flash movie is especially hilarious :D

  11. The change is nice. I work in the retail business and see the site as our window to the world where people get to look in and see what’s going on and what we are about. To that end I feel that the site needs to have the issues
    up front. A visitor shouldn’t have to go to another page to find out what we are about. For example “End the Drug War” should be on the front page, not on another page.
    That issue along with a half dozen others should be upfront.
    My favorites would be ending the war in Iraq, bring all the 280,000 troops stationed abroad home, stopping inflation now and a half dozen more. Regardless the issues section does need to be updated. Foreign policy is about more than just foreign aid. We don’t need to go into long details on the front just a title and the more details on the next page.
    But be upfront about the issues. I hope that is somewhat clear.
    Just my two cents worth and with inflation that ain’t much.

  12. First off, I never thought the old site was all that bad, although I suppose there’s always room for improvement.

    My first impression of the new one was, “OMG, what’s with the goofy, cartoonish image at the top of the home page?” But, then I clicked on it to view the animation and thought it was well done. So, I suppose this won’t necessarily be a permanent part of the home page header.

    I do like the color scheme, particularly the use of gold! There’s been the occasional criticism that our use of red and blue doesn’t very well distinguish us from the Republicans (red) and the Democrats (blue). I think gold is an excellent choice to go with (think sound hard currency!)

  13. I like it.

    my only gripe is that the little dog house symbol to go back to the home page was initially hard to find and doesn’t hace any kind of indication as to what it’s for.

    since that’s a pretty small gripe, I’d say they did a good job.

  14. I’d like to see a link to the U.S. Constitution on the homepage, as well as the Declaration of Independence, the Treaty of Paris, the Federalist Papers, the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, Washington’s Farewell Address, ‘Marbury vs. Madison’, and the Treaty of Ghent.

    Come to think of it, I’d like to see this link on the Hammer of Truth.


  15. I really dislike the new look intensely. It look cartonish to have a cartoon man on the front page. The writting on the right of the cartoon in big letters also look unprofessional. The new statue of liberty logo also looks cartoonish. I had to look several times to make sure that indeed this was the LP Official website. I was dismayed that they would allow such a cartonish type of website to replace the previously professional patriotic look.

  16. If you’re going to trash everything about something, at least have the guts to put your name behind it.

  17. Agreed with Trevor, and if you had to look several times to make sure that this indeed was the real thing, how did you immediately find your way here (since presumably you weren’t familiar with the site yesterday) to bitch about it?

  18. Well, I posted this on the MySpace Libertarian group forum, and included a link to the post here for the couple guys that responded. Needless to say they didn’t like it.

    If you’re on MySpace, join the LP group and participate in the forums when you can. There’s over 6k members…many of which haven’t seen the new design because they don’t visit often. I thought this was the perfect place to get some feedback.

  19. The Dark Face on the logo is frightening, ominous and foreboding. It also appears to have been immersed in urine like something from the National Endowment for the Arts program.

    The Libertarian vehicle is a nightmarish hearse that Stephen King would have dreamed up on a bad day.

    The Libertarian troops depicted are violating the non-aggression principle by weilding large steel impalement/electrotorture devices against their captives.

  20. If the non-agression principle is interpreted in such a way that the second someone aggresses against you, you now have moral free rein to commit any agression you like against them, it can lead to every little conflict degenerating into a feud.

    Such an interpretation also make the non-aggression principle virtually useless in applying a libertarianism to solving quagmires like Palestine where both sides have been using violence against each other for years. In such an interpetation, all judgements on how to straighten out the mess would hinge on “who started it”.

    A much better interpretation of the non-aggression principle is that you are morally obligated to retaliate in a manner, to the best of your ability, that protects both yourself and your “enemy”.

  21. Do you really want people’s first impression of Libertarianism to be images of people being electrocuted and thrown in the back of a hearse?

  22. The use of RSS feeds where appropriate would be a great addition for those of use who use them. There are none on the site. It would make it easier to keep up on the news, blog, and press releases.

  23. I agree with nameless in post 16 and Terry. I’m almost compelled to design a new site myself free of charge. Almost.

    However, I think that the front page could be greatly improved with some very small changes. I actually love the idea for the logo, I just wish we could see the Lady Liberty’s face. Right now the logo seems like some kind of Orwellian negation of her.

    Something has to be done about the background. It’s busy, it’s ugly… plain white or gray would be better. Also, the lower main table needs a border.

    The fonts used in the graphics in the upper main table are atrocious, but that’s more work to change.

    P.S. I don’t understand the attempts to refute opinions and advice in this thread. Do you want honest opinions or not? I mean, if were any other party, it might make sense…

  24. If you guys can’t get the joke that they’re equating politicians to cockroaches, then more’s the joke on you.

    Sorry, but that’s just how I see it.

  25. the nameless in post 16 is an imposter.

    I am the true nameless!!!

    post 14 is my opinion and I’m sticking to it!

  26. From the new

    Should English be designated as the national language of the United States? (567 votes)
    331 (58%)
    210 (37%)
    11 (1%)
    I’m not sure
    15 (2%)


  27. Figures?

    What’s wrong with the poll results?

    I think that every nation needs a national language. Should we make every government form in every possible language? No, that would be wasteful government spending. Be it German, English, Chinese, whatever… there needs to be a national language.

  28. 1. Having taken statistics twice, the poll on language is pointless. There is no validity to the results whatsoever and it tells you nothing. It is a trap to make you feel like you did something, or told somebody something. It’s a pointless exercise like playing slot machine on a Commodore 64 (no money will print).

    2. The only consideration any person, organization or government should give to what language to use is in answer to the question, “With whom do I wish to communicate, and what’s the best way to do it?” The answers will be all over the place and impacted by everything from cost/benefit analysis to xenophobia. I don’t see anything to gain by trying to force the whole country or its governments into one mold.

  29. IMHO the new site is very bad. Post 16 and others say it all. The flash cartoon thingy is not a profesional way to make a first impression. Some of the other layout is good but overall first impression screams “amateur minor party”

    Bob the Republican That Votes For LP Candidates Too If They Are Not Wacky Like That Guy Who Turned Blue

  30. I like the change … change keeps things fresh!

    My only quibble is Mike Dixon’s positive use of the word “statesmen” … as I just denigrated the word in my latest blog. ;-)

  31. Too may different fonts; shouldn’t be more than three on a single site except for feature graphics, etc. There has to be a half-dozen being used right now in a pretty bad way — there’s no structural rhyme or reason I can find for their use. In short, I’m really not feeling it, but I like the general direction it’s headed as far as its message goes. It’s just the aesthetics that are really killing me right now. Really killing me.

    Simpler is better — see if you want a good idea for a modern, clean, crisp and organizationally-intelligent site that could easily be scaled up to an organization like the LP’s needs. The concept behind that site (he’s the NYTimes Creative Director) is REALLY solid and adaptable.

    (cont’d below)

  32. The new logo is nice and forward-looking, I might add, but as a wallpaper it makes each page incredibly busy. In an informal poll I took witha bunch of designer friends of mine, about 75% thought the DNC page was the best overall design, followed by the Green Party with about 10% (clean and crisp, to the point and easily navigated w/o JavaScript is the overall consensus) with nobody selecting GOP or LP. Most of the people asked were of the conservative to left-libertarian persuasions.

  33. re: “Having taken statistics twice, the poll on language is pointless.”

    All true, but I assume the purpose of the poll here is entertainment, to keep people coming back to the website.

    re: “The new logo is nice and forward-looking”

    What do you find forward-looking about it? (Serious question.)

    Personally, I find it disturbing that the face is blacked out. Maybe if I understood the effect the artist is going for. Is it an attempt to make the Statue of Liberty into a cool comic book character like Batman or Darth Vader? Is it trying to convey some philosophical point about the state of liberty in our country?

  34. I really don’t like the design, it’s busy, the background is distracting, there are too many fonts used (ransom letter anyone), some shadows go to the right and others to the left (figure that one out!)

    Another huge gripe I have with the new design is the lack of brand tie-in with the old site (which itself did exactly the same thing when it was made), you don’t see Coca-cola change its swipe with every new marketing campaign. There are many, many organizations around the country that have attempted to tie in their branding with “national” (e.g. look at the redish background at and now all of those have been made obsolete by the new website. Common branding is (IMHO) one of the huge “marketing” problems the LP has.

  35. Well…
    I’m not so sure it’s an improvement over the former design.
    It’s very distracting and busy. The background, too many fonts being used willy-nilly, overuse of italics, and the navigation bar doesn’t sit well with me.

    Also, last year there was a launch announcement for the previous site that mentioned RSS feeds. I don’t remember seeing that option anywhere and I’m not seeing it now. Did I miss something?