New Bill O’Reilly program name: “The Fear Factor” or “The Fraud Factor”?

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Keith Olbermann didn’t just verbally smackdown Bill O’Reilly; O’Reilly’s posterior end landed on the proverbial silver platter this time.

As you’ll learn when you watch the video, O’Reilly showed why he supports the current War in Iraq with his defense of Nazi attrocities against American soldiers during World War II. The more offensive and Nazi-like the action, the more the Fox News meister-bloviater seems to support it. O’Reilly’s sense of patriotism now seems to move beyond national boundaries; it’s apparently motivated by fascist political causes. When compared head-to-head, Bill O’Reilly now appears to marginally favor Adolf Hitler over George W. Bush.

BTW, don’t blame Olbermann (or me, even) for invoking Godwin’s Law. O’Reilly clearly started it.

Considering the way that O’Reilly has made false claims and then backed out of them when challenged by Aaron Russo, Michael Badnarik and me, I’m not surprised by the lastest from The Fraud Factor.

Despite O’Reilly’s very long and consistent track record of chickening out of debate with my clients (reference material: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9), I’m still up for offering him yet another shot at verbal duel. My new position should offer him many controversial topics to help with his program ratings.

Bill, pick your weapon, but be careful in your selection. As your brain obviously can’t be considered deadly, I don’t really want the reputation of picking on the unarmed — despite the evidence presented on the video below that you don’t understand this subtle distinction.

Props to Vox Day for his suggestion about a new program title for O’Reilly.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. there was a court case a small time ago where all of the major new orgs parent companies filed supporting briefs in a court case saying that they had no inherent legal obligation to be truthful in their news reporting and broadcasts.

    I cant find the story now and hoping someone can help.

  2. Well honestly… it’s too limiting to say that news outlets can ONLY report the truth. That leaves no leeway for editorials or opinion, which do have a place (and which is what most blogs are founded on).

    I do think there ought to be an obligation to base opinions on truth, however. Not a legal obligation, but a moral one.

  3. I like it when ex-sports guys go from rating spotrs stars to rating politicians.

    Its harder to do because politicians don’t have batting averages.

  4. I like “The Fraud Factor” for the new program name… How about BULL O’ Reilly for HIS new name??

  5. Stephen Gordon

    I wish you would not pick on my favorite clown in the circus. He is the best comedy act on TV.

    He constantly parades elephants, jackasses, other clowns, comedians, mental midgets, neanderthals, gremlins, the goose that is not what’s good for the gander and all other types of circus and zoo animals for us to watch.

    I hope he stays on. He is the tallest and silliest Irish Leprechaun around so he is a rarity. How would we get our laughs? There is no other comedy on TV that even comes close. I believe he is classified as news which is not correct, it should be either science-fiction of comedy (or both).

    So, to you that want him gone, how am I to get my laughs for the day if you have your way?

  6. Julian: I too enjoy watching O’Reilly as entertainment. I would suggest watching The Colbert Report if you want an even more over-the-top act that goes in the vein of “I’m never wrong” punditry (but as a satire of itself).

  7. Bill is so neurotic he can’t even realize he made a mistake. That he actually has the double-think process down so well that he can get the transcripts altered is amazing.

    I love Olbermann too, but he’d never go Libertarian. He’s a solid, tax-loving Democrat.

    By Mike Gaddy, Sierra Times, 2/28/03
    “On February 14, a Florida Appeals court ruled there is absolutely nothing illegal about lying, concealing or distorting information by a major press organization. The court reversed the $425,000 jury verdict in favor of journalist Jane Akre who charged she was pressured by Fox Television management and lawyers to air what she knew and documented to be false information. The ruling basically declares it is technically not against any law, rule, or regulation to deliberately lie or distort the news on a television broadcast.”

    Of course you knew FOX had to be involved.

    More recently and equally disturbing:

    Who knew we had truth in campaigning? On Fox Report last night 10/11/05, Shepard Smith reported that Washington State Court of Appeals has has overturned the “Truth in Campaigning” law, which “barred candidates from knowingly lying

  9. thank you chrish. I got more good subjects for videos than I have the energy to make them.

  10. Olbermann does not give a dam about 83 dead american soldiers as he uses this little-known historical event to bash o’reilly out of shamelss jelousy. That was perhaps the most pathetic piece of ‘tv journalism’ I have seen in a long time. So o’reilly made the same mistake twice, and then covered it up, who cares? Is it worth an 8 minute rant on a show nobody watches? Americans did bomb Malmedy 3 days in a row while the town was under Allied control, killing 200 innocent civilians; so o’reilly confused events that lead to innocent deaths–pull him off the air! How does some lame TV demagogue work everyone up into a frenzy around here….I think you guys need to turn off the tv.

  11. Ron,

    Being wrong twice on the same story when you are in Bill O’Reilly’s postion is far from excusable. Fox News even covered up the error, not just O’Reilly. That should tell you something about the Fox News organization.

    Olbermann is certainly not a fan of ‘BillO’, but this ‘tv journalism’ was just and it WAS journalism. It wasn’t one sided blustering that you get from Ted Baxter on the Factor.

    I’ll turn my Tivo off if you open up even a 1/3 of your brain!

  12. It amazes me that anyone believes Keith Olbermann cares one iota about our troops from any war. He only cares if it gives him ammo to launch yet another, contrived, attack on a man who buries him in the 8pm time slot. Keith’s “anger” was so fake I was laughing at the end. Only the far-left, fruits from blogs like Daily.kos and others care about his immature, vendetta against Bill O’Reilly. It’s nothing but a ratings stunt. If Keith didn’t do a nightly, attack-O’Reilly segment, he’d loose the only audience he has””the lefties. What a crock!

  13. It’s a shame to see that at least two more individuals (Greg and Ron from above posts)are as patently stupid as Bill O’reilly.

  14. Actually Ono, it is you that is stupid if you believe for even one second that Olbermann’s contrived attacks on Bill O’Reilly are genuine.

    Keep suckin’ that kool-aid boy!

  15. Ono, you are right about Greg. He doesn’t have a clue! Oberman may put on an act but the hatred for O’Reilly is real.

    And I don’t even want to know what Greg is sucking!