Nevada Shoots FDA the Bird

It looks like Nevada has more balls than Vincente Fox. At least Nevada is telling the Feds where to stick it on drug policy issues. From Reuters:

Over objections by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Nevadans will be able to buy prescription drugs from Canada over the Internet starting next week, a spokesman for Gov. Kenny Guinn said on Friday.

“Monday is the anointed day,” said Steve George, a spokesman for the Republican governor, referring to when a state Web site linking consumers to pharmacies in Canada goes into operation.

I found the last line of the article somewhat humorous:

“There will be a caveat on the Web site saying that the federal government views getting prescriptions filled in Canada with non-FDA-approved drugs as illegal,” George said.

This would be doubly true if they hadn’t shut Marc Emery down.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Montgomery, AL bought its prescription drugs from Canada until the feds became hot about it last year.
    They were saving tons of money.

    The whole state will revert to that if I am elected.

    Last I heard though, Canada was considering passing a law making it illegal for Canadian pharmacies to ship drugs to US customers. I don’t know the outcome of that proposal.

  2. Sounds like the same thing that is happening in California with medicinal marijuana. It’s legal in the state, but not the country. This means no one will stop you from getting it, but once you have it the federal government will take it way along with any of your personal property they feel you don’t need anymore (or they feel they need more than you).

    Not all steps in the right direction do any perciveable good.

  3. This just goes a long way to show how rigged the system is, how hypocritical those who rigged it are, how much their adherence to ideology always gets trumped by money…and finally, how transparent it all is. (They run around shrieking, “Free markets! Free trade!” and other such slogans, but when it’s their monopolistic apple cart that looks to get upset, all of a sudden it’s “We have to protect the people from unsafe pharmaceuticals!”) Like the medical cannabis issue, this kind of thing is slowly stripping the veils used to confuse and obfuscate and showing the workings of governmentally sanctioned cronyism.