Neoprohibitionism at the FDA

I think I finally figured out the FDA strategic plan behind their recent release condemning the use of medical marijuana. They were combating this recent GAO report which, according to the Kaiser website, “‘lacks a clear and effective process’ for tracking safety issues related to approved drugs.”

If they preemptively prohibit all drugs, they won’t have to take the heat for piss-poor post-approval procedure.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. GW Pharmaceuticals Launches Sativex Trials in the US.

    This is the real reason the FDA announced on 4/20 that mariuana has no medicinal value.
    They can’t make money of raw marijuana…but can do very handsomly on Sativex as it costs around $150 a bottle and lasts three to five days depending on dosage.

    I know a number of people in Canada who have been on the Sativex trial and say it is no where near as effective as the raw product.

    No one believes the FDA anymore. It will all come crashing down soon.

  2. get ’em Loretta!

    remember, the FDA statement almost exclusively focused on smoking as a delivery mechanism, the Sativex trials are in phase 3(?). Sativex IS a whole cannabis product. GW Pharmaceuticals stock IS rising…

    “Following the US food and drug administration’s decision not to support the use of smoked marijuana for medical purposes, buyers turned to GW Pharmaceuticals, 9p better at 98p.

    Broker Evolution believes Sativex, GW’s pioneering cannabis-based medicine, may provide the American government with a politically suitable alternative.”

  3. Aah, and lest i forget, Andrea Barthwell, former #2 at the ONDCP is now “lead man” for GW Pharma. Please go here:

    (under latest news)

    “GW has recently achieved a number of significant milestones. Sativex is now approved in Canada for the relief of neuropathic pain in MS. In the US, the FDA has permitted Sativex to enter directly into Phase III trials and in Continental Europe, GW has signed an exclusive marketing agreement with Almirall Prodesfarma for Sativex. The Company continues to make excellent progress towards realising its global ambitions.”