Neil Young Jumps on the Impeachment Train

“Tin soldiers and Nixon coming,
We’re finally on our own.
This summer I hear the drumming
Four dead in Ohio.”
— lyrics by Neil Young

Alabamians tend to polarize over a lot of things: Crimson Tide vs. War Eagle, Southern Baptist vs. Church of Christ, lynching vs. burning crosses. The feud between Lynyrd Skynyrd and Neil Young is no exception.

Now there may be more to fight about in the Heart of Dixie. According to E&P, Neil Young seems to be taking on an old political cause with this new song:

It’s called “Impeach the President,” so there can be little question what it is about.


Last Friday, Morgan wrote on her LastLeftB4Hooterville blog that she had been “summoned” to a local studio to sing on the new record with 99 others. “I’m not going to give the whole thing away, but the first line of one of the songs was “Let’s impeach the President for lyin’!” Turns out the whole thing is a classic beautiful protest record. The session was like being at a 12-hour peace rally. Every time new lyrics would come up on the screen, there were cheers, tears and applause. It was a spiritual experience. I can’t believe my good fortune at being a part of this.

“We finished the session by singing an a capella version of ‘America the Beautiful’ and there was not a dry eye in the house.”

“Neil said it should be out in 6 to 8 weeks.”

“Living in War” will be the name of the new album. I’ll certainly be looking forward to the release. I’m also wondering what Skynyrd’s response will be.

Stephen Gordon

I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

  1. Neil Young. What a pathetic excuse for a living bacteria. He has been a degenerate his whole life and continues to show his traitorous stupidity wherever and whenever he can. Hope he gets stuck in the mud in Alabama. I’m sure the “good ‘ole boys” will surely give him a hand.

  2. Neil Young. In fact it doesn’t get any better than Neil Young. Unlike Paul, who seems to oddly enough, piss and moan over a peace album – I can’t wait for another one of this Young’s grunge albums. Just to have another collection of Neil’s songs to poke a stick in the eye of such fuckers like Paul will bring me immense pleasure. I’m sure it will do likewise for the rest of the planet.

  3. Neil Young. He sang for civil rights. He was with us during the Vietnam War. He was there on stage for 911. He was there for Katrina Relief. He’s a beloved artist who has the integrity and courage to deliver us with music of and about ‘today’. I would not be quick to label it a protest album. He loves our country and is always there to show it. By the way, a degenerate is someone who falls from high standards. Neil raises the bar. About time! Love you Neil!

  4. Does it make me naively young to not know who Neil Young is, or does it make the rest of you really old?

  5. How should I put this? How but, Fuck Neil Young.
    He nothing but another commi, liberal, anti-american, hippie. If he hates the way George Bush runs America, then he can just take his whining ass back to Canada. We sure as hell don’t need him here, complaining about how bad things are. He talks like he would make a better president than George Bush. If someone like Neil Young was our president, then every terrorist in the world could walk all over us and he wouldn’t do a damn thing. His little anti-war ass.

  6. I can’t wait until some television celebrity tells Neil Young to STFU because who cares what Hollywood thinks.

    Only then will the circle of stupidity be complete.

  7. I am a teacher and have turned on lots of kids to Neil. His music is so generation spanning, and only after hearing such polar opposits as Rockin in the Free World and Only Love Can Break Your Heart do they begin to understand what they’re missing on todays MTV and American Idol. If the neocons gave us 9/11 to create a “new Pearl Harbor” (and I quote them), then I say lets let them have both barrels with an “electric assult” from Mr. Young. Last year, as both Neil and the Pope lay ill, thank God he made the right decision which one to call home first.

  8. I think this “paul” character is a bit misled. So, being patriotic enough to call out some fucked up politician for his PROVEN lying to the american public makes him a degenerate. I call that patriotism, and i call narrow minded, unintelligent, sheepish lowlives like “paul”, well, unamerican. Anyone in power deserves to be questioned and criticized. I don’t care what your fucking political alignment is. Go live in Saudi Arabia if you don’t care for democracy. People like you make me sick.

  9. This is great to hear. Neil Young is one of my favorite musicians. He is also a great human being.

    To Paul and Taylor, the intolerant fascist conservatives who wrote the comments above, you have truly shown us your ignorance and hatred. People like you truly must despise freedom and liberty… you’re as Anti-American as they come. I see many similarities between conservatism and Nazism:

    – Intolerance of those who are different from themselves.
    – Despising peace and being pro-war.
    – Opposition to individuals who decide how to live their lives as they see fit.

    If there’s a hell, I hope you fascist conservatives rot in it.

  10. Ah yes…The truth is slowly ripening. I can smell the stench of impeachment coming from miles away, slowly spewing from the one’s Bush condemned, as their carcasses lie in the sun, forgotten, in their dying rages.

  11. It might surprise you Paul, to know that Neil Young was a big supporter of most of Reagan’s administration back in the 1980s.

    If he weren’t Canadian, I’d say he’d be a hell of a patriotic American.

    And to Leroy: you fail to see the difference between NEOconservatives and PALEOconservatives.

    NEOconservatives are liberal opportunists who decided that taking control of one party (Democrats) wasn’t enough. 90% of what our current administration does is exactly what Clinton would have done. There is no way that George Bush and company could ever really be considered conservatives.

    PALEOconservatives like the late, great Robert A. Taft (and nowadays Ron Paul, even though he is percieved to be more of a libertarian) are against the war, though not because they believe in peace-at-all-costs like most liberals and libertarians do. They are ready and willing to go to war when the United States is really on the line.

  12. Just let me put a disclaimer here, I am a different Paul, being the one who hasn’t really heard of Neil Young, not the one who hates him and loves Bush. I just don’t listen to much music in general.

  13. That last paragraph should have read “against foreign war” instead of “against the war”. Apologies for double posting.

  14. Paul you idiot, its your “good ole boy” attitude that has been holding back some parts for so long, at least most of America already knows this.

    Taylor, you’re another wanker that has no idea of what Neil Young has helped do for your fucking country.(And the Earth)
    The Bridge School, Farm Aid, the list goes on and on, do your research before showing everyone how ignorant you are.

    By the amount of negative content shown here (compared to positive) there is hope for you lot.

    Neil Young is one of the great people of our time, his care for all things that are “unfair” should be a way of life we all adopt.

    The man has more creativity in his arse compared to most.
    Witness the widely diverse music that he writes and performs from his heart.
    Here is a man who has never been afraid to voice his opinion or go the way he feels is right.
    Thank God he will never be “Politically Correct” and that he is still rockin’ in the free world.

    And no I am not a Canadian.
    English now living in Australia

  15. To paul and taylor aka poor-soul,
    first neil young is not claiming to be a better president than george bush, that’s why he’s a musician!! and if he was the president, than the word terrorist wouldn’t have existed and no 911 would have happened…perhaps you guys are the one who loves the whole fear and terrorist thing??

    -Canadian Dude

  16. Neil Young is the only musician with enough balls to say EXACTLY what he thinks. He has done more for America than Bush ever has. He is in no way “Anti American”. He is just speaking out for a country he loves and is rightly justified in worrying about. I am Canadian and slightly saddened by the fact he chose the US to live in. But consider that a gift…

    I am looking forward to hearing the album and cannot wait to see what Bush has to say about it.
    I’ll bet Michael Moore has a reserved copy.

  17. I’ve always thought Neil Young’s music sucked. My opinion aside, let’s look at the facts. The FACT is that Neil Young is CANADIAN not AMERICAN. Does his opinion really matter… uh, no. Until he becomes an American citizen, what the hell does he have to bitch about?

  18. america is killing the world one day at a time. it needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and see the damage it is causing. this really has nothing to do with neil young, it could be anyone. hes is one who has the power to make is view herd unlike the average person. “the medium is the message.”

  19. In as much as Canadians live in North America, one cannot say that a Canadian is not an American without being a liar. United States citizens are also Americans. Neil Young is a great American.

  20. All Canadians are Americans
    All US Citizens are Americans
    Therefore all Americans are Canadians?? (WRONG!)

    PS The truth hurts. The truth will set you free. Go Neil!

  21. Tony G.

    Teach, don’t politicize the classroom. I bet you teach in a public school and instead of teaching the basics, you spend most of your time spreading your version of socialism, gun control and larger and more restrictive government. You are the reason for home schooling, you asshole.

    By the way, your hero is Canadian and has spent most of his life criticizing the USA. He has made his living in the USA and enjoyed the benefits but has never become a citizen. He, too, is an asshole.

  22. Leroy, how are you gonna call me anti-american. Your nothin but a peace-lovin, anti-war, hippie. If you consider that american then you have a really fucked up meaning of the word american. Why don’t you go smoke some weed, and preach about peace. Leroy your a fucking pussy.


  24. It’s funny how Neil Young has gotten all these Bush loving rednecks in a fury. Who could blame Neil for not becoming a citizen?

  25. Leroy the Libertarian

    I am a libertarian and support the war. How about that.

  26. Lord have mercy, many of you are such devout believers in the formed mind of fancy sweetness that is whatever media teat you may suckle, milk blood to keep from running out, I suppose. None of you know the truth, but most believe their own lies, the biggest lies, the ones you tell yourselves. George Bush lied? Sure, why not. Neil Young lies too. Given his latest bout with illness and this rather sad and nominally pitiful spouting forth of his bland stale bile, as if emanated from a too long dead whale’s uncorked blowhole, I believe in the mission mantra of Wally the Beaver and His Cleaver-Wielding Clan, from Alabam’, that no south-of-the-St-Lawrence-ern man, nor woman, nor child, needs Mr Young around, I mean really, golly gee, geezer, maybe he should go back to Alberta, lie back down and relive those six or seven great records of his from the sixties and seventies, including the ones he played on with with Buffalo Springfield and CSN&Y, and, you know, call it all a creative day.

  27. I’m not entirely sure what you are trying to say…
    Everyone is fooled except you? “Pitiful bland stale bile?”. How would you know? It hasn’t even been released yet you fool.
    As for calling it a creative day. He’s at the top of his game right now. He has the most scathing mind when it comes to hypocrisy. I would hate to be Bush.

    I look forward to it’s release far more than I did the “American Idiot” album.

  28. Neil..long may you run!!! He is a world citizen, I would say..

    Julian, what the hell have you done in vietnam? Nothing learned about war for so long time?

    “Für mich ist das Töten im Krieg in nichts unterschieden vom gemeinen Morden.” (Albert Einstein)

  29. I’m am happy to finally hear Neil add his voice to the chorus of those who can no longer stomach the horrendous, murderous, duplicitous, greed-corrupted crap coming from the government.

    Oh and Julian, you seem to be against “larger and more restrictive government”, yet there is none larger, or more expensive on the planet than George’s. I’m confused about how a Libertarian could be in favor of 1) such a huge govt, that spares no effort to reduce the liberties of its citizens (enjoy those foreign mercenaries in New Orleans?) and 2) a war of aggression based on the willful lying and manipulation of the American people.

    “I woke up this morning with love in mind
    It was raining outside, but my love still shined.”

  30. Why is it that when someone doesn’t agree with the President, they are called un-American? I think free speech is a wonderful thing, and it is VERY American. I wouldn’t care if Neil Young was from Zimbabwe, he is still allowed to voice his opinion about our president.

    I’m tired of rabid Bush freaks coming down on people for not backing Bush. This is not an Orwellian society! We don’t all love Big Brother.

    Neil Young for President! Oh, if only he were not Canadian..

    I love Neil Young even more now.

  31. I would like Paul, Taylor or perhaps Julian to explain to me how disagreeing with a particular war or with the current president makes one anti-American. Every person who runs for president thinks they can do a better job than the current one…so are they anti-American for wanting him replaced?

    As for Neil’s opinion “mattering”…EVERYONE’S opinion matters. Thats the problem with America…as a country, we dont care about anyone else. Neil Young has lived here for 40 years. He has paid his taxes for 40 years. He has employed hundreds of Americans. Helped many children. Raised lots of money for AMERICAN farmers (Farm Aid) and promoted the purchase of their goods. He is subjected to everything we are…he IS American as far as I’m concerned.

    What does it mean to be “American” anyway? nothing. It means you were born on a certain side of an imaginary line. Until we can stop discriminating against people and realise that we are all the fucking same, nothing will get better.

  32. It is ironic that some Americans, who have always spoken proudly about “democracy”, “freedom of speech” and “freedom”, immediately play the ‘place of birth card’ when a tax paying artist chooses to express his opinion.
    America’s decision to create an unecessary war in Iraq is a world issue, and has effects on many areas outside their borders. Consequently, it seems absolutely appropriate for anyone to express their opinion, regardless of their country of origin. Neil Young is merely asserting his rights as a person, not as a Canadian or an American.
    As a famous philosopher put it, “I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend, to the death, your right to say it.” Oh, here’s another one for you fascist conservatives, “common sense is not so common”.
    Keep on rockin’ in the free word Neil!!

  33. This sounds so 1960’s to me. It can be summed up like this:

    Peace, free love, drugs and rock & roll.

    You guys need to mellow out and let love and peace flow through your veins. That is what Neil Young was all about during the 1960’s. Everything could be solved through pacifism and socialism.

    What the hell happened? It is the 21st century, the old burned out hippies are in charge and our condition has gotten worse, much worse. Maybe it is time to try something different than hanging on to beliefs that failed.

    We are less free, pay more taxes and have less opportunity. You people were brainwashed by the burned out hippies when you were educated at taxpayers expenses, or did you learn anything at all?

    I am a libertarian because it is our last best hope. The Neil Youngs and George Bushes failed.

  34. The hippie generation IS over and done with. Nonetheless,there’s a lot to learn from the hippies, as there is from the businessmen, the republican rank-and-file day-to-day office armies that make the country go, by and large. I think it’s a balance. ‘into every life, some bureaucracy must fall’, COMMA, ‘less is more’. To have a country, we need a government. To have liberty(ies), we must have a well-structured government that’s accountable to the public in all things. To have security, we need good relations with other countries, either through words or a bigger hammer than they have. Above all, we need honesty. If we’re going to war, Congress has to declare it. If we’re going broke, again, they need to declare it. Congress has a job to do. So does Bush. So do We, The People. If one of those fails in some way, as the voters have for years, the result is, well, ‘not exactly’. Bush. The president we deserve thanks to our own bad voting records. Get out there in November, or don’t cry!

  35. I’m in the military, and i can tell you that douche bags like neil young are hurting our efforts in the middle east. Dont think that our enemies dont pay attention to what is going on in our media and what is going on with american public opinion. They are emboldened if they beleive that the american public is not behind our efforts. (the international community tends to think hollywood represents us) Hollywood actors and entertainers do (in a small way) contribute to the deaths of my friends. Our enemies would be much less likely to oppose a united american force. Military and civilians

  36. The Flag wrapping Limbaugh/Hannity (can’t think for themselves) crowd gets all uppity when Celebrity/Musicians make statements not agreeable to their Fox News lobotomized brains. Why the hell do they care what Neil Young says? They call him names, say he is over the hill, Canadian pot smoking blah, blah, blah, blah. If he is so useless, why are these poor cave people so outraged? For one, they are haters who paint themselves Red, White & Blue so they can spread their sick shit.

    They “Support the Troops”.
    What a line of shit. What they really support is sending young people to slaughter as to justify their “Patriotism”. I support these young people, get them the fuck out of this festering shithole.

    The next time we invade another country. perhaps we should understand what culture we are fucking with. These
    fools walked our kids into a meat grinder in which they had no plan, no clue and no respect. No, it is much easier to call Neil Young names.

  37. There are a few that ask “who is Neil Young” but not many and that is why this is album is huge. My was asked to bring to school lyrics from a song that best summed up her experience in life right now and she brought Sugar Mountain (written 1966). I thought she only knew about NY from me but she EVERYBODY knows his him. Even the metal heads like him. 100 years from now the names of Bush and Nixon only because Neil Young got them both impeached.

  38. The people on this blog that say stuff like Neil should keep his mouth shut because he isn’t an American have completely forgotten what this country is based on. The very first words in the Declaration of Independence are: “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal.” According to Paul and Taylor the rest of the Bush loving crowd on this blog Americans seem to developed some special wisdom that Canadians are incapable of attaining because they have no better argument against NY than to state he is a Canadian. NY has been living in the US longer than I have and I was born here. I think he understands the US as well anybody.

  39. I think neil young is just another assclown that thinks people actually care what he thinks, got news for you neil,i dont give a rats ass what you think.Just like skynard said “a southern man dont need you around anyhow” that pretty much sums up my feelings for neil young.

  40. Just listen to Young’s guitar playing and you will understand- it is a bunch of sloppy, poorly constructed jumbled up crap. It seems to mirror his thinking. Neil Young is just another washed-up commie. As for all of you miserable peacenics, LEAVE this country if you dont like it. You will not be missed.

  41. I have too much to say, but will only comment on two things. First, Lyndard Syndard took a pot shot at neil because neil had the courage to write a song critisizing the south’s racist policies. Anyone today, who can’t see that Neil was right and LS was wrong, has just no business discussing current issues. Secondly, if Americans feel they have the god-given right to go to foriegn countries and kill people, shouldn’t we at least give foriengners the courtesy to express their opinions.

  42. For those of you who recommend George W. Bush to be impeached: Do any of you know what the hell Impeached means? That’s right, all you acid-dropping, tree-hugging, “sex, drugs and rock’n’roll” jackasses wouldn’t know the first thing about the impeachment process nor protecting America from foreign enemies. So why don’t you just sit back, smoke your weed and let the conservative President do his job.
    BTW: impeachment means: Charges against a president approved by a majority of the House of Representatives.
    Newsflash to the idiots thinking that Nixon was impeached. HE WAS NOT! He actually resigned before he could be impeached. See above.

  43. Hey Tyrone, why don’t YOU leave the country? It’s uneducated rednecks like you that have kids that can’t read and dumb down the educational system. “Duh, I don’t like your views so you should go to another country.” Nice, thats the answer Ty.
    Shut up and go find some road kill for dinner. By the way get the fucking washing machine and crankcase out of your front yard, we smart college type commies use flower pots.

  44. Mr. Young is just like everyone who grew up in the 60s. I want to inform all you boomers that this is NOT Vietnam. I sympathies with you baby boomers; you were royally screwed by the government, and lost many relatives and friends, and obviously trust in government and war. However this isn’t that war. When the war first broke out I will never forget a news interview with an anti-war protester, she actually said “Well, I missed out on the protests in the 60’s so I wanted to be apart of this one.” I feel this is the sentiment of a lot of people; it doesn’t matter if its right, war is wrong. This is illogical, and ignorant. I also know that lots of Americans base their political views on what they are told by the news media and by artists in Hollywood. This is sad. May I suggest to all you anti-war people to do a little intelligent research and form your own opinion. It may change the way you feel about our president. Always remember 400,000 Iraqis found in mass graves, orders sent by S. Hussein.

  45. Long live Rock! Long live Neil young! We need more things exactly like this, books, movies, music…whatever….until that lying murderer and his racist neocon cronies are out of government and out of our lives.

    Get ready you Bushies. There’s a revolution coming!

  46. Don’t need, no more Canadian boys dying in Afghanistan
    Don’t need, our economy f’d up by GWBs war
    Don’t need, people telling me that cuz I/m not American I have no voice

    When I was a young man Neil warned me that rust never sleeps, turns out that was the best advice anyone ever gave me. Listen up folks this album not only rocks it’s got a hell of a message!!

    The restless consumers lies asleep in america, buying everything ……george bush and friends wanna sell!!

    Don’t need, no more LIES!!

  47. Thank You Neil Young ! You did it again !

    What is the world blessed with the music and talent of Neil Young …


    Making a song/album like that after the making of OHIO (36 years ago …! ) : 40 years of speaking out !

    When god made Neil Young : wow!

    And everybody likes Neil Young , otherwise you are fool;
    just sit down , shut up and listen to his music and the lyrics…….and enjoy !!!

    “we never listen to the record company man , because we do not want to be “good”…….-prisoners of Rockn Roll..Neil Young

    That s correct , because he is not just good , but amazing , awesome, perfectly raw and very subtle briljant !

  48. I really think most of you are completely missing the point.
    It doesn’t matter who Niel Young tries to lambaste. It doesn’t matter what his politics are. It doesn’t matter what marches he’s appeared at, or what celebrity fundraisers he’s attended, or what flag he chooses to burn.

    Niel Young is a musician, nothing more. He should be treated and judged as a musician, and nothing else.

    And let’s face it… as a musician, he simply sucks balls.

    His whiny, irresonant twang has annoyed people for generations. The only basis for his notoriety has been his lyrical stabs at politics, and even those were so laughably trite and unoriginal as to be appealing only to those who enjoy the sound of their own ingorant opinions echoed endlessly.

    The only thing more pathetic than Young’s performances are those of his fans who are so completely self-important and out-of-touch that they believe this album will have any influence at all, beyond the available space in a local CD bargain bin.

  49. Dave, musicians speak through lyrics and music. Neil is “just” a musician? OK, so what about the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin? Just musicians? Do you recall the “revolution” the Beatles created? Does John Lennon still live on today? You bet your ass. And so will Neil. Neil Young has had and is still having an unforgetable impact on this entire world! Musicians have a perfect opportunity to “tell it like it is”, and you obviously have several of “your own ignorant opionions echoeing endlessly”, now don’t you. You should be ashamed of yourself, as you seem so unaware. How can you say Young fans are out-of-touch? That is just bullshit – I think you need to pull your head out of your ass and research waht Neil is all about, obviously you are clueless you schmuck.

    The only thing pathetic here, DAVE, is YOU.

  50. Pity Young never raised his voice against Clinton when he did the same to Serbia as Bush Jr. does to Iraq.