Nall Farking 96 Rocks

We were farked again today, which led a lot of people to this article about Loretta Nall, the Libertarian Party candidate for Governor in Alabama. As Nall had crashed at my Birmingham apartment last night, I got the full scoop first hand. Apparently the guys at 96 Rock in Atlanta read the Fark description, followed the link, and booked Loretta for the show. She’ll be on the air at 8:30 AM ET Monday morning and you can listen online from the 96 Rock website.

I’m not sure of his title (I’d imagine producer and general webdude), but one of the staff for the Regular Guys program also came up with a Nall graphic which links to this site (thanks, dude). I thought it would be cool to reciprocate — but don’t hit his site, the Porn Czar’s Port Hole, if you are offended by the female body (that disclaimer should serve to drive up their traffic).

With as many radio interviews as I’ve done, I find rock stations are always the coolest — but 8:30 ET (7:30 for Loretta) in the morning really sucks ass. Hopefully, Loretta’s a better morning person than I am.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Let’s put this in a little perspective:

    96.1 WKLS does indeed rock. 99,000 WATTS on FM covers a lot of ground:

    Way to go Loretta!

    This would not have happened were it not for the internet. I am convinced the internet is the key to the revolution.

    Unregulated distribution of information will allow Liberty to win the day. Government is so slow and stupid that it simply won’t know what hit it.

  2. They are voice tracked after 7pm. Big Rig is doing mornings live in Tampa.

    Regarding it being Atlanta and not Alabama, it’s still 100kW and it will reach people who have family and friends in Alabama.

  3. It reaches to Anniston — if you are on the east side of a mountian, at least. I believe I was listening to that station last weekend on the way home from Atlanta.


    The Second Amendment serves absolutely no purpose. Most gun owners are far right. The government is now far right. The only time a far right constituency would ever take up arms would be in the event of a left wing takeover. But a left wing takeover will never happen because the far right beat them to it.

    You all say you believe in the right to bear arms but when push comes to shove you’ll be turning them in like good little acquiescent citizens. Of course, the amerinazi government will allow you to keep your small-caliber rifles and shotguns for deer hunting and small game, and that’ll be enough for you because that’s all you care about anyway. You’d never have courage enough to actually defend the United States of America against a military takeover from within.

    The automatic and semi-automatic weapons that give you parity with the military will be confiscated. I’m sorry. I meant, your automatic and semi-automatic weapons will be turned in. Out of fear. You won’t resist. You’ll make every excuse in the book why it’s your citizenly duty to abide by the law — just like the Germans did 70 years ago.

    I’d bet money on it. Besides they’re far right. And you’re far right. They’re your friends. They’d never do anything bad to you. Or your family.

    As long as you comply.

    In Jesus’ Glorious and Holy name,
    Dean Berry – Real American

  5. it was wrongly tagged, it was tagged “interesting”, it really ought to have been tagged “boobies” for maximum impact. ;P

  6. She’s actually got some gravitas too. I suppose anybody who followed her political career before this would know that. Check out a clip on her site. Like a younger, cuter, libertarian Molly Ivins. Wait, more gravitas than Ivins, but to my non-Southern ear a similar sound.

  7. It would be great for Loretta if being on the air in Hotlanta brought her to the attention of Boortz, or if someone could do that for her. Boortz, a professed libertarian, should jump all over her boobies and panties thing and give her national exposure,,,not her boobs, just the candidate and her campaign.