My First Time

It is not often that libertarians are invited by MSM to share their views. When we are invited, producers usually do what they can to make us look like asses. That is why I was surprised when Wes Benedict (LPTX executive director) called and asked me if I could do an interview at WBAP. I gave Scott Crowder a call and asked him what his angle was. I was not at all excited about being thrown under a bus. Mr. Crowder assured me that this was not a mean spirited piece and that he is also a libertarian. I agreed to the interview and met with him at the studio last Thursday.

I have been reluctant to share this online because I was worried that I would sound like an idiot. It is quite intimidating to have a mic in your face for the first time. ESPN ran the segment this morning and I now am not too worried about sharing with you guys. Like most first times, it wasn’t great, but I am excited to get us 25 minutes of air. You can catch the interview at WBAP tonight at 8 central. Tune in if you are able. And if Scott Crowder happens to be reading, thank you to him.

Update by Stephen VanDyke: For anyone interested in listening to the interview, Mike Nelson recorded it an it’s now archived here as an MP3. A very good interview in my view, with a very sympathetic host who openly supported Michelle during the whole thing.

  1. Mainstream coverage is great, but radio interviews are indeed a bit unnerving.

    I was asked to be a guest on Brad Messer‘s radio show (on KTSA San Antonio) on Wednesday. Live. An hour in advance. So I did it. The first word out of my mouth, of course, was libertarian. :)

    And I was heartened to find Brad agreeing with most of what I had to say. There’s definitely hope for the libertarian message. People are ready to hear it.

    Unfortunately, they don’t have a recording of the show posted, and I didn’t have the chance to make one, either.

  2. (Lowbrow alert) Your first time lasted 25 minutes and you’re complaining that it wasn’t too great?

    Well, I suppose he *was* more experienced than you.

    (End lowbrow humor.)

  3. My stream is still playing, but I think she’s doing an awesome job so far.

  4. SVD, Supported me? He carried my nervous ass right through the entire thing. Practice makes perfect. Thanks for the kind words, though.