Music Video: Chickens at the Debate

Posted at the Peirce campaign site:

Here’s a quick little music video of the Peirce supporters in chicken suits mocking the Ken & Ted ‘Fraid Chickens at Wednesday’s Gubernatorial Debate.

Be sure to cluck at the two chickens if you see them anywhere in Ohio to let them know what cluckers they are for refusing to debate economist Bill Peirce.

I’m learning a lot about doing video work, and I know this isn’t the best in the world. With practice comes mastery, so I’m really looking forward to the Cincinnati debates being much much more entertaining. Hell, if the media wants entertainment in order to cover the Peirce campaign, we’re gearing up to give it to them in spades.

[disclaimer: Stephen VanDyke is an avid supporter and ally of the Peirce for Ohio Governor campaign and has received payment in association with his work for them. His opinion here is not paid for or endorsed by the candidate]

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. You gotta start more interesting… begin with the chickens, then them getting arrested then do drier interviews and cut back to the chickens…… you lost the average person in the first 60 seconds. Way way too long. That’s one of the things that sank Taft.

  2. I really LOVE the chicken costumes. We should make it a national thing. I am thinking of getting 4 costumes for the TX gubernatorial debate. If every libertarian group that is shut out of debates does this, perhaps we would see a national plug.

  3. Awesome, just awesome. Goofy not kooky, just what libertarian candidates need. Love seeing the press giving the chickens some attention too.

  4. If I was anywhere near Ohio I would go to the next debate site wearing a chicken suit, too. And the chickens should put the writing on their posters on both sides so no matter which way they hold it, people can read them. Great effort.

  5. Steven, great job. I got one coming out soon if I can get past a creative block I’m having. Keep gettin down.

  6. Stuart Richards: Yeah, I caught Bill right as he was walking up and mulling around for a minute. The camera was on, so I just started asking questions.

    I know the camera work is a bit shoddy and moves around too much, and the chickens weren’t very organized (the vid is heavily edited to show highlights), but we’re learning as we go. I can promise that the ad being done on Monday (with chickens, huzzah) as well as the next debate appearance will be far more entertaining and buzzworthy.

    I’d honestly rate this 3/10 compared to what I have in mind for future chicken videos and ads.

    We don’t have the million dollar budgets that the majors do, but with some creativity and resourceful use of money, we are showing Ohio that it doesn’t take much to run a competent campaign that makes news (Ohio’s “you’re too dumb for more than two candidates” media can blow me, off the record).

  7. Noticing that nobody seems to have caught the ‘Taft’ joke I made. I was quoting Peirce, about 1 minute in.

  8. Hmmm… I thought I posted here. As to not be accused of never having anything positive to say, I would like to express my appreciation for Bill Pierce’s campaign. I wish he were from Michigan, not Ohio.

  9. Oink! Oink! Oink! Hee-haw! Hee-haw! (blows nose)

    A few more sound effects, and actual chicks in the chicken costume (not that men as hens isn’t funny), would make it perfect next time.

    Seriously, put some women in the costumes and let the guys clear space for them to walk without tripping over their feet.

  10. I’d love to see two guys in cat outfits holding up a sign that just reads “two big pussies”. But I guess that wouldn’t fly very well in politics…

  11. Man, with a dozen people taking turns in the costumes, you could have a chicken shadowing each of the two major-party candidates – turning up and heckling them at every one of their public appearances.

  12. We REALLY should make it a national thing. We should try to organize some LPers in every state to get such videos then someone edit them all together and send off to TV stations and websites all over America to show how the LP is excluded nationally from the debates!