Movie: Comedian Runs for President and Wins

Life imitates art or vice versa? (via Boing Boing)

Looks like Doug Stanhope could gain a lot of notoriety out of a movie like “Man of the Year“. I wonder if the character Robin Williams plays is running as a Libertarian?

Stephen VanDyke

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  2. We’re talking Hollywood, so he’ll probably have liberal politics, it’d be a pleasant surprise if the film was libertarian leaning however (The keyword being surprise.)

  3. Most well-written screenplays are about a character’s journey from slavery to freedom. True, often the slavery is self-imposed slavery to some character flaw or personal history.

    I guess that doesn’t guarantee the hero won’t try to enslave others.

  4. I’m sure it’ll be super liberal. I’ve gotten pretty good at not letting Hollywood socialist politics get in the way of enjoying otherwise wonderful movies, like Dave or The American President. Let’s hope it has a decent love story to carry the film.

  5. I saw the preview in theaters. Looks pretty good. Hopefully it will get people thinking that there are other choices out there and we aren’t stuck with the big two. One line that I heard was, “He got into the debates!” I’m hoping they will show how difficult it is for third parties or independents to get in.

  6. I wonder how many votes he’ll get. I seem to recall Pat Paulsen got a few although he had the advantage of being a real person, not a just a character. I still sometimes wear my “Pat Paulsen for President” button.

  7. Who is funding the movie. That’s the only important question.