Motherlode of Penn & Teller Bullsh*t! Episodes

I’m not sure if this massive upload of Bullshit! episodes to Google Video and made free was approved by Penn Jillette or not, but considering he’s a pretty regular reader of HoT, we may know shortly if they get deleted soon. Here’s my favorite — The War on Drugs:

Full list: profanity; creationism; alien abductions; conspiracy theories; recycling; gun control; endangered species; religion; the bible; family values; the apocalypse; signs from heaven; the occult; 12-step recovery programs; exercise v. genetics; environmentalism; hypnosis; ghosts; the war on drugs; feng shui / bottled water; college; PETA; and abstinence. (via MeFi)

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. I love Penn and Teller! I never knew about the show until Ian brought it up on FTL. I had to grab it. I was hoping this last season would be longer. He’s Libertarian, so I think he should do a show about something that is NOT BULLSHIT, and that’s LIBERTY!!

  2. The feds actually *SUPPLY* reefer to seven authorized medical patients while at the same time are doing everything they can to prevent patients in states (i.e. California) that have legalized medical marijuana? Unbelievable and outrageous hypocrisy!

  3. Penn, Teller, please please let these stay online. The more your show is available the more people hear your message. Please don’t be Metallica. #3 is a new fan how many others will be.

  4. Penn once said on his radio show that he doesn’t really mind people sharing the show online but I’m sure it’s not up to him weather these stay online or not, that would be a matter for Showtime.

    Personally I say they should put at least a few episodes on the net for free, it helps create viewers and fans that will pay for the content it in the long run.

    Big P&Tfan here, love every minute of it.

  5. If you’re broke or just really cheap, the first two seasons of this show are available on Netflix… the source of pretty much all my video entertainment. I may not be able to account for EVERY single MP3 on my system, but ripping off video just seems like a stupid waste of time to me when it’s so cheap to rent and so much better to watch on the full TV.

  6. Very well done.

    Next, they should do a segment on how hard it is to get into treatment if you’re a low-income patient. It’s a bit of class warfare–the rich can check into rehab, the poor go to prison.