More Rats Fleeing or GOP Damage Control?

Porter Goss resignsFrom the TimesOnline:

PORTER GOSS, the Director of the CIA, unexpectedly resigned last night without any official reason being given, prompting widespread speculation about why he had left after less than two years in the job.

Senior White House officials said that Mr Goss, a President Bush loyalist who was the first sitting member of Congress to be appointed to the post, had left by “mutual consent”.

Considering that the White House and the CIA probably considers torture consensual, this means nothing to the rest of us.

That explanation, and the timing of the announcement made by Mr Bush on a day on which he and his Administration had been touting good economic figures, left analysts on both sides of the political divide unclear about the reason for his abrupt departure, particularly as no successor appeared to have been lined up.

Good economic figures? I think Bush needs to drive down the street and pump a tank of gas for himself and pay his own medical bills.

The move caught Pentagon and State Department officials by surprise and did not appear to be under consideration at the White House this week. It also plunged the world’s biggest spy agency into new uncertainty as it seeks to recover from the intelligence blunders preceding the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and the Iraq conflict.

If for no other reason, Goss should be fired for use of “black prisons” and probable use of torture in them.

Six months before difficult mid-term elections for Republicans, amid fears that they might lose control of Congress, the move also appeared politically unfavourable to Mr Bush. Mr Goss’s successor will face Senate confirmation, giving Democrats another chance to rehash their allegations that pre-war intelligence was manipulated and exaggerated.

This echos my thoughts. The only reason the Repubs would have wanted Goss to resign is if there is some upcoming serious scandal that we don’t know about. Barring that, they wouldn’t want the extra heat. To me, it looks like a swimming rat at the moment.

Props to M. R. Jarrell, despite his picking on one of my favorite local BBQ joints.

Update by Stephen VanDyke: Sploid did some heavy lifting and found that Goss may be connected to some really really juicy scandal that the White House is trying to nip in the bud:

here is so much blood on Goss’ hands and so many skeletons in his closets that it’s impossible to guess what particular crime finally ended his odious career. But the growing “Hookergate” scandal connected to convicted criminal Duke Cunningham and CIA executive director Dusty Foggo may have finally wrapped its whorish tentacles around Goss’ neck.

“Something happened,” neo-conservative magazine editor William Kristol said on Fox News this afternoon. “It’s going to be a bad few days. We’re going to discover something … It will be something not good for the Bush Administration.”

Fox News actually got a phone call from a “top White House official” during Kristol’s damning comments, and Kristol was cut off so Bush mouthpiece Chris Wallace could say the Goss resignation is just a harmless part of the “White House shakeup.” Sure.

Wow… you just know something salacious is up when they call Fox News and tell Kristol to STFU about something on air (see update).

Another Update by Stephen VanDyke: Some clarification of the Fox News phone call hooplah coverage thanks to Johnny Dollar’s Place: Kristol was on a rant when the WH did call and Wallace interrupted Kristol to directly refute what he was saying. Kristol seemed skeptical of the new information (“they can spin sometimes”) and continued to pound the issue of this being more than some routine stepping down (“I am just doubtful that this was planned”).

Watch the vids… we’re not spinning this one way or the other.

  1. Hey! I wasn’t pickin’ on Big Bob’s! I think they have, quite possibly the best ribs in the South! Better than Dreamlands in Tuscaloosa, (altho, the Dreamland sauce is better than BBGs). Now, BBG’s pulled pork is no big deal..but the ribs? Finestkind!

  2. My family has a place call the Southland in NW Alabama, which I think is the ultimate best. Dreamland has pretty good sauce and a neat local history. Just grab LOTS of napkins.

    A few miles south of BBG (in Hartselle) is the Pig Stand BBQ, which has about the best pulled pork south of the Southland. The sauce is just OK, though. I save Dreamland or Southland sauce for Pig Stand. :)

    How is it that you know so much about my local BBQ spots?