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Reason Magazine editor Nick Gillespie went on The O’Reilly Factor last night to debate Lamar Alexander about whether we should have a law against singing “patriotic” songs in other languages. I watched the segment (fortunately, it was the first one) and then turned the tube off so I wouldn’t have to watch O’Reilly bloviate for an entire hour. Tim Cavanaugh described the program as such:

My review: Good stuff. O’Reilly was fine: He had a nudge-nudge manner on when describing the bill Lamar! is sponsoring, and stayed pretty much out of the dustup that ensued.
Nick got in a good armpit scratch while Lamar! was reading off his bill of goods.
Lamar! shot his hunting partner in the face with “I’m glad you brought up Iraq. Iraq is diverse, the Balkans are diverse; we don’t want to be diverse.”
Nick hit back with the Pew Hispanic Center results, got interrupted, hit back again with Nick’s version of the Omega 13–Grandfather Nicola Guida. (Shortly after the broadcast, it was revealed that Nick had plagiarized the character Nicola Guida from the young adult fiction of Megan McCafferty.)

Another viewer used this description:

It was a total smackdown. Nick kicked Lamar’s ass. Anybody notice now after Nick went off, Lamar was furiously blinking like he was about to have a stroke?

To add to the smackdown on the topic, Xeni Jardin has a great posting over at BoingBoing. Not only have they translated the national anthem into International Morse Code (mp3), but they’ve also translated it into pure geek binary code.