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I guess on top of being a closet homosexual pedophile, Republican Mark Foley is also an alcoholic.

From CNN:

Former Rep. Mark Foley is in an alcoholism treatment center three days after resigning from Congress amid allegations that he sent inappropriate messages to teenage pages, Foley’s attorney confirmed Monday.

Man, this rocks. We had an alcoholic child molester chairing the Missing and Exploited Children’s Caucus, we have Captain “Series of Tubes” chairing the Senate subcommittee on technology, and Native hater John McCain chairing Indian Affairs… this is pretty much the best government ever. I gotta hand it to them for milking every last possible ounce of public entertainment out of our tax dollars, and here I never thought that they’d be able to outdo the Lewinsky scandal.

So I gotta ask, what are their plans for 2008? Charles Manson for the Judiciary committee? Maybe Muqtada al-Sadr for the Homeland Security committee? David Duke for the African Affairs subcommittee? C’mon, we all know the government’s only good for a laugh these days anyway… what’s it gonna be?

  1. In this critique of a TPMCafe piece, I discussed the tendency by the Left to infer that bad government by the pseudocons is an affirmative effort to discredit government. In other words, from the TPMCafe writer’s point of view, the GOP is evil libertarians who want to discredit all Nanny Government’s wonderful contributions to our well-being by replacing her with incompetent ideologues.

    Obviously, I don’t buy this. To the contrary, I think the incompetent Republicans just show what’s wrong with making Big Government into a source of patronage. Perhaps their ideological motivation in hiring 24-year-olds from the Heritage Foundation resume database is sincere, but their supposed opposition to Big Government isn’t.

    But it’s funny to think that the Republicans proving our case, even though I’m convinced it’s unintentional.

  2. I would welcome them, but even though they are a joke, they can still do a hell of a lot of damage.

    I would welcome them even more if the people stopped following their dictates, and got together to build a security fence around Washington DC with the guns pointed inward. Let them have their fun and pass their little bills into law, and the rest of us can have our morning laughs when we read the paper and then promptly disregard them and live our lives as we see fit.

  3. Kris,

    Unfortunately the moral sensibility of the public is so dulled that an official policy of torture and secret prisons apparently won’t scandalize people into making a change. (I’m not sure I buy the GOP-spun conventional wisdom, but everyone else seems to.) Congressmen messing around with pages might, might, scandalize people into making a change. Hence the apparent disproportional attention.

  4. Money, power, and social status magnify whatever flaws one has, both in appearance and in results. This is why we are fools to give politicians money, power or adulation.

    On the other hand, if you haven’t given them your money, power over you, or adulation, you can often like them anyway, flaws and all.

    Pathelogical liars who are too stupid to learn not to lie, no matter how outragious the consequences, can be lovable (“I Love Lucy”). Most sit-com characters are based on character flaws. But, you wouldn’t want them to be president, that’s for sure.

    It’s also true that positions of power attract people who have flaws they can’t exercise without it; Hitler, various cult-leaders and pedophiles who become priests or scout leaders come to mind.

    Power corrupts and it magnifies.

  5. I thought the ability to torture indiscriminantly without reprecussion or having to inform the public was a good thing?

    As I understand it this gives me the right to keep people in my basement and torture them without telling anyone legally right?

    I’ve long suspected my girlfriend’s ex boyfriend of being a terrorist sympathiser. I really wanted to waterboard him in my basement for a while(2-3 years or so) and figure it out.

    You know, just in case.

  6. Stuart: You have got to be incredibly stupid to keep repeating the smear that Foley is a pedophile. Are you so ignorant as to not know the meaning of the word? It means someone involved with prepubescent children. The page, who was about to turn 17 when this happened was far from prepubescent. It is simply a lie to keep repeating your false allegation as if saying it makes it true. Get a clue. Not only was the page far too old for this to be pedophilia he was also above the age of consent in Washington, DC where the two meet.

  7. getreal

    Okay, what WOULD you call him? a Fagin? A Mackarel? A sexual predator? A hypocrite (he was among Clinton’s strongest detractors, while doing the same thing to male pages)?

    I have one that describes you: an apologist.

  8. I’ll tell you whats just as funny as our Nazi, I mean Republican, government- the J-Freak Fundamentalist Christians who elected and or re-elected them based on horseshit issues such as abortion, gay marriage, family values, and the like. Why is this funny? Because it turns out Bush and his band of Nazis turned out to be murderers, liars, thieves, hyprocrites, control freaks, and homewreckers. Not exactly pro-life (especially when they did nothing to prevent 9-11), and certainly not about the family and about the kids. Im sure the AG church feels bad about all this too, especially since theyre bigtime supporters of what the Nazis, I mean Republicans, are all about……

  9. I’m with ya all the way on this one, Stu. Our government masters rock! They’re such paragons of wisdon and virtue that I’m tempted to believe they must be Gods or at least super humans. I freak’n worship the ground they walk on. It’s great to know that they have the power to spend trillions of dollars every year and make life and death policy decisions. I know they love each and every one of us and we all know that everything they do is “fer da childern,” especially everything that Foley fellow does.

  10. I find it interesting, and not a little sad, that this blog is focusing on the corruption of ONE Congressman and ignoring the 318 other Congressmen and Senators who voted last week to give Bush unlimited power to torture prisoners and keep that imprisonment secret from the world”¦

    Send us tips and you’ll probably see more of what you want to see in the future.

    We’re volunteers. We don’t have time to comb the world’s headlines by ourselves. :)

  11. I sure wouldn’t want to be a pedophile…you have to go to bed too early!

    How does one know when it is time to go to bed in Michael Jackson’s house? When the big hand touches the little hand!

    And the real joke; Foley ‘on’ kids, War on Drugs controlled by Bush, ex-coke freak, foriegn policy via Condi, who is possessed by the Ga-ool outta Stargate…

  12. [One time try…. getting flagged as spam…]

    Republican scandals.
    Democratic scandals.

    Good thing we never have any Libertarian scandals.
    or libertarianparty/russo-v-nolan.html
    or /2006/09/21/the-badnarik-campaign/
    or /2006/09/14/oregon-lp-faces-serious-rift/
    or /2006/06/06/oh-weld/

  13. Someday, the hardworking minority of us may make the Libertarian party a success. When that day comes, we’ll face the greatest of challenges. Opprotunistic, power hungry, scandal prone, and unethical people will begin to latch onto us in the manner they now latch onto their capitol D’s and R’s. How much better will *we* be able to keep the trash out?

  14. Mark Foley is probably not an alcoholic. When conservatives get caught in homosexual liaisons – or IMs in this case – they always use alcoholism as an excuse.

    The good news is that former Congressman Bob Bauman claims he is cured of alcoholism. So there is hope for Mark Foley.

  15. Foley is a distraction. Investigate this sicko and take down everyone with him but let’s keep focused. As the Foley event unraveled, everyone forgets that we just lost Habeas Corpus a mere 3 days ago. Anyone, I repeat ANYONE can be an ‘unlawful enemy combatant’, no right to attorney, judges or even a hearing. Add it to the list of curbed rights like caging protestors, conducting warrantless wire-taps, banning books like “America Deceived” from Amazon, stealing private lands and starting 2 illegal wars based on lies. Get the scumbags involved in this Foley mess (bet they ALL voted for Iraq war and Patriot Act), and let’s get back to focusing on losing our Constitution.
    Final link (before Google Books caves and drops the title):

  16. #20— You are so right. This administration uses sex to polarize the masses and then uses it again to unite the idiots in a blind orgy of back patting. They are smarter than we are attentive.

  17. Well, if the sex scandals help defeat the NSGOP in November and thus bring about investigations (and, dare I dream, impeachment) next year, so much the better.

    mark – spot, scratch, or dent: a spot, scratch, or dent on the surface of something

    foley – a foley (indwelling) catheter. This is a thin flexible tube inserted into the urethra in order to drain the bladder.

  18. What’s this world coming to when we congressional rulers can’t have a little salacious communications with our pages? Hell, Klinton and the Dems had their interns. Why can’t we have our pages?

    (Grey Old Perverts)