More on Russo and Freedom to Fascism

Here’s the best review of Aaron Russo’s new movie I’ve seen so far:


“FOUR STARS (Highest Rating). The scariest goddamn film you’ll see this year. It will leave you staggering out of the theatre, slack-jawed and trembling. Makes ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ look like ‘Bambi.’ After watching this movie, your comfy, secure notions about America — and about what it means to be an American — will be forever shattered. Producer/director Aaron Russo and the folks at Cinema Libre Studio deserve to be heralded as heroes of a post-modern New American Revolution. This is shocking stuff. You’ll be angry, you’ll be disgusted, but you may actually break out in a cold sweat and feel a sickness deep in your gut; I would advise movie theatre managers to hand out vomit bags. You may end up needing one.”

— Todd David Schwartz, CBS

Also, Russo is hospitalized again. I called his cell number and left a message, but have not received a response yet. I hope they are successful in removing the cancer this time. Best wishes, old friend.

Stephen Gordon

I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

  1. Best wishes to Aaron. Hope he gets out soon. Pretty telling that he has to go outside the US to get the real deal. It makes me wonder what my doktors cant or wont tell me about my stuff.

    a 30 days supply of my chemo is $10,000.

  2. There will be the last private screening (I believe) of this film at the 9/11 truth conference here in Chicago at the embassasy suite O’hare if anyone can make it. Yesterday, Fred Smart showed the previews to an over capactity crowd in one of the session rooms (can hold 200, 250 were in attendance) and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

    Can’t wait to see it.

  3. From what I know of the proceedures in Germany he has a good chance of success. Over there and in much of western Europe and Israel they use what is called hypretherapy. It involves laser, microwaves and a chemo treatment, or some combination of these. It has a 70% success rate compared to the usual treament in the U.S. which has about a 30% success rate in saving the bladder. The process is about 10 years away from getting FDA approval in the U.S. This info is based on what I have read and is not a scientific opinion.
    BTW chlorinated by-products in your tap water are thought to cause anywhere from 2 to 20% of all bladder cancers. Another government by-product. (not sarcastic enough comment).

  4. I saw it in Feb at an advance screening in Bev. Hills. I went in knowing most of the content and was still ROCKED back on my heels. Aaron presents the truth that we hunger for in a riveting format. Plus he was there and I got to shake his hand, very cool. I was most proud of the families attending. Take your kids to this movie, their schools will not teach this information.

    Opening this July 28th, funds are needed for wide release. Think about factoring into your budget a donation, it’s the best money you can spend right now. I did it thru

    Say NO to the National I.D. card in 2008. Did you know you’ll be required to have one to move about? Say NO to the RFID chip, read about the Verichip. Your new passports will have them this summer. Stock up on Food and get physically STRONG.

    PRAY for Aaron Russo who is in Germany for 3rd bout of bladder cancer treatment not available in USA. NO thanks to FDA.

    Believe & have Faith in GOD


  5. I signed up to volunteer through I’ve been getting emails from some other volunteers, but the ones in michigan seem to be headed by some anti-immigration people. I wonder why. Anyone have any idea who these people are?

  6. hi im hoping aarons movie will be shown in the uk after all michael moores was longing to see it best wishes paul uk

  7. Ya it’s about time that someone has the Balls enough to ask those tough questions and demand answers from the people, who supposivly, are our elected servants!

    I always thought that it was “We the People”-not-[Us the Government].

    Bravo, Aaron! Bravo

  8. I definitely hope they distribute the movie online for free (Google Video) so that as much people as possible could see it in and outside America.