More Immorality from God’s Own Party

Perhaps sexual advances toward young boys can do what lies, criminal negligence resulting in untold death and other assorted illegal acts could not: wrestle lock-step GOP worship from the psyches of the famously moral “Christian Right.”

The death toll of this most foul of illegal wars based on lies and omissions could not shake their belief that George W. Bush is Christ incarnate. The recent criminal accusations and realizations have been unable to sway their opinion that the Republican Party is enforcing God’s literal word on we poor, depraved sinners who simply must be saved from ourselves. The glorification of putting people in cages without cause, the shredding of what remained of our Constitution and the jailing of the terminally ill in a cruel and incessant drug war seem to be viewed as law carved on the hitherto forgotten stone tablets of the Almighty.

Perhaps where death, carnage and enslavement failed to incite anger, some improper emails can. If anything can silence the aged choir singing the glory of God’s Own Party it’s a little perversion.

Artus Register

A self-described "objectivist-leaning libertarian deist," Artus Register became a full fledged libertarian after the 2000 elections. An unapologetic freedom-lover, enemy of the state, trouble maker, and permanent subscriber to the "ain't a dime's worth of difference" ideology, Register enjoys few things more than illustrating the hypocrisy of the so-called "left" and "right." When not bellowing from his cyber soapbox, he enjoys Cuban tobacco, good whiskey, and better debate. He lives with his wife in the American southeast where he works as a privacy consultant. You can contact him, if you must, at minarchist[at]

  1. The most chilling part:

    Foley, as chairman of the Missing and Exploited Children’s Caucus, had introduced legislation in July to protect children from exploitation by adults over the Internet. He also sponsored other legislation designed to protect minors from abuse and neglect.

    “We track library books better than we do sexual predators,” Foley has said.

    bye, bye, hypocrite.

  2. Yeeeek. What a creep. Him being the chairman of the Missing and Exploited Children’s Caucus is more of a joke than Ted “Series of Tubes” Stevens being chair of the committee in charge of regulating the Internet.

  3. Well I guess we won’t hear this guy shrieking “It’s fer da chilldern!” anymore like the rest of his criminal ex-colleagues, er I mean the rest of Congress.

    But don’t feel too sorry for this guy. If he doesn’t get a cushy job in the private sector as a reward for prostituting himself while in office, he’s at least got a sweet congressional retirement package to look forward to.

  4. This is why we need candidates running for every office: you don’t know where the opportunities will pop up, next.

  5. I agree with Sandra. Its too bad we don’t have a Libertarian candidate in the 16th District.

  6. “If anything can silence the aged choir singing the glory of God’s Own Party it’s a little perversion.”

    Don’t hold your breath.

  7. from (front page)

    “Lawmaker quits amid reports he sent ‘horny’ notes to teen

    Explicit questions in instant messages have reportedly been linked to Rep. Mark Foley who resigned from Congress today. The messages were sent to a teenage congressional page. Earlier, a former page described e-mails he received from the lawmaker as “sick.” Foley apparently sent the e-mails in August 2005, when the male page was 16 years old, an ethics watchdog group said.”

    Notice it does not mention his party once? What do you want to bet if he were a Democrat, it would have said so?

    The “liberal” media at work again!

  8. Ah Paulie, you treasure! I like the 3rd Law best, perfect!!! Re Foley, I actually believe that perversion, decadence, et al are par for the course in ALL political organisations. It is something about the power, the connections that attracts that sort of person. After all, a politician is by definition a manipulator, the greater this skill the higher they reach. The most SUCCESSFUL politician IS the WORST offendor. Sometimes, to freak me out, I tour and RigorousIntuition ( Am no longer amazed at humanity’s weirdness. As example have just been informed some fuckn pervo tours porno sites using my nom de plume, just uses a capital I whereas I use lower case i. Go figure, said the calculating bitch to the idiot savant! He can’t be as weird as moi!!!!

  9. The awesome part was how ABC played it out. The initial report had very little substance and didn’t seem very incriminating. If Foley didn’t resign so quickly all of the Republicans would have been out defending him and calling the accusation ridiculous. Then would have looked stupid after ABC told more.

    They have one of the logs on ABC’s page:

  10. Is this really news? When I was in high school I only know one gay person. He left after awhile to become a page in Washington. I thought this was the only reason they had pages in Washington. We already know what the interns are for also, lol.

  11. Add this to the underlying tone of S&M gayness that pervades the new Repblican torture legislation and you have something of an across-the-board phenomenon, don’t you?

  12. Celibate priests, conservative Republicans, self-destructive Democratic Presidents…ah, the futility of setting a moral example by the least moral among the rest of us…immoralists.

    For once, I’d like to have the opportunity to vote for a sincere, apologetic sinner…at least, they’re self-aware enough to be gutwrenchingly honest.

    ‘Be free,’ HOT.

  13. You all are being quite harsh towards a guy who was closely aligned with the libertarian movement. Mark Foley was one of the very first Congressman to co-sponsor the Libertarian backed-bill in 1994 to abolish Selective Service. He was a friend and supporter of libertarian causes in Florida for over a decade.

    Notice you all are not saying anything about the Democrat group who orchestrated this whole thing.

    This is all about control of the House. The Dems are vicious and will do absolutely ANYTHING to gain control.

    Sorry to see that otherwise intelligent Libertarians are so damn ignorant when it comes to real world politics and have not seen through this Foley smack-down job.

    Yeah, Mark did something super stupid. Best for him to resign. But there’s much more to the story here.

  14. Here’s a bombshell that many are not aware of.

    One of the previous Congressman in Ron Paul’s District, a guy named Joe from Victoria, left the House because of a Page Scandal in the 1980s. Ironically, he ended up being one of Ron’s biggest supporters. And he was quite libertarian.

    So, don’t be so quick to bash someone just because they are Gay. Many of the same people you all are bashing are libertarian-oriented and quite supportive of libertarians.

  15. Not much more of a story???

    Are you kidding???

    Dude is a would-be child rapist. At least he worked to abolish the Selective Service!

    The Democrats will take control of the House, and that will be the best thing to happen for liberty since… I don’t know, but a really, REALLY long time. Sad as it is, that’s the truth.

  16. The Democrats will take control of the House, and that will be the best thing to happen for liberty since”¦ I don’t know, but a really, REALLY long time. Sad as it is, that’s the truth.

    Yep. Even the Lew Rockwell crowd agrees.
    My Election Prediction
    Good news from Steven LaTulippe.

    Dude is a would-be child rapist. At least he worked to abolish the Selective Service!

    Yes, it’s rather a shame when your boyfriend turns seventeen and it’s off to Falluja.

  17. Another good thing about Foley? He actually read the full text of the bills Congress votes on. “Other Representatives might find it dull, but I just love flipping over the pages,” he was quoted as saying yesterday.

  18. Unsurprisingly, the resident Republican defends the Republican who preyed on 16 year old boys who were placed under his supervision (Congressman and page). The Republican had the decency to resign.

    As you may see on the front pages of Daily Kos it appears that Speaker Hastert new about this much of a year earlier and did not get rid of the fellow then. The source is a senior _Republican_ Congressman.

    Mind you, we are talking about the Republicans, the Party of Torture. We are talking about the Republican Party that approves of the CIA using Khner Rouge torture techniques–you think the CIA invented water boarding?–on prisoners of war, and that committeed the war crime of claiming there are such things as ‘illegal combatants’.

    Above all, we are talking about the Republican Party that yesterday tried to set aside The Great Writ, habeas corpus, law traces back through two-thirds of a Millennium. Republicans are the anti-Libertarian Party.

  19. As an update, the Washington Post has now changed its online story, and the Congressman is saying he cannot remember whether he spoke to Speaker Hastert personally.

    While this story will justly matter to many voters, because it touches their hearts in a way that the Republican Torture schemes do not, the Republican attacks on the 4th Amendment and The Great Writ are far more dangerous to the average American.

  20. Looking at this whole thing after a good night’s sleep, I’ve sort of changed my mindset on it. I mean, we all know that Congress is a cesspool of blackmail and we’ve all heard rumors about ‘initiation ceremonies’ for new or upcoming politicians. It isn’t impossible that this is a frame-up, actually. It would be a complex and devious frame-up, but I guess that’s the point. Look at the amount of money involved in campaigns alone, not to mention the cash value of subsidies, corrupt contracts, and certain types of regulation. I can see a lot of things in DC worth telling a horrible lie over, and it only stands to reason that the trickiest and most ruthless practitioners rise to the top. For all I know, this whole thing is a set-up, but it’s creepy either way.

  21. I see Dondero is still sucking up to the Republicans. People should keep in mind that the only actual “crime” Foley may be guilty of is for violating a law he helped promote. It is absurd to say the Democrats engineered this. I doubt they forced Foley to ask a teenage boy to go measure his penis and report the size to him. For a more detailed libertarian look go to

  22. Sure it’s funny as hell but I’ll reserve judgment until I get a good look at said page. If he looks like Aaron Carter or something, I’d be hitting that like Steve Kubby on a bong full of Turkish hash.

  23. From

    “It appears Congressman Rodney Alexander (R-LA) promptly notified the Speaker Denny Hastert (R-IL) and the House Republican Leadership ten months ago of Foley’s inappropriate communications with the Louisiana boy. Hastert apparently buried the sordid (and possibly criminal) matter entirely until it resurfaced on Friday. It looks like Speaker Hastert may have some serious explaining to do about why the Leadership protected this apparent pedophile.”

    First, let me recognize Mr. Alexander for his actions. Of course, like most courageous deeds by Republicans (remember Nick Smith who temporarily exposed the strong arm tactics of his party to pass the Medicare prescription drug bill, only to recant everything a day later), Mr. Alexander did not go far enough. When the fat autocrat Hastert didn’t take the allegations seriously, Alexander should have went to the press. Not only would this have been the right thing to do, just imagine the political dividends.

  24. I was just thinking about how truly evil Dennis Hastert is. And yet… Do “Libertarians” ever voice this view? My state party pretty much officially threw their support behind any Republican candidate “if Hillary is the Democratic nominee.” What if it were Hastert? Why does Hillary inspire so much hate and disgust among “libertarians” when there are so many much more evil people in the world of politics? Hmmmm… I wonder.

  25. I’m putting words in the mouths of people that may not be entirely accurate. There certainly wasn’t a resolution that said “We will support a Republican candidate if Hillary is nominated.” But Hillary’s name was mentioned multiple times, each in such a way that entoned that her being elected would be the worst imaginable fate. I certainly am no Hillary fan (please don’t even go there) but how could she possibly be worse than Bush???

  26. Suddenly socialists, excuse me libertarians, think 17 year olds are children? (The kid was 16 when he was a page. The emails were written when he was 17. In one IM log he says he won’t be 18 until Feb. 23 and doesn’t want to do anything illegal.) So, it’s now a plank in the LP platform that suggestive conversation with a 17 year old is tantamount to “child rape.” You folks are so deeply in bed with the socialist Democrats that it’s ridiculous. But maybe a blowjob would help, right Michelle?

  27. Tom,

    The point is the guy helped write legislation to criminalize what he is doing. In other words he is a hypocrit. I don’t think there are any true libertarians (the LRC is another story) that think what he did was a real crime.

  28. Tom Hannah, it’s not that libertarians are saying that “suggestive conversations with 17 olds is tantamount to child rape” as you put it. It’s that this politician was at the front of the line passing child “protective” laws while shrieking “it’s fer da chilldern!” This guy is a first class hypocrite. Why can’t you see that.?

    And good ol Dondilldo is back! In the last go round he urged us to support and even campaign for Joey Loserman and then lectured us when we pointed out that Joey doesn’t have a libertarian bone in his body. Now we get lectured for criticizing a soon to be ex-politician who’s a first class hypocrite and scum bag (although that’s common place in the District of Criminals). Dondilldo, you rock!

  29. But maybe a blowjob would help, right Michelle?

    It could certainly make things less intolerable, at least for a little while, especially if done correctly. It’s all a matter of technique.

    You folks are so deeply in bed with the socialist Democrats that it’s ridiculous.

    Democratic party leaders there days tend to be more corporate-fascist than socialist, agreeing as they do with Republicans about 99% of the time in practice.

    However, much of their constituency would be better represented by the Libertarians, if the Libertarians were not chasing the diminishing returns of the disaffected conservative vote.

    If the leading Libertarian issues were open borders, anti-imperialism, civil liberties, opposition to corporate-government collusion and others outlined here

    We could combine a platform of zero agression principle means and Green ten key value ends

    to offer a real alternative to the status quo.

  30. I’ve noticed Tom Knapp said the same thing today here

    Really, why did we ever get libertarianism and conservatism mixed up in the first place?

    Especially in the era of red state fascism

    we must return to our historic alliance with the left

    which does NOT mean the DLC Demopublican leadership or the Clinton Crime Family.

  31. Tom Hannah is a typical constipated GOPer who finally became frustrated that his fascist party didn’t impose his views on the populace quickly enough. Check his blog. The greatest injustice he chooses to fight is that he can’t say “nigger” in polite company anymore. Boo fucking hoo, the white man is so oppressed.

  32. “George said he saw dentistry as a perfect profession””getting paid to make people suffer.”

    How classic is that? Instead of dentistry he took it up several levels and went into politics figuring he could make a whole lot more people suffer! Good ol’ George Macaca Allen.

  33. There are two problems with what Foley did which make it unlibertarian.

    First, he made many improper sexual approaches to a minor- a person of restricted legal rights and freedoms- UNDER HIS AUTHORITY. The page was not in any real position to resist Foley’s come-ons- except by giving up an internship he competed with literally tens of thousands of other teenagers to attain. Foley held de facto coercive power over this page- and therefore his sexual advances were entirely inappropriate.

    Second, upon discovering his actions, the GOP leadership COVERED IT UP. They kept it a secret from the authorities- and from Foley’s constituents. Had ABC not broken the story, Foley likely would have been re-elected, and we would still have in Congress a man who sees nothing wrong with using his power to sexually harass those who cannot fight back.

  34. Maf54 is Mark Foley:

    Maf54 (8:07:12 PM) : well your hard
    Xxxxxxxxx (8:07:45 PM) : that  is  true
    Maf54 (8:08:03 PM) : and a little horny
    Xxxxxxxxx (8:08:11 PM) : and  also  tru
    Maf54 (8:08:31 PM) : get a ruler and measure it for me
    Xxxxxxxxx (8:08:38 PM) : ive  already  told  you  that
    Maf54 (8:08:47 PM) : tell me again
    Xxxxxxxxx (8:08:49 PM) : 7  and  1/2
    Maf54 (8:09:04 PM) : ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Maf54 (8:09:08 PM) : beautiful
    Xxxxxxxxx (8:09:38 PM) : lol
    Maf54 (8:09:44 PM) : thats a great size
    Xxxxxxxxx (8:10:00 PM) : thank  you
    Maf54 (8:10:22 PM) : still stiff
    Xxxxxxxxx (8:10:28 PM) : ya
    Maf54 (8:10:40 PM) : take it out
    Xxxxxxxxx (8:10:54 PM) : brb…my  mom  is  yelling


  35. An actual blowjob might help build an actual case against Foley. The issue here- IMO- is that the guy is a hypocrite. (a point ovbiously already mentioned) I have made my opinion known on the matter of age of consent. Rather than crucify Foley on the IM issue, we should use it to drive another nail in the coffin for those pretending to be better endowed in the morals section of the mind and heart.

  36. I’m shocked. How could politics degenerate into such a sordid mess? Whatever happened to honor among thieves? What ever happened to the good old days when an elected official could have cyber sex with boys without the opposition engaging in the nasty politics of personal destruction?

    Like Dondildo says, this is a set up by those vicious Democrats. Obviously no self-respecting Republican boy would out a great American like Foley and make his beloved party look bad.

    It’s high time that politicians stuck to fear mongering, propaganda and lies during campaign season and end the politics of personal destruction. Just because a guy likes sex with boys doesn’t mean he can’t be effective in fleecing taxpayers, supporting wars, and eviscerating the constitution.

    The next thing you know, evil liberals will be claiming Bush has a torture fetish.

  37. Whatever happened to honor among thieves?

    The politicians would first have to be honest enough to admit that they are thieves.

    I don’t care if some guy wants to have sex with mature young men unless it is the desire of such that makes some people forget about real issues. Titillating IM sessions do a good job of making the masses forget about

    fleecing taxpayers, supporting wars, and eviscerating the constitution.

    I think Foley a coward. If I were a shrink I might say that he was afraid of his own feelings and tried to dictate ours.

  38. Hey Pauli, what’s the plural of macaca? Macaci?

    New Allen campaign slogan: Re-elect George Macaca Allen so he can have more macaci moments with his macacan supporters!

  39. As a member of Outright Libertarians and a gay man, I say don’t you dare try to wrap Foley in the rainbow flag or claim this is “homophobia.” Mr. Foley’s behavior is shocking, immoral, and a disgusting abuse of his position of authority and power over a teenager. The genders don’t matter — his resignation should be forced whether the victim of his predation is a boy or a girl.

    As for violating his own law, I love it when hypocrites hang from the nooses they have tied for others. The same GOP which stridently defended the closeted, hypocritical, anti-gay Foley cannot suddenly turn around and claim he’s a libertarian, law-abiding gay man suffering from a vicious bout of homophobia from the Libertarians. As a gay Libertarian myself, I reject such hypocritical whining utterly.

  40. B. Miller- Nobody is offering Foley a warm blanket of libertarianism. Mr. Foley is guilty of being a hypocrite and a pervert. The young man, according to the article, handled the matter maturely. His parents did not wish to pursue the issue. I think that this situation would underscore everything libertarians stand for. It has proven that the members of government have no moral authority over us and that problems can be handled best by those involved.

  41. Foley would be in prison under his own law.

    And I understand few are offering him a warm blanket, and that they handled it privately. But libertarians should be happy to point out the absolute morally disgusting position that Foley and his compatriots are adhering to.

    The same hypocrites who happily condemn gay and straight people who don’t live up to their phoney hypocritical “moral standards” are now trying to claim that what they did is no big deal, and legal, and all that — ignoring their own “standards” even as they wrap themselves up in the vestments of moral superiority.

    There is nothing wrong with upstanding, morally and personally responsible libertarians — including gay ones — pointing out the skeeviness, hypocrisy and outlandishness of their behavior choices. And I hope we do, in large numbers.

  42. This whole episode is not at all shocking or surprising, although Foley’s “Fer da childern” fascade was particularly loathsome. After all what can you expect when the two major political parties are the most corrupt and morally bankrupt institutions this country has ever produced? What else can you expect from a political system that has institutionalized lying, theft and killing? The system is rotten to the core so it’s to be expected to see its maggots come tumbling down every so often.

  43. Whatever happened to honor among thieves?

    Take it from a retired member of the profession; it never existed.

    As a member of Outright Libertarians and a gay man, I say don’t you dare try to wrap Foley in the rainbow flag or claim this is “homophobia.”

    Of course it’s not about homophobia. I seem to recall a great deal made about President Clinton having an improper relationship with a female employee in her twenties.

    Hey Pauli(e), what’s the plural of macaca? Macaci?


  44. Paulie, seriously, grow the F up. Taki is not a member of the LRC as far as I can tell and I don’t appreciate the way you continually libel us by connecting us with people and/or ideas which most of us don’t agree with. It’s equivalent to saying Lyndon LaRouche is a libertarian.

    Although most of us lean towards miniarchy and away from anarchocapitalism, miniarchy and socialist statism are very different. If you are going to continue to turn the LRC into a strawman because we support a minimal state and gradualism, we will never get over the divide that has left the LP flaccid and ineffectual since its inception. If we can’t decide on whether or not the state has a role in our lives, how can we ever develop meaningful policy?

    To turn the strawman around, maybe you’re a socialist/neocon infiltrator trying to continually divide the LP and keep it ineffectual so a libertarian alternative can never challenge the status quo or attain political success. Same logical fallacy, isn’t it?

  45. “Tom Hannah, it’s not that libertarians are saying that “suggestive conversations with 17 olds is tantamount to child rape” as you put it.”

    Actually, Overboardh Sarcasmh Guyh, that is exactly what they are doing and what I was resonding to, but I guess you missed that. “Dude is a would-be child rapist…”

    No, Dude is not.

    And, for what it’s worth, I’m glad to know that free speech is another value capital-L Libertarian’s don’t give a damn for. Where exactly did the liberty go in the Libertarian Party? No free markets, no free minds. Is it really just the freedom to smoke dope?

  46. undercoverh anarchisth, it’s the freedom of speech stupid. But why would I expect two folks who aren’t intelligent enough to copy and paste a name correctly to get that or to recognize sarcasm or hyperbole. The recent “plugs” for Republican candidates are less about those candidates than about making the effort to plug anyone. The darling of the Democrats (and probably this crowd) John McCain and his buddy Russ Feingold, supposed champion of civil liberties, put together a law restricting endorsement of federal candidates during the 60 days prior to an election. So, I’ve been endorsing candidates and also slamming incumbents who voted for that abomination. I think I also plugged at least one Libertarian candidate for Congress recently. Of course, anyone who cares to follow the link to judge for himself can do so – who are you undercoverh anarchisth and Overboardh Sarcasmh Guyh? Give me some info so I can flame you back.

  47. Nick, the LRC in question is Lew Rockwell’s website. Continuation of a tangent from the animal rights thread, actually. What in the world made you think it had anything to do with your internal party politics? Taki is not even an American, so I doubt he has a dog in that one.

    Tom, The darling of the Democrats (and probably this crowd) John McCain

    ewww, no.

    I think I also plugged at least one Libertarian candidate for Congress recently.

    Well, I hope you both enjoyed it.

    Give me some info so I can flame you back.

    Click on the nom de plume and flame away. I’ll be on the Greyhound bus headed west.

  48. Apologies. Next time please distinguish between the Libertarian Reform Caucus and I have never heard Lew Rockwell’s site by the acronym LRC before, and the Libertarian Reform Caucus is quite often referred to as such.

  49. Just for the sake of clarity, I hope nobody took my post (#48) as sincere. Of course I’m not shocked that some old perv is hitting on boys. It also appears from the posts here that many think only one boy was involved when in fact there seems to be at least several.

    What I find amusing is that some here seem to be shocked that hypocrisy exists among politicians. These Republicrat bastards that so many here tolerate reek of hypocrisy on every issue – sex, drugs, lies, religion, life, liberty and property. There’s nothing new here.

    We can rub their noses in their own shit all we want, but that will never change anything if history is any guide – at least not until people of all political stripes continue to use government to promote their own agendas regarding morals and values.

    Even the LRC crowd (not Rockwell) is talking about values these days.

    In defense of the other LRC crowd (Rockwell), it is hard to lump all the writers that pop up there as part of one crowd.

  50. undercoverh anarchisth is Nicholas Sarwark a constipated closet racist, too?


    “News Flash: Kinky Friedman said the word “nigger” in a stand-up act in 1980. He used an offensive word, 26 years ago, while poking fun at racists. That’s what passes for news in the Texas gubernatorial circus race.”

    At least it’s good that you folks admit that this isn’t polite company.

  51. Mike, I always thought there was a pretty big NAMBLA contingent in the LP. And there’s at least one local Libertarian racist (Martin Linstedt) currently being held on charges of sodomizing his preteen grandchildren. He’s such a nut he won’t enter a plea or assist in his own defense, so they have him in a psychiatric facility. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones…

    By the way, there are also gay Republicans, Republicans who smoke pot, white Republicans, black Republicans and hispanic Republicans. There are Republicans who drink and drive, Republicans who steal, Republicans who commit perjury, Republican murderers and Republican rapists. There are all kinds of Republicans and Republicans who commit pretty much every crime under ths sun. If you want to use your broad brush to paint all Republicans as the same, be prepared when the same sort of collectivist thinking labels all Libertarians as nutjobs because you have a few Linstedts.

  52. Actually Tom, the list of Republican pedophiles lists them by name and does not say or imply that all Republicans are pedophiles. Nice try though.

  53. And all along I have been thinking that the collectivist thinking of the Republicans as well as the Democrats had already labeled all libertarians as nut jobs, NAMBLA members, pot smokers, etc.

    How strange that many Republicans these days label themselves as libertarian butts. They frequently say, “I’m a libertarian, but ….”

    I suppose these libertarian butts are actually gay Republicans against gay rights, stoned Republicans for prohibition, and Republican pedophiles against internet exploitation of kids by adults.

    It is so hard to paint these collectivists with a broad brush one must use an oversized roller – in fact it might be easier to just throw an entire bucket of paint their way so as to drench the Democrat collectivists as well.

    Color them all red – as in the color of a baboon’s ass.

    When those who seek to impose their false morality on others can only debate which party of charlatans is more corrupt, they have revealed their ass – and it stinks, Tom.

  54. in fact it might be easier to just throw an entire bucket of paint their way so as to drench the Democrat collectivists as well.

    Color them all red – as in the color of a baboon’s ass.

    Excellent! *chuckles*

    By the way, I’ve noticed that Republican operatives seem to have some sort of blog catalog where they can come in immediately to spray their talking points on blogs all across the Web which are discussing various issues. Many of the comments made defending Foley on this web site, the Independent Gay Forum, etc. are cut-n-paste jobs.

    The people who are posting “rebuttals” defending the Republicrats aren’t actually reading your replies — they’re grabbing quotes which they can then paste snippets against. You can register to get copies of these snippets at the GOP web site, and learn what the Republicans’ replies are going to be beforehand. I often post the boilerplate myself as a reply to my own posts just to confound them — works every time. :)

  55. Anyone know if there is a Libertarian running in Foley’s old race? It could be another Smither situation if there is…

  56. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if it turns out that Hastert and Shimkus covered this up. After all, they are Illinois politicians and in Illinois politics seems to be inextricably wedded to nepotism, favoritism, and all those other -isms that makes politics so disgusting and yet at the same time so interesting. Unfortunately, what’s true in Illinois is probably true everywhere.

  57. pauli, I have to give you points for sense of humor. I guess that proves you really aren’t a socialist in disguise.

    Tom Hann, thanks for the points, but can you (or, well, anyone) point to any pro-socialist views I hold (if we define socialism as state socialism, rather than voluntary communes, which I have nothing against)? It’s true that I’m for civil liberties and against the war, and that I don’t like the (NS)GOP, the Bush Crime Family or white house resident dubai-ya, but that doesn’t actually constitute a socialist viewpoint, even though some state socialists also pay lip service to these positions.

  58. And there’s at least one local Libertarian racist (Martin Linstedt) currently being held on charges of sodomizing his preteen grandchildren

    Martin is still a libertarian? I’ve read otherwise. He evolved quite a bit over the last ten years, in a decidedly anti-libertarian direction, although the racism has become even more extreme.