Minnesota: Sue Jeffers to slap Governor Pawlenty around on his home turf

Sue Jeffers, the Minnesota Libertarian Party candidate for governor certainly knows how to shake up the state political scene. She’s trying to get into the Minnesota GOP primary, but state party officials don’t like that very much. The StarTribune reports:

A feisty bar owner named Sue Jeffers has suddenly emerged as a challenger to Gov. Tim Pawlenty for Republican Party endorsement.

She faces just one big obstacle: Top party officials say Jeffers is not a real Republican and are blocking her attempts to participate in the process.

To which Jeffers responded:

“We cannot give [Pawlenty] a free ride,” said Jeffers, a 49-year-old activist who has been in the news recently leading opposition to bar-and-restaurant smoking bans and to taxpayer subsidies for pro sports stadiums.

“I am the only fiscal conservative running in this race,” Jeffers said.

“It’s clear Tim Pawlenty does not know how to close the checkbook,” she added.

This was clearly my favorite quote:

“Let’s slap him up a bit, at the very least,” Jeffers said.

I’m guessing we’ll see a lot more future excitement from this race.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. It’s the Minnesota GOP who needed to get “slapped up” last year. A new chair was elected who cleaned house, mainly because two years of ineffective governing caused the GOP to get walloped in the house elections. Now these new MNGOP leaders are critical of Sue who is trying to do pretty much the same thing.

    Conservatives aren’t excited about Pawlenty. His bungling of the tobacco “user fee” issue is becoming more apparent. Tax rebates and spending bills have been stalled while the courts decide whether it’s legal. He’s all ready trailing Hatch in the polls, and the campaign has not even begun. What will he run on?

    I think we need a candidate like Sue to fire up the conservative base who elected, and were subsequently betrayed by, Tim Pawlenty. I know her not to be a lady intimidated by the suits in St. Paul, so I say, keep on fighting Sue.

  2. Jeffers should spead rumors amoung the republicans that she would “steal” republican votes if she ran as a Libertarian.

    Therefore, she should be nominated as the republican nominee.

  3. Pawlenty put our state budget in jeopardy playing semantics games over the tobacco tax/fee. He’s a self-serving career politician. This never would have happened with Jeffers at the helm. Let’s elect a citizen-politician who will do her job and go home, instead of trying to further her political career at any cost.

  4. I like the subtly. She should be going after Pawlenty’s pimp – Ron Carey. The Governor is a coward but Carey is a sniveler. It’s almost amusing, the big bad GOP quakes at the thought of her candidacy. Apparently, a faction of the real insiders of the Executive Committee met the other night on just how to “deal” with her. The result – she must get 10% or more of the delegates to the June State GOP Convention to sign a petition “allowing” her to even be allow in the building.

    Yes indeed, there’s the Republican mafia at its best.

  5. How come shes not getting attacked by “:True: Libertarians” for being a Republican Spy and a Infiltrator? After all, no TRUE Libertarian would ever seek a major party endorsement. :)

    I’m halfway serious. The level of paranoia among certain people in the LP is reaching record heights. It’s bat shit nutz.

  6. Tim, you don’t have to curse to impress us or make disparaging remarks about a woman. Apparently you are unimagnative or just caught up in being arrogant, to see politics for what it is.

  7. Jack, what are you talking about? He’s not making disparaging remarks about her, and if you object to mild profanity, I don’t know what you’re doing here.

  8. Jack,

    it’s kinda normal to cuss a bit on here, or at least not abnormal. I wasnt referring to Sue…. I was wondering out loud how come the perfect people in the LP havent attacked her. They attack anyone else who strays from the perfect ideal. I should know.

  9. This looks like the perfect publicity stunt by Jeffers. You can bet it is already causing dissention amoung the rinos. She is getting advance press in normal newspapers, not an easy thing to do.

    Someone needs to get ahold of that delegate list! Where are the leakers??

  10. It’s good media no doubt now if she can convenrt Saturday media into Wednsday media she has something going on.

    By the way the 10% standered just helps build her campaign. Forced campaigning is often the most effective. If 8.2% of delegates sign on and then she is shut out it’s probably a bigger stroy then if she got in made her noise and went home that night back to the Libertarian Party.

    One things for certain this is not good news for Pawlenty.

  11. I can see it now.

    Sue gets enough publicity to stir up conservative base against Pawlenty.

    State Party officials block her nomination in the rules committee.

    State Party claims unwavering support of the governor at state convention.

    Conservatives, realizing what a joke this whole process has become, walk away from the governor’s campaign and stay home from the polls.

    If state party is so confident of support for Pawlenty, why do they have to resort to keeping delegate lists secret? If Sue had the lists and couldn’t get enough signatures, that’s one thing. But to fix the nomination process like this is more infuriating than anything Pawlenty has done to date.

  12. I don’t live there, and don’t ‘have a dog in this fight’, but one thing has rankled me since the Reagan days: The very loud public professations of Republican candidates for the basic principles underlying what the Republican Party used to stand for in order to be elected…and the immediate volteface these clowns pull as soon as they are. And then they have the brass balls to criticize someone who points out that they have abandoned those principles? You’d have to have been comatose for the last 26 years to not know how much the Republicans have morphed into the very same tax-and-spend, fiscally profligate bunch that they have always railed against, especially with the present Republican Adminsitration. Never mind the bit about the major parties being Tweedledee and Tweedledum; they’re not twins, but clones.

  13. I’ve lived in Minnesota almost my entire life (which, admittedly, isn’t all that long), and I have never seen a candidate with the Cajones of Sue–hopefully, this’ll show how outrageous our political process has become; Neo-Cons vs. “Progressives,” and needless to say, she’s got my vote if/when she runs, regardless of her party.

  14. Oy, you sleep through one Spanish class…

    Actually, I’ve never taken Spanish, but, um… I suppose that’s apparant, although incredibly moot.

  15. She will get a fair shot in November. She choose not to run as a Republican, they are not obligated to give into her games.

    If Sue Jeffers deserves those lists then maybe I as a member of another party should run for the Republican nomination and demand those lists which I would then be able to forward to one of Pawlenty’s opponents.

  16. Well come on… let’s be honest here.

    Sue Jeffers is a life long Republican. She also happens to be the only candidate for governor who takes a position against tax hikes and means it.

    The Libertarians took note of this and endorsed her… an endorsement she has not yet accepted. But I think all conservatives would be better served if she received the endorsement from the Republicans as well.

    The point, however, is not her party loyalty, but the tactics of the GOP. They’re stated position to date is that she can run for the nomination, provided that she receieve the signatures of 10% of the delegates. These delegates, however, are being kept secret. If the GOP has to rig the process to defeat Jeffers, how will they stand Pawlenty up against multiple challengers in November?

  17. At risk of having the state committee jack up the requirements even more, I don’t think 150 delegate signatures will be difficult, anyway. As I understand it, she’s already been in touch with at least half that number. The real problem with not having the delegates list before the convention is the inability to campaign. Sue’s only way to reach the potential delegate-voters will be mass media, which is prohibitively expensive, and still won’t reach all the delegates. Come the convention, half of the delegates who would be asked to vote for her won’t even know anything meaningful about her.

  18. I’m so glad Sue Jeffers is running – a true fiscal conservative! Libertarian ideals are American ideals – period. Let’s take our country back, starting with this state. Take the Libertarian quiz if you haven’t already; you may find yourself a Libertarian! Go Sue!