Mike Shelton’s Libertarian Animations

Sheldon Arnold cartoonFrom Editor and Publisher:

Political animations by Mike Shelton and of The Orange County (Calif.) Register are being made available to other Freedom Communications newspapers starting today.
The animations — which can also be used by Freedom properties such as TV stations — were launched May 8 on Shelton’s Register blog. They helped traffic on the blog quadruple from April to May, said Leger, who joined the Register in 1984 and now serves as illustrator and art director for the paper’s “Commentary” section.

The animations are produced very well and have great potential, but it seems Shelton and Leger haven’t found their humor bone and resort to visual gags to carry their cartoons. My impressions of the batch so far: Governator 1.5 seems to lack a real punchline, unless C-3PO was supposed to be gut-busting hilarious; How High Can We Go? doesn’t seem to be anything more than more of the same SUV-bashing, but with a predictable punchline; Babs in Punditland is just… well, maybe she is that dumb, but it wasn’t all that clever or funny; Cowboy Bush was another visual gag that could have done well if it hadn’t been so drawn out (it would have been funny to add some extra dialogue about where Cheney pointed his shotgun when he makes his cameo); And of course Political Animation Debut takes the obligatory swipe at Bill Clinton while introducing the series.
All in all, I commend them for their production abilities, but I’m hoping they’ll soon be adding a third member to their creative team who can write some better joke scripts.