Mike Kole

Sad to say, but we’ve been neglecting #3 on the LP’s Candidate Tracker for a while here. It’s not been intentional, I assure you, but we do need to rectify this oversight, especially since his campaign for Secretary of State of Indiana is so strong and viable.

Here’s his campaign blog. Simple, but it works. It’s not the only media he’s got out there… he also has a radio ad that’s been running on a major station in the state, as well as a 2-minute cable spot and a respectable level of interviews. Plus he actually bothers to show up to candidate forums that his opponents snub. He does have some corporate backing, but that’s only because he helped defend NK Hurst from an eminent domain grab.

So yeah, this guy rocks at politics and can use whatever help you can offer him.

Stuart Richards

Stuart Richards is a 26-year-old land surveyor based out of Portland, OR. He is a left-leaning geolibertarian and (theologically) liberal Christian, and has been blogging on HammerofTruth.com and other libertarian sites since 2004.

  1. Kole is a mission-critical campaign for the LP, in that it determines whether or how easily the LPIN can put candidates on the ballot. Your support for his campaign can make a major difference on how many candidates we are able to run in Indiana, which has a strong and effective Libertarian Party. I would urge readers who are considering where to send support to put Mike Kole high on your list.

  2. Mike Kole has ran a great campaign and I support him fully.

    I live about 100 miles north of Mike Kole and he has been to Fort Wayne several times to campaign.

    If the LP had more candidates like Mike Kole we would be a much more powerful Party.

    Mike Sylvester

  3. He’s by far one of the best candidates we’ve ever had in this state. He’s been working his ass off for two years, and will surely deserve more votes than he’ll get.

  4. I love that bean soup! I have to avoid it though or eat it sparingly because it gives me gas. More than yall wanted to hear, I am sure.

  5. I listened to the radio interview. I LOVED that old codger who got on and started yelling about “Country Club Republicans” in response to that “Republican” caller who cajoled Kole because the caller is clearly threatened by the Libertarians. When that codger said “I left the Republicans because I didn’t have anyone to vote for…” it cemented what I’m going to tell people when they (as they always do) tell me that my candidate will never win, and that I should join their club.

  6. Zander, one thing to ask them when they say that… What do they get out of their candidate winning? Little to nothing is how they will probably answer and if they don’t you can point it out to them. When they throw their vote away on the typical Republican or Democrat, they aren’t getting what they want and furthermore they are actually incentivising their candidate NOT to give them any of what they want because that candidate knows they can count on the vote no matter what.

    I posted about how if the Democrats get control, they will destroy themselves the other day because they won’t do anything about Iraq and then read this shortly thereafter. http://www.counterpunch.com/walsh10142006.html

  7. Stuart- Thanks for the plugola! I appreciate it! This is LPIN’s ballot access race, so it is very important that we get strong backing and stronger vote totals.

    We have new statewide ads going out this week in the run-up to the election, addressing the “Wasted Vote Syndrome”.

    -Mike Kole
    Libertarian candidate for Indiana Secretary of State