Michigan to Outlaw Instruction Manuals


Lawmakers want to give the state attorney general the ability to sue people who have Web sites that give instructions on how to make the illegal drug methamphetamine.

Today, the Michigan Senate approved a bill letting the attorney general go after meth Web sites. The bill next heads to the House.

The legislation is another attempt by lawmakers to fight Michigan’s meth problem. The drug can be made with common household products.

So HTF are these rocket scientists going to enforce this piece of legislative crap across state lines?

UPDATE: HoT blogger Michael Hampton just flipped the Michigan legislature the bird by reposting the instructions to cook up a batch of meth at Homeland Stupidity. I don’t care what stupid stuff others voluntarily put in their own bodies, just don’t blow me up in the process. On a related note, the person who passed this tip to me was over at my place tonight. He’s perhaps the best state level legislative analyst I’ve ever met. His first question was, “How are they going to enforce this in state, even?”

Stephen Gordon

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  1. This sort of attempted violation of people’s civil rights in the name of the ridiculous war on drugs must be resisted.

    That’s why I’ve posted how to make meth and double dog dared the state of Michigan to do anything about it.

  2. Michael: As an addendum to you instructions, I would note that when handling lithium, you should keep it away from water as there is a very volatile reaction (uh… fire and explosion).

    I worked at Energizer as a temp in the testing facility for a few months and can tell you it’s pretty cool to watch them blow up lithium batteries.

  3. You used the TOTSE.com instructions to make meth? Um, OK…I guess if you look at the posting quality over there (Yes, I was a member back in the day) that’ll tell you it works.

  4. I know there are a couple of minor errors in the instructions, thanks to dating a mad scientist libertarian gun owner who chops up parts of unborn fetuses for a living. (Mainly you need a larger bucket.) I’ll leave it to her as to whether she wants to post the corrections; if I post the corrections, I lose the protection of that nice bit of federal law, and the court case becomes a lot more hairy and expensive.

  5. If you read the totse posts with the intet to make a batch of meth, you’d better consider the sources. Posts are fraught with misspellings, punctuation errors, and the incoherence that stems from meth use. No one in his right mind would attempt to do something that dangerous by using instructions from blown-out tweakers. Unfortunately, it’s the tweakers who feel invincible, overly smart and capable when high who try to make it. Don’t try to amaze us with your genius. You’ll cook more than meth. *waving hand to dispell the chemical smoke*