Michael Brown Update

Here’s a quick update on yesterday’s post about the Michael Brown typo. We received a comment from someone claiming to be Michael Brown. The e-mail address provided seems to be genuine and the IP address could well be one he might have used. He stated he did not type the job application with the typo on it:

Uh, folks, sorry to disappoint you, but I did not do this, someone at FEMA did. Michael D. Brown

I’m wondering where I can apply for a job where my potential employer fills out the job application for me.
UPDATE: Apparently Michael Brown stopped by Wonkette, too. Here’s their take on it:

Earlier today, we linked to the FEMA job application that misspelled “department.” We never meant to give that impression, but it may have read as if we were accusing Michael Brown of the typo in question. In fact, proving conclusively that FEMA’s institutional difficulties predated his tenure there, the misspelling was the responsibility of FEMA’s HR department. We received an email to that effect earlier today from Michael Brown himself, who says, “those commentators claiming that I can’t spell department should back off.” We can attest to his correct spelling in both that email and the follow-up. Brown: “And see, it does show that I can actually read!”

We now know Brown knows how to spell, so I’m wondering who actually did the typing to pad his resume. It’s to be noted that “International Arabian Horse Association” was spelled correctly in every reference I can find to the now updated FindLaw entry. Props on the update.